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of :

Reference to the text is by act, scene, and line. Obsolete words

are marked +, archaic I, technical or unnaturalized words II. A, prep., ton: 1.4.50; in the act Allegation, n. (Law), the asser

: 5. 2. 27. [OE. on, as used tion, declaration, or statement still in asleep, afoot.] Cf. Abbott, of a party of what he can prove: $$ 24, 140.

4. 7. 15. Absolute, adj., perfect: 3. 6. 41, And, conj., if : 2. 3. I, 2. 4. 9, 4. I. 131.

3. 2. 80, 87; an': 2. 4. 92, 132 ; Abuse, n., deceit, imposture: even if, although : 4. 4. 12. 4. 5. 64.

Angel, n., an English coin at first Abuse, v., tto impose upon, cheat, known as angel-noble, being a deceive: 3. 3. 45, 4. 7. 29, 5. 4.

new issue of the noble with the 153.

device of the archangel Michael Acknowledging, ppl.adj., +grate- standing upon and piercing the ful: 3. 3. 8.

dragon. Its value on being Act, v., to gesticulate : 4. I. 43. issued (1465) by Edward IV (Cf. note.)

was 6s. 8d.; in i Henry VIII, Admirably, adv., tmarvelously, 75. 6d. ; 34 Henry VIII, 8s. 6d.; wonderfully: 4. 5. 4.

6 Edward VI, ios.

It was last Adulteries, n., tadulterations, coined by Charles I: 3. 4. I. corruptions : 1. I. 102.

Appellation, n. (Law), +the act of Aequiuocate, v. i., to evade by appealing from a lower to a

equivocation. Jonson's use of higher court or authority against the word is absolute, or intransi- the decision of the former : 4.7. tive, which N.E.D. and Century 15. do not recognize except in the Appoint, v., fto make an appointsense of 'to use words of doubt- ment for a meeting (with a perful signification': 4. 2. 36.

son as direct obj.): 2. 6. 5. Affect, v., tto aim at, aspire to: Argument, n., tsubject-matter of

2. 5. 55, 75; used with to do: a discussion or discourse in 2. 2. 25; to be fond of, to like, speech or writing: 1. 1. 8. to love: 5. 2. 6, 18.

Arras, n., tapestry hangings, so Affection, n., +disposition : 2. 5. called because made in the town

16; + feeling as opposed to of Arras, Artois : 4. 5. 34. reason, passion : 4. 4. 178; pl. Article, n. (Law), division of a goodwill, love: 5. 1. 49.

written or printed document or Afore, adv., f of time previously, agreement: 1. I. 30, 4. 1. 18.

before : 2. 4. 32 ; of place in +Assassinate, n., assault with front, in advance: 2. 4. 116, 118. intent to murder : 2. 2. 49. Cf. Still used in nautical language. N. E. D. for the use of this

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