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Spark, vocal, 269
Sparkled, was exhal'd, 209
Sparkling with a brook, 322
Sparks fly upward, 4.
Sparrow, caters for the, 44
Sparrow fall, or hero perish, 177
Sparrow, in the fall of a, 105
Speak by the card, 104
Speak daggers to her, 102
Speak, if I have offended, 71
Speak in public, 267
Speak it profanely, not to, 100
Speak of me as I am, III
Speak right on, 72

Spears into pruning-hooks, 12
Special providence, 105
Spectacles of books, 162
Spectacles on nose, 46
Speculation in those eyes, 86
Speech is silver, 390

Speech, rude am I in my, 106
Speech, thought deeper than, 346
Speech to disguise thought, 382
Speed the going guest, 192
Speed the parting guest, 199
Speed the soft intercourse, 195
Speed the thin oar, 180
Spenser, a little nearer, 151
Spenser renowned, 151
Sphere, two stars in one, 59

Spiders crawling on my startled
hopes, 172
Spider's touch, 177
Spin nor toil not, 14

Spires pointing to heaven, 278

Spirit chased, 41

Spirit dares stir, 91

Spirit ditties of no tone, 325
Spirit, haughty, 7

Spirit, ill, have so fair a house, 26

Spirit indeed is willing, 16

Spirit, thy, Independence, 239

Spirit of every-day walks, 207
Spirit of my dream, 316

Spirit of a youth, 74

Spirit, or more welcome shade, 199
Spirit, present in, 19
Spirit return unto God, 10
Spirit-stirring drum, 11

Spirit, strongest and fiercest, 134
Spirit that fell from Heaven, 133
Spirit, the accusing, 363
Spirit wounded, 7

Spirits are not finely touched, 30
Spirits either sex assume, 132
Spirits from the vasty deep, 58
Spirits of great events, 286
Spirits twain, 346

Spite, in learned doctors', 341
Spite of nature, 153

Spleen, meditative, 277
Splendid sight to see, 307
Splenetive and rash, 104
Spoken at random, 297
Spoil the child, 154

Spoils belong to the victors, 372
Spoils of time, 228

Sponge, drink no more than a, 350
Sports of children, 233
Spot is cursed, the, 271
Spot which men call earth, 144
Spots quadrangular, 246
Spread yourselves, 36
Sprightly running, 161
Spring, come, gentle, 215
Spring comes slowly up this way,

Spring of love, 27

Spring unlocks the flowers, 305
Springes to catch woodcocks, 94
Spriting, gently do my, 26

Spur to prick the sides of my in-
tent, 83

Squadron in the field, 105
Squeak and gibber, 91

Squeak, as naturally as pigs, 152
Stabbed with a white wench's eye,

Staff, thy rod and thy, 5
Stage, all the world's a, 45
Stage, poor, degraded, 341
Stage, struts his hour upon, 90
Stage, the wonder of our, 118
Stage, veteran on the, 219

Stage where every man must play,

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Stars, fault not in our, 70

Stars, hide their diminished heads,

Stars in one sphere, 59

Stars, in spite of their, 153

Stars attend thee, shooting, 124
Stars shot madly, 36

Stars were more in fault, 168
Start of the majestic world, 70
Started like a guilty thing, 91
Starts, everything by, 159
State, falling with a falling, 198
State, pillar of, 136
State, rule the, 158

State some service, 111

State, strange eruption to our, 90
State, what constitutes a, 255
State without a king, 372
State's collected will, 255
States saved without the sword,

Statesman, too nice for a, 237
Statue that enchants the world, 216
Steal as gypsies do, 257
Steal! convey, the wise it call, 28
Steal my thunder, 383
Steal us from ourselves away, 193
Stealth, do good by, 193
Steed, farewell the neighing, 110
Steed threatens steed, 63
Steel complete, 64
Steel, grapple with hooks of, 93
Steel, my man's as true as, 79
Steel, though locked up in, 64
Steep and thorny way to heaven,


Steep, hard to climb the, 242
Steep my senses, 61

Steeped me in poverty, 111
Steeple, looking at the, 320
Step above the sublime, 367
Stephen Sly, 48

Steps, beware of desperate, 251
Steps of glory, 317

Sticking place, screw your courage
to the, 84

Stiff in opinions, 159
Stiff thwack, 153
Stiffen the sinews, 62

Still achieving, still pursuing, 342
Still small voice, 3, 228

Still the wonder grew, 236
Still to be neat, 118

Still waters, 5

Sting, O death, where is thy, 20
Stir, the fretful, 272

Stoicism, the Romans call it, 170

[blocks in formation]

Storms of fate, 198

Storms of life, rainbow to the, 314
Storms of state, 68

Story, I have none to tell, 266
Story of Cambuscan bold, 148
Stout once a month, 160
Straining harsh discords, 80
Strains that might create a soul,

Strange eruption, 90

Strange, 't was passing, 107
Stranger in a strange land, 2
Stranger than fiction, 322
Stranger yet to pain, 225
Strangers, honoured by, 197
Strangers, to entertain, 22
Straw, tickled with a, 180
Strawberries, 355

Streets, a lion is in the, 8
Streets, squeak and gibber in the,

[blocks in formation]

Strongly it bears us, 283
Strucken deer, go weep, IOI
Struggling in the storms of fate,

Stubborn patience, 136

Studies, still air of delightful, 356
Studious of change, 243
Study, labour, and intent, 356
Study of imagination, 34
Study of mankind, 178
Study of revenge, 131

Study a weariness of flesh, 10
Study what you most affect, 48
Stuff, ambition's made of sterner,


Stuff as dreams are made on, 27
Stuff life is made of, 361
Stuff, other men's, 117
Stuff the head with reading, 194
Subject of all verse, 118

Sublime and the ridiculous, 367
Suburb of the life Elysian, 343

Success, 't is not in mortals to com-
mand, 169
Successive title, 158
Successors before him, 28
Such mistress, such Nan, 113
Suck my last breath, 196
Suckle fools, 107

Sucking-dove, gently as any, 36
Suffer a sea-change, 26

Suffer, how sublime to, 342
Sufferance our badge, 41
Suffering, child of, 344

Suffering ended with the day, 337
Sufferings, to each his, 226
Sufficiency, an elegant, 215
Sufficient unto the day, 14
Suing long to bide, 25
Suit lightly won, 294
Suit of sables, 101

Suit the action to the word, 100
Sullein mind, 24

Sullenness against nature, 356
Sum of more, giving thy, 44
Summer, eternal, 320
Summer friends, 122
Summer, made glorious, 65
Summer of your youth, 223
Summer's cloud, 87
Summons, upon a fearful, 91
Sun's a thief, 81

Sun is set, all except their, 320
Sun, as the dial to the, 156, 243.
Sun, benighted walks under the,

Sun, dedicate his beauty to the, 77
Sun doth move, doubt the, 96
Sun, farthing candle to the, 211
Sun, glimmering taper to the, 258

[blocks in formation]


Sun, pleasant for the eye to behold
the, 9

Sun, till it meet the, 370

Sun upon an Easter day, 123
Sun, world without a, 288
Sunbeam and truth, 355
Sunday from the week divide, 90
Sunday shines no Sabbath day to
me, 189

Sunflower turns on her god, 301

Sung ballads from a cart, 162
Sunium's marbled steep, 321
Sunlight drinketh dew, 334
Sunny as her skies, 315
Sunny openings, 322
Suns, process of the, 333
Sunset of life, 290

Sunshine broken in the rill, 299

Sunshine, eternal, 236

Sunshine made in the shady place,


Sunshine of the breast, 225

Superfluous lags the veteran, 219
Supped full of horrors, 89

Surcease, success, 83

Surer to prosper, 134
Survey our empire, 314

Suspicion, Cæsar's wife above, 376
Suspicion haunts the guilty mind,

Swan and shadow, 270

Swan on St. Mary's Lake, 270
Swashing outside, 43

Swear not by the moon, 79

Swear to the truth of a song, 168

Sweat but for promotion, 44

Sweat of thy face, I

Sweat under a weary life, 98

Swell the soul to rage, 157

Sweet the uses of adversity, 43
Sweet bells jangled, 99
Sweet childish days, 268
Sweet day, so cool, so calm, 121
Sweet is every sound, 334
Sweet is pleasure after pain, 156
Sweet, so coldly, 312
Sweet spring, 122

Sweet swan of Avon, 119
Sweetest thing that ever grew, 268
Sweetness long drawn out, linked,


Sweetness on the desert air, 229
Sweets compacted lie, 122
Sweets, feast of nectared, 146
Sweets of forgetfulness, 242
Sweets to the sweet, 104
Sweets, wilderness of, 140
Swift expires, a driveller, 219
Swift, race not to the, 9

Swifter than a weaver's shuttle, 4
Swimmer in his agony, 320

Swine, pearls before, 14
Swinish multitude, 364
Swoop, at one fell, 88

Sword has laid him low, 289
Sword, famous by my, 130,
Sword, pen mightier than the, 332
Sword, take away the, 332
Swords into ploughshares, 12
Sybil, contortions of the, 365
Sydneian showers, 126
Syllable men's names, 144
Syllable of recorded time, 90
Syllables govern the world, 358
Sylvia in the night, 28
Syrups, lucent, 325

Syrups of the world, drowsy, 110

[blocks in formation]

Take him for all in all, 92

Take mine ease in my inn, 58

Take no note of time, 206

Take, O take those lips away, 32
Take physic, pomp, 75
Take ye each a shell, 198
Tale, an honest, speeds best, 66
Tale as 't was said to me, 292

Tale, every shepherd tells his, 149
Tale, makes up life's, 284
Tale of Troy divine, 148
Tale, round, unvarnished, 106
Tale, schoolboy's, 308
Tale so sad, so tender, 224

Tale, tedious as a twice-told, 53
Tale that is told, 6

Tale, the moon takes up the won-

drous, 171

Tale, thereby hangs a, 45, 48
Tale, 't is an old, 294

Tale, to adorn a, 219

Tale told by an idiot, 90
Tale, unfold a, 94.

Tale which holdeth children, 351
Talk, I never spent an hour's, 38
Talk, ye gods, how he will, 165
Tall oaks from little acorns, 267
Tam was glorious, 259
Tame villatic fowl, 144
Taper to the sun, 258

Tapers swim before my sight, 196
Task is smoothly done, 146
Taskmaster's eye, 150
Taste of your quality, 97
Tattered clothes, 76
Taught us how to die, 200
Tawny lion, the, 141
Teach me to feel, 196
Teach the young idea, 215
Tear a passion to tatters, 99
Tear, betwixt a smile and, 310
Tear, every woe can claim, 312
Tear for pity, 61

Tear forgot as soon as shed, 225
Tear, he gave to misery a, 230
Tear her tattered ensign, 344
Tear in her eye, 294

Tear, law which moulds a, 331
Tear, man without a, 290
Tear, some melodious, 147
Tears, baptized in, 253
Tears, beguile her of, 106
Tears down Pluto's cheek, 148
Tears, flattered to, 325
Tears from despair, 334
Tears hinder needle, 329

Tears, idle tears, 334

Tears in piteous chase, 44
Tears of dotage, 219

Tears, pensive beauty in, 288

Tears, prepare to shed, 72

Tears, sacred source of, 226

Tears such as angels weep, 133

Tears that speak, 227

Tears, too deep for, 276
Teeth are set on edge, 12
Teeth, skin of my, 4
Tell it not in Gath, 2
Tell me, my soul, 197
Tell-tale women, 66

Tell truth and shame the devil, 58
Temper justice with mercy, 142
Temper whose unclouded ray, 184
Temple built to God, 167

Temple, nothing ill can dwell in
such a, 26

Temples, groves were God's first,

Temples, solemn, 27
Ten low words, 186
Tender-handed, 214

[blocks in formation]

They laugh that win, 110
Thick and thin, 390
Thick-coming fancies, 89
Thief doth fear each bush, 65
Thief in the night, come as a, 22
Thief of time, 206

Thievery, example you with, 8t
Thing, acting of a dreadful, 70
Thing devised by the enemy, 66
Thing enskyed, 30

Thing, in awe of such, 69
Thing, never says a foolish, 164
Thing ever grew, sweetest, 268
Thing we like, we figure, 335
Things, contests from trivial, 188
Things done at the Mermaid, 119
Things, God's sons are, 220
Things left undone, 23
Things that ne'er were, 186
Things unattempted, 131
Things, unutterable, 216
Things without remedy, 86
Think nought a trifle, 211
Think of that, Master Brook, 29
Think that day lost, 387

Think must govern, those that, 234
Think too little, talk too much, 159
Thinks most, lives most, who, 336
Thin-spun life, 147
Thirsty earth, 128

Thirty days hath November, 385
Thorn, withering on the virgin, 35
Thorns that in her bosom lodge, 95
Thou art the man, 3
Thou little valiant, 53

Thought, almost say her body, 117
Thought, armour is his honest, 116
Thought deeper than speech, 346
Thought, like a passing, 262
Thought, like a pleasant, 271
Thought, not one immoral, 222

Thought, wish father to that, 61

Thoughts, dark soul and foul, 145
Thoughts, great, 327

Thoughts, hospitable, 140

Thoughts of men are widened, 333

Thoughts shut up want air, 207

Thoughts that breathe, 227

Thoughts that wander thro' eter-
nity, 135

Thoughts too deep for tears, 276
Thoughts transcend our wonted
themes, 151

Thought, pale cast of, 99

[blocks in formation]

Thousand, one shall become a, is
Thread, feels at each, 177

Thread of his verbosity, 39
Threats, no terror in, 73

Three poets in three ages, 163

Three removes as bad as a fire, 361

Three years' child, 280
Thrice he assayed, 133
Thrice he slew the slain, 157

Thrice is he armed, 64

Thrift may follow fawning, 100
Thrift, thrift, Horatio, 92
Throne, my bosom's lord sits lightly
in his, 80

Thrones, dominations, 140
Throng, the lowest of your, 139
Throw physic to the dogs, 89
Thumbs, pricking of my, 87
Thunder, leaps the live, 309.
Thunder, lightning, or in rain, 81

Thwack, with many a stiff, 153
Thyme blows, the wild, 36
Tickle your catastrophe, 60
Tickled with a straw, 180
Tide in the affairs of men, 73
Tidings when he frowned, 236
Tie, the silken, 293

Tiger, in war imitate the, 62
Tilt at all I meet, 192

Timber, seasoned, never gives, 122
Time adds increase to her truth,

[blocks in formation]
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