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[blocks in formation]

Raine in th' aire, 25
Rainbow, hue unto the, 54
Rainbow to storms of life, 314
Rake among scholars, 249
Rake, woman is at heart a, 184
Ralph to Cynthia howls, 194
Rank is but the guinea's stamp,

Rapt seraph that adores, 178
Rapt soul sitting, 148

Rapture on the lonely shore, 311
Rapture-smitten frame, 288
Rarity of Christian charity, 328
Rascal naked through the world,


Rat, I smell a, 153

Rather than be less, 134
Rattle, pleased with a, 180
Ravelled sleave of care, 85
Raven-down of darkness, 145
Ravens, he that feedeth the, 44
Ravishment, enchanting, 145
Raw in fields, 160

Ray, with prophetic, 314
Razors cried, 253
Razure of oblivion, 32

Reach of art, 185

Read Homer once, 165
Read, mark, learn, 23
Read to doubt, 298

Reading maketh a full man, 353
Reading what they never wrote,

[blocks in formation]

Recks not his own rede, 93
Recorded time, 90

Recording angel, 363

Red spirits and gray, 87

Rede, may you better reck the, 261
Reed, not break the bruised, II
Reel to and fro, 6

Reform it altogether, 100
Regent of love-rhymes, 38
Regions change their site, 154
Relic of departed worth, 308
Religion blushing, 196
Religion, humanities of, 285
Remainder biscuit, 45
Remedies lie in ourselves, 50
Remedy, things without, 86
Remember Lot's wife, 17

Remember such things were, 88
Remember thy Creator, 9
Remembered kisses, 334
Remnant of uneasy light, 275
Remorse, farewell, 138
Remote from man, 200
Remote, unfriended, 233
Render to all their dues, 19
Repentance rears her snaky crest,


Report me right, 105
Reputation dies, 189
Reputation in the cannon's mouth,

Resignation slopes the way, 235
Resolution, native hue of, 99
Resolved to ruin, 158
Respect upon the world, 39
Rest her soul, she's dead, 104
Restive sloth, 74
Retired leisure, 148
Retirement, rural quiet, 215
Retirement urges sweet return, 142
Retort courteous, 48
Revelry by night, 308

Revelry, midnight shout and, 144
Revenge is virtue, 211

Reverence, none so poor to, 72
Revolts from true birth, 79

Rhyme nor reason, 47, 389

Rhyming peer, 190

Rialto, in the, 40

Rialto, under the, 315

Riband in the cap of youth, 104

Ribs of death, 146

Rich and rare, 300

Rich and strange, 26

Rich gifts wax poor, 99

Rich man enter the kingdom, 15
Rich men rule the law, 234
Rich, not gaudy, 93

Rich soils to be weeded, 353
Rich with the spoils of time, 228

[blocks in formation]

Rocket, rose like a, 367
Rocks, caves, lakes, 137
Rod and thy staff, 5
Rod of empire, 228
Rod of iron, 22
Rod reversed, 146
Rod, spare the, 154
Roderick, a friend to, 296

Rogue, every inch not fool is, 159

Roll darkling down, 219

Roll of common men, 58

Roll on, thou ocean, 311
Rolls of Noah's ark, 158
Roman fame, above all, 192
Roman holiday, 310

Roman senate long debate, 170
Roman, than such a, 73

Romans call it stoicism, 170

Romans, countrymen, and lovers,

Romans, last of all the, 73

[blocks in formation]


Room, who sweeps a, 122
Root of all evil, 21
Root of the matter, 4

Root that takes the reason, 82
Root, the axe is laid to the, 16
Rose, blossom as the, 11
Rose by any other name, 78
Rose distilled, happy is the, 35
Rose in aromatic pain, 177
Rose is fairest, 296
Rosebuds, gather ye, 124
Roses from your cheek, 223
Roses in December, 317
Roses, the scent of the, 301
Rosemary for remembrance, 104
Ross, the man of, 185
Rot and rot, 45
Rotten in Denmark, 94
Rough as nutmeg-graters, 214
Rough-hew them how we will, 105
Round unvarnished tale, 106
Roundabout, this great, 252
Rout on rout, 137

Rowland for an Oliver, 379
Rub, ay, there's the, 98
Rubies, where grew the, 123
Rubies, wisdom priced above, 4
Ruddy drops, dear as, 227
Rude am I in my speech, 106
Rude forefathers of the hamlet, 228
Rude militia, 160

Ruffles when wanting a shirt, 239.
Ruin lovely in death, 208

Ruin, majestic though in, 136
Ruin or to rule the state, 158

Ruin upon ruin, 137

Ruin's ploughshare, 210

Rule, absolute, 138

Rule Britannia, 217

Rule them with a rod of iron, 22

Rule, the good old, 270

Rules him, never shows she, 184
Ruling passion conquers reason,

Ruling passion strong in death, 183
Rumination, often, 47

Run a muck, 192

Run that readeth, he may, 12
Rural quiet, 215

Rural sights, 243
Russia, a night in, 30
Rustic moralist, 229
Rustling in unpaid-for silk, 74

SABBATH, who ordained the, 344
Sack, intolerable deal of, 57
Sack, leave, 60

Sacrifice, turn delight into a, 122
Sad by fits, 231

Sad stories of the death of kings,

Sad vicissitudes of things, 167
Sadder and a wiser man, 282
Safety, pluck this flower, 57
Sage he stood, 136

Sage, he thought as a, 242
Sage's pride, 193

Sail, set every threadbare, 344
Sailing on obscene wings, 283
Saint in crape and lawn, 183
Saint sustained it, 198

Saint, 't would provoke a, 183
St. John mingles with my bowl,


Saints, his soul is with the, 284
Sally in our alley, 204
Salt of the earth, 13

Salvation, no relish of, 102
Samphire gatherers, 76

Samson, the Philistines be upon
thee, 2

Sang, it may turn out a, 260
Sans teeth, sans eyes, 46

Sapphire blaze, 226

Sappho loved and sung, 320
Sapping a solemn creed, 309
Satan exalted sat, 134.

Satan finds some mischief, 212
Satan, get thee behind me, 15
Satan, so call him now, 140
Satanic school, 281
Satire in disguise, 387
Satire or sense, 191

Satire's my weapon, 192

Saucy doubts, 86

Sauntered Europe round, 195

Savage wild in woods, 160

Savage woman, 333,

Saviour's birth is celebrated, 91

Saw the air too much, 99

Scandal about Queen Elizabeth,

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Scorn, he will laugh thee to, 13
Scorn, laughed his word to, 248
Scorn looks beautiful, 52
Scotched the snake, 86
Scourge inexorable, 135
Scraps of learning dote, 210
Scraps, stolen the, 39
Screw your courage, 84
Scripture, the devil can cite, 40
Scylla, your father, 41
S'death, I'll print it, 190.
Sea, alone, alone, on a wide, 282
Sea, first gem of the, 302
Sea, into that silent, 282
Sea, light that never was on, 276
Sea, like ships that have gone down
at, 299

Sea, mysterious union with the,

Sea of pines, 284

Sea of troubles, 98

Sea of upturned faces, 297

Sea, swelling of the voiceful, 286
Sea, sunk in the flat, 145
Sea, the dark blue, 314
Sea, the open, 330
Sea-change, suffer a, 26
Sea-maid's music, 36
Seals of love, 32

Search of deep philosophy, 128

Sea's a thief, 81

Seas incarnadine, 85
Season, to everything a, 8
Seasoned timber, 122

Seasons and their change, 139
Seasons return with the year, 138
Seat, ascend to our native, 135
Seated hearts, 82

Sect, slave to no, 182
Second childishness, 46

Secret of a weed's plain heart, 345

Secret things belong unto the Lord,


Secrets of my prison house, 94

Sedge, kiss to every, 27
See her was to love her, 263
See my lips tremble, 196
See oursels as others see us, 260
See the conquering hero, 166
See through a glass darkly, 20
See two dull lines, 211
Seed begging bread, 5
Seeds of time, 81

Seek and ye shall find, 14
Seems, madam, I know not, 91
Sees God in clouds, 177
Sees with half-shut eyes, 189
Seigniors, grave and reverend, 106
Seldom he smiles, 70

Seldom shall she hear a tale, 224
Self-slaughter, canon 'gainst, 91
Sempronius, we'll do more, 169
Senators of mighty woods, 325
Sensations felt in the blood, 272
Sense, fruit of, 186

Sense, one for, 154

Sense, want of decency is want of,

Senses, steep in forgetfulness, 61
Sentence, he mouths a, 242
Sentiment, pluck the eyes of, 344
Sentinels fixed, 62
Sepulchres, whited, 16

Sermon, perhaps turn out a, 260
Sermon, who flies a, 122
Sermons in stones, 44.
Serpent sting thee twice, 41
Serpent, trail of the, 298
Serpents, be
ye wise as, 14
Servant can make drudgery divine,


Service, done the state some, 111
Service sweet for duty, 44
Servile to skyey influences, 31
Servitude, base laws of, 160
Set free imprisoned wranglers, 246
Set terms, 44

Set thine house in order, II
Settle's numbers, lived in, 194
Seven hours to law, 255
Severn, Avon to the, 279
Sex to the last, 160

Shade, a more welcome, 199
Shade, ah, pleasing, 225

Shade, boundless contiguity of, 244
Shade, half in, 303

Shade, hunter, and the deer, a, 289
Shade of that which once was great,

[blocks in formation]

Shadows, beckoning, 144
Shadows, best in this kind, 37
Shadows, come like, 88
Shadows of coming events, 290
Shadows, our fatal, 119
Shadows we pursue, 365.
Shadwell never deviates into sense,

Shaft at random sent, 297
Shaft that made him die, 129
Shake hands with a king, 340
Shake my fell purpose, 83
Shake thy gory locks, 86
Shaken when taken, 264
Shakspere, fancy's child, 149
Shakspere rise, 118
Shakspere's magic, 160
Shakspere's name, rival, 288
Shall I, wasting in despair, 120
Shame, an erring sister's, 312
Shame, blush of maiden, 338
Shame the fools, 190
Shames, thousand innocent, 34
Shape execrable, 137
Shape, if it might be called, 137
Shape, such a questionable, 94
Shape but that, take any, 87
Shapes and beckoning shadows,


Sharper than a serpent's tooth, 75
Shatter the vase, 301
She drew an angel down, 157
She is to blame, 202

She never told her love, 51

She walks in beauty, 318
She was a form of life, 313
She who ne'er answers, 184
Shears abhorred, 147
Sheeted dead, 91

She's beautiful and to be wooed,

Shell, convolution of a, 278

Shell, music slumbers in the, 331
Shepherd, any philosophy in thee,

Shepherd tells his tale, 149

Sheridan, broke the die in mould-
ing, 317

Shew, under saintly, 138
Shikspur, who wrote it, 265
Ship, idle as a painted, 282
Ship of state, 343

Ship, that ever scuttled, 320
Ships are but boards, 40
Ships dim-discovered, 215

Ships that have gone down at sea,

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

to, 215

Shore, duli, tame, 330
Shore, rapture on lonely, 311
Shore, wild and willowed, 292
Short measures perfect life, 118
Shot heard round the world, 339
Shot my arrow o'er the house, 105
Shot, perilous, 63

Should auld acquaintance, 262
Shouldered his crutch, 235
Shout tore hell's concave, 133
Show his eyes, 88

Show, a driveller and a, 219
Show, which passeth, 91
Show, world is all a fleeting, 304
Showed how fields were won, 235
Shreds and patches, 102
Shrewsbury clock, fought by, 60
Shrine of the mighty, 312
Shrines to no code, 340
Shuffled off this mortal coil, 98
Shunn'st the noise of folly, 148
Shut, shut the door, 189

Shut the gates of mercy, 229
Sicklied o'er with pale cast of
thought, 99

Sides of my intent, 83

Sidney, warbler of poetic prose,


Siege to scorn, 89

Sigh, humorous, 38
Sigh no more, ladies. 33

Sigh, passing tribute of a, 229
Sigh, yet feel no pain, 303
Sighed and looked again, 157
Sighed and looked unutterable
things, 216

Sighed to think I read a book, 276
Sighing like furnace, 46
Sight to see, a goodly, 307
Sight, loved not at first, 114
Sight of vernal bloom, 138
Sight, out of mind, out of, 116
Sign, dies and makes no, 64
Silence, come, then, expressive, 216
Silence in love bewrays more woe,

[blocks in formation]
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