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Home-keeping youth, 27
Homer, all the books you need, 165
Homes, near a thousand, 268
Honest man's the noblest work,

Honest tale speeds best, 66
Honesty, armed so strong in, 73
Honour and shame, 181
Honour but an empty bubble, 157
Honour, Falstaff's catechism on, 59
Honour grip, feel your, 261
Honour, jealous in, 46

Honour more, loved I not, 125

Honour, new-made, 52

Honour, prophet not without, 15

Honour, razed from the books of,


Honour, the post of, 170
Honour, to pluck bright, 56
Honour's lodged, place where, 155
Honours, gave to the world his, 68
Honours thick upon him, 67
Hooks of steel, 93

Hoops bewitching round, 223
Hope deferred, 7
Hope, farewell, 138

Hope, fleeting as 't is fair, 306
Hope, for a season, bade farewell,

Hope, heavenly, is all serene, 306
Hope is brightest, 296
Hope never comes to all, 131
Hope, none without, 222
Hope, no other medicine but, 31
Hope springs eternal, 177
Hope, tender leaves of, 67
Hope told a flattering tale, 349
Hope, true, is swift, 66
Hope while there is life, 201
Hope withering fled, 315
Hopes belied our fears, 328
Hopes, like tow'ring falcons, 169
Hopes, my fondest, decay, 299
Horatio, thou art as just a man, 100
Horn, voice of that wild, 295
Horrible imaginings, 82

Horrors on horror's head, 110

Horrors, supped full with, 89

Horse, dearer than his, 333

Horse, flying, 273

Horse, gray mare the better, 388
Horse-leech hath two daughters, 8
Horse, my kingdom for a, 67
Horsemanship, witch the world
with, 58

Hospitable thoughts intent, 140
Hostages to fortune, 352
Hot and rebellious liquors, 44
Hour of glorious life, 298
Hour when lovers' vows, 313

Hour of virtuous liberty, 170
Hour, pensioner of an, 206
Hour, some wee short, 262
Hour, the wonder of an, 308
Hour, torturing, 135
Hour's talk, 38

Hours I once enjoyed, 250
Hours, unheeded flew, 291
Hours, wise to talk with, 207
House and home, 60

House, daughters of my father's,


House, ill spirit so fair a, 26

House of feasting, 9

House, prop of my, 42

House set in order, 11

House to be let for life, 121
Household words, 63
Houses, a plague o' both the, 79
Houses seem asleep, 274
Housewife that's thrifty, 257
How are the mighty fallen, 3
How blessings brighten, 207
How charming is divine philosophy,

How fading are the joys, 166
How fleet is a glance, 251
How happy is he born, 116
How happy with either, 201
How hard their lot, 242
How sleep the brave, 231
How small, of all that human
hearts endure, 220
How the world wags, 45
How we apples swim, 266
Howards, blood of all the, 181
Hugged the offender, 160
Hum of army sounds, 62
Hum of mighty workings, 325
Human face divine, 138
Human race forget, 311

Human soul take wing, 318

Human, to err is, 187

Human, to step aside is. 260

Humanities of old religion, 285

Humanity, imitated, 100

Humanity, sad music of, 272

Humanity, suffering, sad, 342

Humanity, wearisome condition of,


Humble livers in content, 67
Humble port, 265

Humility, modest stillness and, 62
Humility, pride that apes, 283
Humour of it, 28

Hung be the heavens, 64
Hungry as the grave, 216
Hunt for a forgotten dream, 271
Hunter and the deer a shade, 289
Hunting, the devil designed, 162

Hunts in dreams, 333

Hurt cannot be much, 80

Hurt of the inside, 153
Hurt that honour feels, 333

Husband cools, never answers till
her, 184

Husband, truant, 319
Husbandry, edge of, 93

Hush my dear, lie still, 212
Hyacinthine locks, 138
Hyperion to a satyr, 92
Hyperion's curls, 102
Hypocrisy pays to virtue, 360

I AM his Highness's dog, 198
I am not only witty, 60
I am Sir Oracle, 40

I ask not proud philosophy, 290
I can call spirits, 58

I can fly, or I can run, 146

I cannot eat but little meat, 114
I care for nobody, 174

I could not love thee, dear, so
much, 125

I dare do all, 84

I dare not wait upon I would, 84
I do not love thee, Dr. Fell, 167

I give thee all, 304

I give thee sixpence, 266

I have found out a gift, 223

I hear a voice, 200

I know a bank, 36

I know not, I ask not, 302

I'll make thee famous, 130
I must be cruel, 103

I owe you one, 264

I remember, I remember, 329

I smell a rat, 153, 389

I was all ear, 146


I would not live alway, 4
Ice, be thou chaste as, 99
Ice in June, 317,
Ice, thick-ribbed,
Idea of her life, 34
Idea, teach the young, 215
Ides of March, 69
Idiot, tale told by an, 90
Idle as a painted ship, 282
Idler, busy world an, 246
Idler is a watch, 248
Idolatry, god of my, 79

If all the world were young, 115
If is the only peacemaker, 48
If it were done, 83

If parts allure thee, 181

Ignorance, burst in, 94

Ignorance is bliss, 226

Ignorance is the mother of devo-

tion, 160

Ignorance of wealth, 235

[blocks in formation]


Impeachment, the soft, 256

Impediment, marched without, 66
Impediments in fancy's course, 50
Impediments to great enterprises,

Imperfections on my head, 95
Imperial Cæsar, dead, 104
Imperial ensign, 133
Imperial theme, 82

Impious men bear sway, 170
Impious to be sad, 208

Importune, too proud to, 230
Impossible she, 126

Impossible, what 's, can't be, 264
Impotent conclusion, 107

Imprisoned wranglers, 246
Impulse from a vernal wood, 275
In perfect phalanx, 133
In spite of nature, 153
Inactivity, masterly, 368
Incapable of stain, 135
Incarnadine seas, 85

Incarnation of fat dividends, 341

[blocks in formation]


Infirmity of noble mind, 147
Influence, unawed by, 306
Ingratitude, unkind as man's, 46
Ingredient is a devil, 108
Inhumanity to man, 262
Ink, gall enough in, 52

Inn, take mine ease in mine, 58
Inn, warmest welcome at an, 223
Innocence and mirth, 316
Innocent as gay, 207
Innocent sleep, 85
Inordinate cup, 108

Insane root, 82
Insatiate archer, 206

Insides, carrying three, 267
Insolence of office, 98
Instinct with music, 269
Instincts, unawares, 327
Instruments to scourge us, 77
Insubstantial pageant, 27
Insults unavenged, 277
Intellectual power, 277
Intentions, hell paved with, 221
Intercourse, speed the soft, 195
Intolerable, not to be endured, 49
Intuition, passionate, 278
Inventor, plague the, 83
Invisible spirit of wine, 108
Inward self-disparagement, 277
Inwardly digest, 23

Iron bars a cage, 125
Iron entered into his soul, 363
Iron, meddles with cold, 153

Iron tears down Pluto's cheek,

Iron, with a rod of, 22

Is she not more than painting, 176
Isles of Greece, 320

Isles, ships that sailed for sunny,

[blocks in formation]

JADE, let the galled, 101
Jail, the patron and the, 219
Janus, two-headed, 39
Jealousy, beware of, 109

Jealousy, green-eyed monster, 109
Jehu, like the driving of, 3
Jerusalem, if I forget thee, 5
Jesses were my heart-strings, 109
Jest and the riddle of the world, 179
Jest and youthful jollity, 148

Jest be laughable, 39

Jest, his whole wit in a, 119
Jest, scornful, 219

Jests, indebted to his memory, 258
Jest's prosperity, 39
Jew, an Ebrew, 57

Jew, hath not a, eyes, 41

Jew, I thank thee, 42

Jew that Shakspere drew, 199

Jewel, a precious, in his head, 43
Jewel in an Ethiop's ear, 78
Jewel of the just, 151

Jewel of their souls, 108

Jewels five words long, 334

Jews might kiss and infidels adore,


Jocund day, 80

John, print it, some said, 163
Joint, the time is out of, 96

Joke, dulness, ever loves a, 194
Jollity, tipsy dance and, 144
Jolly place in times of old, 271
Jonson's learned sock, 149
Jot, nor bate a, 150

Journeys end in lovers' meeting, 51
Jove laughs at lovers' perjuries, 79,

Jove, like a painted, 160
Jove, the front of, 102
Joy be unconfined, 309
Joy for ever, 325
Joy, heartfelt, 181
Joy rises in me, 285
Joy, snatch a fearful, 225
Joy, the luminous cloud, 285
Joy, the oil of, II

Joy, turns at the touch of, 252
Joy which warriors feel, 296
Joyful school days, 281
Joyous prime, 24
Joys departed, 205
Joys faded like the dew, 288
Joys flow from ourselves, 232
Joys we dote upon, 166
Judean, like the base, III
Judge among fools, 248
Judge not by appearance, 17
Judges, fool with, 248

Judges the sentence sign, 189
Judgment falls upon a man, 358

Judgment hoodwinked, 248
Judgments as our watches, 185
Judicious drank, 195
Judicious grieve, 100

Julius, ere fell the mightiest, 91
June, day in, 344

June, leafy month of, 282
June, seek ice in, 317
Juno's eyes, lids of, 49

Jury guiltier than him they try, 30
Jurymen may dine, 189
Just are the ways of God, 144
Just as the twig is bent, 183
Just hint a fault, 191

Just knows, and no more, 249
Justice, this even-handed, 83
Justice, unwhipped of, 75

KATERFELTO, with hair on end, 246
Keep one parent from the sky, 191
Keeper, am I my brother's, I
Key that opes the palace of eter-
nity, 144

Kick against the pricks, 18

Kick may kill a sound divine, 250
Kick where honour's lodged, 155
Kid, leopard lie down with the, 10
Kidney, man of my, 29
Kin, a little more than, 91
Kin, makes the whole world, 69
Kin, prohibited degrees of, 156
Kind, fellow-feeling makes
wondrous, 225

Kindle soft desire, 157

Kindness, milk of human, 82
King, anointed, 55

King, every inch a, 76


[blocks in formation]

Kisses bring again, 32
Kisses, remembered, 334
Kitchen bred, 319
Kith nor kin, 241

Kitten, rather be a, 58
Knave, how absolute the, 104
Knaves, untaught, 56

Knee, crook the hinges of the, 100
Knell, overpowering, 321

Knell rung by fairy hands, 231
Knell that summons thee, 84

Knell, the shroud, 208
Knew what's what, 152
Knife, war to the, 307

Knight, can make a belted, 263
Knight's bones are dust, 284
Knock, and it shall be opened, 14
Knock as you please, 198
Knock at my ribs, 82

Knotted and combined locks, 94
Know her was to love her, 331
Know then thyself, 178
Know ye the land, 313
Knowledge, according to, 18
Knowledge is, ourselves to know,

Knowledge is power, 353
Knowledge is proud, 248
Known, to be for ever, 127

LABOUR and intent study, 356
Labour, ease and alternate, 215
Labour for my travel, 69
Labour of love, 21

Labour we delight in, 85

Labour, youth of, 235
Laboured nothings, 186

Labourer worthy of his reward, 21
Labourers are few, 14

Lack of wit, 96

Ladies be but young and fair, 45
Ladies intellectual, 319

Ladies whose eyes rain influence,

[blocks in formation]
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[blocks in formation]

is their own, 340

Land, what heaven hath done for
this, 307

Landscape tire the view, 217
Language, nature's end of, 210
Language, that those lips had, 250
Language under the tropic, 129
Languages, feast of, 39
Lap it in Elysium, 145

Lap me in soft Lydian airs, 149
Lapland night, lovely as a, 273
Lards the lean earth, 56
Large streams from little fountains
flow, 267

Lark at heaven's gate sings, 74
Lass, drink to the, 257

Lasses, then she made the, 262
Last at His cross, 348
Last link is broken, 349
Last, not least, in love, 71
Last of all the Romans, 73
Last rose of summer, 301

Last to lay the old aside, 186

Late, choosing and beginning, 142
Late, known too, 78
Later star of dawn, 269
Latin no more difficile, 152
Laugh a siege to scorn, 89
Laugh of the vacant mind, 235
Laugh that win, 110

Laugh, the world's dread, 216
Laugh thee to scorn, 13
Laugh where we must, 176
Laugh, who but must, 191
Laughing soil, 305

Laughter, holding both his sides,

Lavinia, she is, 77

Law and testimony, ro

Law, love is the fulfilling of, 19
Law, nothing is, that is not reason,

Law, old father antic the, 55
Law, rich men rule the, 234
Law, seat of, is the bosom of God,


Law, seven hours to, 255
Law, sovereign, sits empress, 255
Law which moulds a tear, 331
Law, windy side of the, 52
Lawful to do with mine own, 15

Laws grind the poor, 234
Laws of servitude, 160
Laws or kings can cure, 220
Lay, go forth my simple, 254
Lay me down to sleep, 386
Lay on, Macduff, 90
Leads to bewilder, 242
Leaf, fade as a, II
Leaf of pity writ, 81

Leaf, sear and yellow, 89

Lean fellow beats all conquerors,


Leap, look before you, 155
Leaps the live thunder, 309
Learn of the nautilus, 180
Learned dust, 245
Learned lumber, 188
Learned reflect, 188

Learning adjunct to ourself, 38
Learning, inflamed with, 356
Learning, little, dangerous, 186
Learning, whence is thy, 201
Learning wiser without books, 247
Least of two evils, 168, 389
Leather or prunello, 181
Leave her to heaven, 95
Leave no stone unturned, 375
Leave, often took, 168

Leaves have their time to fall, 324
Leer, assent with civil, 191
Left free the human will, 196
Legion, my name is, 16

Legs of time, 344

Leisure, retired, 148

Lemonade and black eyes, 304

Leopard change his spots, 12
Less, beautifully, 169
Less Greek, 119

Less than archangel, 133

Let, dearly, or let alone, 121
Let dogs delight, 212
Let Newton be, 193

Let observation survey, 218

Let others hail the sun, 225

Let the toast pass, 257
Let those love now, 200

Let those who always loved, 200
Let us do or die, 262
Lethe wharf, 95

Letters Cadmus gave, 321
Lexicon of youth, 332

Liar of the first magnitude, 175
Liberal education to love her, 361
Libertine, the air a chartered, 62
Liberty and union, 370
Life but an empty dream, 341
Liberty, crimes in the name of, 368
Liberty, withal, I must have, 45
Liberty or death, give me, 366
Liberty's unclouded blaze, 341

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