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Nothing long, 159

Old iron rang, 153
Nourisher in life's feast, 85

Old man, despised, 75
Now came still evening, 139

Old man do but die, 329
Now fitted the halter, 163

Old man eloquent, 150
Now morn with rosy steps, 139

Old men's dream, 158
Now 's the day, 262

Old Nick, 156
Nullum quod tetigit, 221

Old tale often told, 294
Numbers, divinity in odd, 29

Old wood to burn, 378
Numbers, lisped in, 190

Oliver, Rowland for an, 379
Nun, the holy tiine is quiet as a, Omega, Alpha and, 23

On her white breast, 188
Nuptial bower, I led her to the, 141 On life's vast ocean, 179
Nurse of arms, 234

Once more unto the breach, 62
Nurse of manly sentiment, 364

One fell swoop, 88
Nursing wrath to keep it warm, 259

One for rhyme, 154
Nutmeg-graters, be rough as, 214

One for sense, 154,
Nymph, in thy orisons, 99

One is as God made him, 351
Nympholepsy of despair, 310

One kind kiss before we part, 218

One line, could wish to blot, 222
Oath, he that imposes an, 155 One more unfortunate, 328
Oath, mouth-filling, 58

One murder made a villain, 241
Obdured breast, 136

One native charm, 236
Obliged by hunger, 190

One of those heavenly days, 270
Obliging that he ne'er obliged, 191 One science for genius, 185
Oblivion, razure of, 32.

One self-approving hour, 181
Observance, the breach than, 94 One that hath, unto every, 16
Observations, ourselves make, 182 One, the many must labour for the,
Observed of all observers, 99

Obstruction, to lie in cold, 31

One touch of nature, 69
Occasion, mellowing of, 38

One when content, no more to de-
Ocean, a painted, 282
Ocean, deep bosom of the, 65 Onward, bear up and steer right,
Ocean, I have loved thee, 311

Ocean leans against the land, 234 Open rebuke, 8
Ocean's mane, the, 326

Opinion still, of his own, 156
Ocular proof, 110

Opinions backed by a wager, 315
Odd numbers, divinity in, 29 Opinions, golden, 84
Odious in woollen, 183

Opinions, halt


between two, 3
Odours crushed are sweeter, 332

Opinions, stiff in, 159
Odours, when violets sicken, 323 Oppressor's wrong, 93
O'er the glad waters, 314

Optics sharp it needs, 255
O'er the hills, 201

Optics, turn upon't, 155
Of all the girls, 204

Oracle, I am Sir, 40
Off with his head, 173

Oracle of God, 131
Offence from amorous causes, 188

Orator as Brutus, 72
Offence is rank, 102

Orators repair, 143
Offender, she hugged the, 160 Orators, very good, 47
Office, hath but a losing, 60

Orb in orb, 141
Officer, fear each bush an, 65 Order is Heaven's first law, 180
Offices of prayer and praise, 277

Order of your going, 87
Offspring of Heaven first-born, 137 Order this matter in France, 363
Oft in the stilly night, 303

Ore, new-spangled, 147
Oh wad some power, 260

Organ, most miraculous, 98
Oil, consumed the midnight, 201 Orient pearl, sowed the earth, 139
Oily man of God, 217

Ormuz and of Ind, 134
Old age of cards, 184

Ornament of beauty, 113
Old familiar faces, 281

Ornament to his profession, 353
Old father antic, 55

Orpheus, soul of, 148
Old friends are best, 357

Orthodoxy is my doxy, 382
Old Grimes is dead, 346

Othello's occupation's gone, 110

sire, 351

the, 339

Our acts our angels are, 119
Out, brief candle, 90
Out-herods Herod, 100
Out of mind, out of sight, 116
Out of this nettle, danger, 57
Outrun the constable, 154
Outward form and feature, 286
Over-violent or over-civil, 159
Overcome evil with good, 19
Owl, hawked at by a mousing, 85
Owl that shrieked, 84
Owlet Atheism, 283
Own, do what I will with mine, 15
Ox, better than a stalled, 7
Ox-lips and the nodding violet, 36
Oyster, then the world's mine, 29
Oysters not good in months without

an R, 379
Pack, as a huntsman his, 237
Pagan suckled in a creed, 274
Pageant, insubstantial, 27
Paid well that is satisfied, 42
Pain, a stranger yet to, 225
Pain, die of a rose in aromatic, 177
Pain, heart that never feels a, 222
Pain is lessened by, 77.
Pain, the labour we delight in phy-

sics, 85
Pain, tender for another's, 226
Pain, to sigh yet feel no, 303
Pain, to smile in, 209
Pains, pleasure in poetic, 245
Paint the lily, 54
Paint them best who feel them

most, 196
Painted Jove, 160
Painter, flattering, 237,
Painting can express, than, 176
Palace and a prison, 310
Palace of the soul, 308
Palaces, gorgeous, 27
Pale cast of thought, 99
Pale-faced moon, 56
Pale his uneffectual fire, 95
Pale, prithee, why so, 123
Pale unripened beauties, 170
Palinurus nodded, 195
Palm, bear the, 70
Palm, like some tall, 305
Palmy state of Rome, 91
Palpable and familiar, 285
Palpable hit, 105
Palpable obscure, 136
Palsied eld, 31
Palter in a double sense, 90
Pangs of despised love, 98
Pangs of guilty power, 221
Pansies for thoughts, 104
Pantaloon, slippered, 46

Panting time, 220
Paper bullets of the brain, 33
Paper-mill, 65
Paradise beyond compare, 287
Paradise of fools, 138
Paradise, opening, 230
Paradise, walked in, 337
Paradisaical pleasures, 230
Parallel, none but himself can be

his, 172
Parchment undo a man, 64
Pard, bearded like the, 46
Parent of good, 140
Parents passed into the skies, 250
Parish church, way to, 45
Parson bemused in beer, 190
Parson, there goes the, 251
Partake the gale, 182
Parthenon, earth proudly wears
Parting is such sweet sorrow, 79,
Partitions thin their bounds divide,

Parts of one stupendous whole, 178
Party, gave up to, what was meant

for mankind, 237
Passages that lead to nothing, 230
Passeth show, 91
Passing fair, is she not, 28
Passing rich, 235
Passing strange, 107
Passing thought, 262
Passion, govern my, 166
Passion, haunted me like a, 272
Passion is the gale, 179
Passion, the ruling, 183, 184
Passion dies, till our, 127
Passion to tatters, 99
Passions fly with life, 280
Past all surgery, 108
Pastors, ungracious, 93
Pastures and fresh woods, 147
Pastures, lie down in green, 5
Patches, a king of shreds and, 102
Pate, you beat your, 198
Paths of glory, 228
Paths of joy and woe, 232
Paths of peace, 6
Patience and sorrow strove, 76
Patience, office to speak, 35
Patience on a monument, 51
Patience, preacheth, 122
Patient merit, 98
Patient minister to himself, 89
Patines of bright gold, 42
Patriot's boast, 233
Pause, an awful, 205
Peace, all her paths are, 6
Peace and rest can never dwell, 131
Peace, first in, 368


Peace for the wicked, II
Peace hath her victories, 150
Peace in the world, 304
Peace in thy right hand, 68
Peace, solitude and calls it, 314
Peace nor ease of heart, 252
Peace, piping time of, 65
Peace, slept in, 68
Peace, when there is no, II
Pealing anthem, 228
Pearl, sowed the earth with orient,

Pearl, threw away a, 11
Pearls at random strung, 254
Pearls before swine, 14
Pearls did grow, how, 124
Pearls, who search for, 160
Peasantry, country's pride, 235
Pebbles, as gathering, 143
Pebbles on the sea-shore, 359
Pelops' line, 148
Pelting of this storm, 75
Pen from an angel's wing, 274
Pen, glorious by my, 130
Pen mightier than the sword, 332
Pen of a ready writer, 5
Pen, product of a scoffer's, 277
Penalties of idleness, 195
Pendulum, man, thou, 310
Pens a stanza, 190
Penned it down, 163
Pensioner, a miser's, 276
Pensioner of an hour, 206
Pensive discontent, 25
Pentameter falling in melody, 284
People, thy, shall be my, 2
People's prayer, 158
People's right maintain, 306
Perdition catch my soul, 108
Perfect love, 22
Perfect woman, 271
Perfumes of Arabia, 88
Perfumes will not sweeten this little

hand, 88
Peri at the gate, 298
Peril in thine eye, 78
Perilous edge of battle, 132
Perilous shot, 63
Perjuries, lovers', 79
Persian's heaven, 304
Persuaded, let every man be, 19
Persuasion ripened into faith, 278
Persuasive sound, 175
Persons, no respect of, 18
Perverts the prophets, 317
Peter's dome, 339
Petticoat, feet beneath her, 123
Petty pace, 90
Phalanx, in perfect, 133
Phantasma, like a, 70

Phantoms of hope, 220
Philistines be upon thee, 2
Philip and Mary on a shilling, 155
Philosopher that could bear the

toothache, 35
Philosophy, adversity's sweet milk,

Philosophy, dreamt of in your, 96
Philosophy, false, and vain wis-

dom, 136
Philosophy in thee, hast any, 46
Philosophy, lights of mild, 169
Philosophy, proud, 290
Philosophy, search of deep, 128
Philosophy teaching by examples,

Phoebus 'gins arise, 74
Phæbus, what a name, 317
Phyllis, neat-handed, 149
Physic take, pomp, 75
Physic to the dogs, 89
Physician, heal thyself, 16
Physician, is there no, 12
Pia mater, womb of, 38
Picture, look here upon this, 102
Pictures, eyes make, 286
Pictures of silver, 8
Piece, faultless, 186
Pierian spring, 186
Pigmies are pigmies still, 209
Pigmy body fretted to decay, 158
Pigs squeak, as naturally as, 152
Pilgrim-shrines, 340
Pillar of state, 136
Pilot of the Galilean Lake, 147
Pinch, a lean-faced villain, 28
Pine with fear, 25
Pines, silent sea of, 284
Pink of courtesy, 79
Pin's fee, set my life at a. 94
Pinto, thou liar of the first magni-

tude, 175
Piny mountain, 285
Pipe for fortune's finger, 100
Piping time of peace, 65
Pitch, he that toucheth, 13
Pitch my moving tent, 287
Pitcher be broken, 10
Pitiful, 'twas wondrous, 107
Pity, challenge double, 115
Pity gave ere charity began, 235
Pity, he hath a tear for, 61
Pity, leaf of, 81
Pity melts the mind to love, 157
Pity of it, Iago, 110
Pity swells the tide of love, 208
Pity the sorrows of a poor old man,

Pity, then embrace, 179
Pity's akin to love, 172

Pity 't is, 't is true, 96
Place, jolly, in times of old, 271
Place that has known him, 4
Place where the tree falleth, 9
Places, lines in pleasant, 5
Plagiarè among authors, 357
Plague o' both the houses, 79
Plague of all cowards, 57
Plague of sighing, 57
Plague of such backing, 57
Plain as a pike-staff, 239
Plain tale, 57
Plan, the simple, 270
Planet, under a rhyming, 35
Plants suck in the earth, 128
Plato, thou reasonest weil, 170
Play, as good as a, 380
Play the woman, 88
Play to you is death to us, 151
Playmates I have had, 281
Plays round the head, 181
Play's the thing, 98
Pleasantness, ways of, 6
Pleased, I would do what I, 351
Pleased to the last, 177
Pleased with the rattle, 180
Pleasure after pain, sweet is, 156
Pleasure at the helm, 228
Pleasure in being mad, 162
Pleasure in poetic pains, 245,
Pleasure in the pathless woods, 311
Pleasure of being cheated, 155
Pleasure, she was bent on, 250
Pleasure, to frown at, 209
Pleasure with reason mixed, 237
Pleasures, dance attendance on, 69
Pleasures, doubling his, 330
Pleasures like poppies, 259
Pleiades, the sweet influence of, 5
Plentiful lack of wit, 96
Plenty o'er a smiling land, 229
Plodders, continual, 37
Plough along the mountain-side,

Ploughshares, swords into, 12
Plover, muskets aimed at, 256
Pluck bright honour, 56
Pluck from the memory, 89
Pluck the flower, safety, 57
Pluck up drowned honour, 56
Plucked his gown, 236
Plummet, deeper than, 27
Poet soaring in the high reason of

his fancies, 355
Poet, they had no, 193
Poetic fields, 171
Poetic nook, 322
Poetic pains, a pleasure in, 245,
Poetical, I would the gods had

made thee, 47

Poetry, cradled into, 323
Poet's eye in a fine frenzy, 37
Poets fancy when they love, 176
Poets, intelligible forms of, 285
Poets in three distant ages, 163
Poets who made us heirs, 276
Point a moral, 219
Point, put too fine a, 351
Poison for the age's tooth, 53
Poisoned chalice, 83
Pole, from Indus to the, 195
Pole, true as the needle to the,

Pomp, lick absurd, 100
Pool, mantle of the standing, 76
Poor always ye have, 18
Poor and content, 109
Poor, grind the faces of the, 10
Poor, laws grind the, 234
Poor naked wretches, 75
Poor, simple annals of the, 228
Poor, thou found'st me, 237,
Pope of Rome, more than the, 153
Poppies, pleasures are like, 259
Poppy nor mandragora, 110
Porcelain clay of human kind, 162
Porcelain of human clay, 321
Porcupine, like quills upon the

fretful, 95
Port and Tokay, 265
Port for men, 221
Ports and havens, 54
Posteriors of this day, 39
Post of honour, private station, 170
Posy of a ring, so
Pot, death in the, 3
Potations pottle deep, 107
Potent, grave, and reverend seign-

iors, 106
Poverty depressed, slow

worth by, 219
Poverty nor riches, 8
Poverty, not my will, consents, 80
Poverty, steeped me in, III
Poverty, the urn of, 327
Powder, food for, 59
Power and pelf, 293
Power, dissevering, 146
Power of grace, 288
Power of thought, 314
Power, take who have the, 270
Power that made us, 345
Power the giftie gie us, 260
Powers that be, 19
Powers that work for thee, 270
Prague's proud arch, 288
Praise, all his pleasure, 200
Praise, blame, love, 271
Praise, damn with faint, 191
Praise, named thee but to, 340

his, 353

Praise, solid pudding against

empty, 194
Praise, the garment of, 11
Praise, to be dispraised were no,

Praise undeserved, 386
Praising what is lost, 50
Pray, remained to, 236
Prayer all his business, 200
Prayer ardent opens heaven, 209
Prayer, the imperfect offices of, 277
Prayer, whenever God erects a

house of, 167, 390
Prayeth well, 282
Preached as never to preach again,

Precept upon precept, II
Precious bane, 134
Precious ointment, good name is

better than, 9
Preparation, dreadful note of, 63
Presence full of light, 80
Present fears, 82
Press not a falling man, 67
Press, the people's right maintain,

Prevaricate, thou dost, 153
Prey at fortune, 109
Priam's curtain, 60
Pricking of my thumbs, 87
Pricks, to kick against the, 18
Pride and haughtiness of soul, 170
Pride and pomp of glorious war,

Prison, stone walls make not a, 125
Privileged beyond the common

walk, 207
Procrastination, thief of time, 206
Prodigal with a guinea, 374
Prodigal's favourite, 276
Product of a scoffer's pen, 277
Profession, every man a debtor to
Profit where is no pleasure, 48
Progeny of learning, 256
Progressive virtue, 215
Prohibited degrees of kin, 156
Prologues, happy, 82
Promise, keep the word of, go
Promise to his loss, 23
Promises of youth, 220
Promotion, sweat for, 44
Proof, give me ocular, 110
Proofs of holy writ, 109
Propagate and rot, 179
Proper study of mankind, 178
Prophet not without honour, 15
Prophetic ray, 314
Prophetic soul, 95
Prophets, perverts the, 317
Proportion, curtailed of fair, 65
Propriety, frights the isle from her,

Prose run mad, 190
Prospect of belief, 82
Prospect, so full of goodly, 356
Prosperity, a jest's, 39
Prosperity, all sorts of, 360
Prosperity assured us, 134
Proteus rising from the sea, 274
Proud to importune, 230
Proud waves be stayed, 4
Prouder than rustling in unpaid-fo


silk, 74

Pride, blend our pleasure or, 271
Pride fell with my fortunes, 43
Pride goeth before destruction, 7
Pride in their port, 234
Pride, reasoning pride, 177
Pride that apes humility, 283
Pride that licks the dust, 191
Pride, that perished in his, 271
Pride the vice of fools, 185
Priests, tapers, temples, 196
Primal duties, 278
Primrose by a river's brim, 273
Primrose path of dalliance, 93
Primrose, sweet as the, 236
Prince can make a belted knight,

Prince of darkness is a gentleman,

Princedoms, virtues, powers, 140
Princes and lords may flourish, 235
Princes' favours, 67
Princes, sweet aspect of, 67
Principles with times, 183
Print, to see one's name in, 317
Prior, what once was Matthew,


Prove all things, 21
Proverb and a by-word, 3
Providence alone secures, 251
Providence, foreknowledge, 136
Providence their guide, 143
Prunello, leather or, 181
Psalms, purloin the, 317
Public credit, dead corpse of, 370
Pudding against empty praise, 194
Pulse of life, 205
Punishment greater than I can

bear, I
Pun-provoking thyme, 224
Pupil of the eye, 305
Pure, all things pure to the, 21
Pure and eloquent blood, 117
Pure by being purely shone upon,

Purge, and leave sack, 60
Puritans hated bear-baiting, 371

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