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Gath, tell it not in, 2
Gather up the fragments, 17
Gather ye rosebuds, 124
Gathered every vice, 195
Gatherer and disposer, 117
Gay, and innocent as gay, 207
Gay gilded scenes, 171
Gay Lothario, 176
Gazelle, a dear, 299
Gem of ray serene, 229
Gem of the sea, 302
Generalities of natural right, 372
Genius which can perish, 317
Gentle dulness, 194
Gentle, scan your brother, 260
Gentle, yet not dull, 126
Gentleman and scholar, 261
Gentleman, first true, 127
Gentleman, the prince of darkness

is a, 76
Gentleman, who was then the, 386
Gentlemen who wrote with ease,

Geography, despite of, 154
Geographers in Afric maps, 174
George, if his name be, 52
Get money, boy, 119
Get place and wealth, 119
Get thee behind me, 15
Ghost, like an ill-used, 205
Ghost, there needs no, 96
Ghost, vex not his, 77
Giant dies, fling but a stone, 213
Giant, as when a, dies, 31
Giants in the earth, I
Giant's strength, excellent, 31
Gibbets, unloaded the, 58
Gibes, where be your, 104
Gift for my fair, 223
Giftie gie us, o wad some power

the, 260
Gift horse in the mouth, 389
Gift of fortune, 34
Gild, refined gold, 54
Gilead, is there no balm in, 12
Gilpin, long live he, 250
Ginger hot in the mouth, 51
Girdle round about the earth, 36
Girls, again be courted, 240
Give every man thy ear, 93
Give it an understanding, 92
Give me a look, 118
Give me an ounce of civet, 76
Give me but what this ribbon

bound, 129
Give neither poverty nor riches, 8
Give sorrow words, 88
Give the devil his due, 56
Give thy thoughts no tongue, 93
Glare, maidens caught by, 307

Glare of false science, 242
Glass darkly, through a, 20
Glass of fashion, 99
Glass wherein the youth, 60
Glimpses of the moon, 94
Glory, alone with, 326
Glory and shame, 21
Glory and vain pomp, 67
Glory dies not, 266
Glory obscured, 133
Glory of an April day, 27
Glory, peep into, 151
Glory, rush to, 289
Glory, set the stars of, 323
Glory, the paths of, 228
Glory, track the steps of, 317
Glory, trailing clouds of, 276
Glory waits, 300
Glory, walked in, 271
Glory's morning gate, 337
Glove, O that I were a, 78
Glow-worm, lend thee, 124
Glow-worm's unessectual fire, 95
Gnat, strain at a, 16
Go and do thou likewise, 16
Go, call a coach, 204
Go his halves, 359
Go, poor devil, 363
Go, soul, the body's guest, 115
God all mercy, 208
God alone in heaven, 316
God Almighty's gentlemen, 159
God and mammon, 14
God, had I but served my, 68
God helps them that help them-

selves, 360
God, just are the ways of, 144
God made the country, 244
God made this world so fair, 287
God moves in a mysterious way

God of my idolatry, 79
God or devil, 159
God save the king, 204
God tempers the wind, 363
God the Father, God the Son, 212
God the first garden made, 128
God, the noblest work of, 181
God-giving strength, 293
Godlike reason, 103
Godliness, cheerful, 270
Gods, how he will talk, 165
God's providence estranged, 328
Gold, all is not, that doth golden

seem, 388
Gold, all that glisters is not, 383
Gold, apples of, 8
Gold, bright and yellow, 330
Gold, gild refined, 54
Golden bowl, so

Golden opinions, 84
Golden sorrow, 67
Golden story, 77
Good, all things work together for,

Good as she was fair, 331
Good, better made by ill, 332
Good by stealth, 193
Good die first, 277.
Good for us to be here, 15
Good, hold fast that which is, 21
Good in everything, 44
Good, luxury of doing, 233
Good men and true, 34
Good men do interred with their

bones, 72
Good news bates, 144
Good night to all, to each, 295
Good, noble to be, 335
Good old age, i
Good old rule, 270
Good, pleasure, ease, 180
Good sense, gift of heaven, 185
Good set terms, 44
Good, some fieeting, 233
Good the gods provide thee, 157
Good the more communicated, 140
Good wine needs no bush, 48
Goodly sight to see, 307
Good-man dull, 38
Good name better than ointment,

Good name in man, 108
Goodness in things evil, 63
Goodness lead him not, 122
Goodness never fearful, 32
Goose-pen, write with a, 52
Gorgons and Hydras, 137
Gory locks, 86
Government, forms of, 180
Government founded on compro-

mise, 366
Gowns, fellow with two, 35
Grace beyond the reach of art, 185
Grace, half so good a, 30
Grace, purity of, 314,
Grace seated on this brow, 102
Grace, sweet and attractive, 25, 138
Grace that won, 161
Grace, the melody of every, 125
Grace, the power of, 288
Grace was in all her steps, 141
Graceless zealots, 180
Grandam, soul of our, 52
Grandmother Eve, 37
Grandsire cut in alabaster, 40
Grandsire phrase, 78
Grandsire skilled in gestic lore, 234
Grapes, have eaten sour, 12
Grapple with hooks of steel, 93

Grass, all flesh is, II
Grass, two blades grow, 175
Grasshopper shall be a burden, so
Gratitude, still small voice of, 228
Gratulations flow in streams un-

bounded, 204
Grave, botanize upon, 275
Grave, dread thing, 205
Grave, earliest at his, 348
Grave, glory leads but to the, 228
Grave, glory or the, 289
Grave, hungry as the, 216
Grave, laid low in my, 53
Grave, Lucy is in her, 269
Grave, thou art gone to the, 306
Grave to gay, 182
Grave, where is thy victory, 20,

Grave where Laura lay, 115
Grave, with sorrow to the, i
Graves are pilgrim-shrines, 340
Graves, dishonourable, 70
Graves stood tenantless, 91
Gray hairs with sorrow, 1.
Gray mare the better horse, 388
Great, far above the, 227
Great in villany, 53
Great is truth, 13
Great lord of all things, 179
Great, none unhappy but the, 210
Great, some are born, 52
Great'thoughts, 327
Great vulgar, 128
Great wits jump, 388
Greatness, and goodness, not

means, 285
Greatness, farewell to all my, 67
Greatness, some achieve, 52
Greece, and fulmined over, 143
Greece, beauties of exulting, 216
Greece, but living Greece, 312
Greece, isles of, 320
Grecian chisel trace, 295
Greek, naturally as pigs squeak, 152
Greek, small Latin, and less, 119
Greek to me, it was, 70
Greeks, when Greeks joined, 166
Green bay tree, 5
Green be the turf, 340
Green old age, 161
Green pastures, 5
Greenland's icy mountains, 306
Greeting, where no kindness is, 272
Grew like a double cherry, 36
Greyhounds in the slips, 62
Grief, a plague of sighing and, 57
Grief, every one can master a, 34
Grief of my absent child, 53
Grief, of my distracting, 232
Grief, or give his father, 198

afraid, 329

Grief, in a glistering, 67,
Grief that does not speak, 88
Griefs, some are med'cinable, 74
Griefs' that harass the distressed,

Grieve his heart, 88
Grim-visaged war, 65
Grind the faces of the poor, 10
Grinned horrible, 137
Groan, anguish poured his, 220
Groan, the knell, the pall, 340
Groans, thy old, ring yet, 79
Ground, on classic, 171
Ground, haunted, holy, 308
Groves, God's first temples, 338
Grow wiser and better, 166
Growth, grows with his, 179
Growth of mother earth, 273
Grudge, ancient, 40
Grundy, what will Mrs., say, 266
Guardian-angel presiding, 330
Gude time coming, 297
Gudgeons catched, 155
Guest, speed the going, 192
Guest, speed the parting, 199
Guide, philosopher, and friend, 182
Guides, blind, 16
Guinea, helps the hurt, 333
Guinea, within the compass of a, 374
Gulf profound, 136
Guns, these vile, 56
Gypsies stealing children, 257
Habit, costly thy, 93
Habit, use doth breed, 28
Habitation, a local, 37
Habits, small, 254
Had we never loved, 263
Half our knowledge we snatch, 183
Hail, Columbia, 267
Hail, holy light, 137
Hail, horrors, hails, 132
Hail to the chief, 296
Hail, wedded love, 139,
Hair, beauty draws with a, 189
Hair, distinguish and divide, 152
Hair, ninth part of a, 58
Hair to stand on end, 94
Hair-breadth 'scapes, 106
Hairs in amber, 190
Hairs of your head numbered, 14
Hal, no more of that, 57
Half better than the whole, 375
Halt between two opinions, 3
Halter draw, 256
Halter now fitted, 168
Hamlet, at the close of the day, 242
Hamlet, forefathers of the, 228
Hammers closing rivets, 63, 173
Hand against every man, I

Hand beckons me away, 200
Hand, can hold a fire in his, 54
Hand, cloud like a man's, 3
Hand, findeth to do, do it, 9
Hand in hand through life, 232
Hand, in his lifted, 160
Hand, leans her cheek upon, 78
Hand, open as day, 61
Hand, unlineal, 86
Handle not, taste not, 21
Handel's but a ninny, 202
Hands, folding of, 6
Hands promiscuously applied, 318
Hands, shake, with a king, 340
Hand's that rounded Peter's Come,

Hang a calf skin, 53
Hang a doubt on, 110
Hang out our banners, 89
Happier than I know, 141
Happiness born a twin, 320
Happiness, if we prize, 232
Happiness our being's end, 180
Happiness, that makes the heart
Happiness through another's

Happiness too swiftly flies, 226
Happiness, virtue alone is, 182
Happy if I could say how much, 33
Happy soul, 126
Happy the man, 162
Harbingers to heaven, 129
Hard crab-tree, 153
Hark from the tombs, 213
Hark! hark! the lark, 74
Harmony in her eye, 125
Harmony in souls, 42
Harmony of the universe, 365
Harmony, soul of, 150
Harness, dead in his, 13
Harness, girdeth on his, 3
Harness on our back, go
Haroun, Alraschid, 335
Harp of a thousand strings, 213
Harp of Orpheus, 356
Harp on Tara's walls, 300
Harping on my daughter, 96
Harps upon the willows, 6
Harrow up thy soul, 94
Hart ungalled play, 101
Harvest of a quiet eye, 275
Harvest truly is plenteous, 14
Hast any philosophy in thee, 46
Haste thee, nymph, 148
Hasten to be drunk, 160
Hat not the worse for wear, 250
Hate in the extreme, 199
Hated, needs but to be seen, 179
Hated with a hate, 321

Hater, a good, 221
Hating David, 159
Hatred, love turned to, 175
Haughtiness of soul, 170
Haughty spirit before a fall, 7
Haunt, exempt from public, 44
Haunts in dale, 285
Havoc, cry, 7:
Hawk from a hand-saw, 197
Hazard of the die, 67
He best can paint, 196
He comes too near, 202
He fears his fate, 130
He gave to misery, 230
He is paid that is satisfied, 42
He jests at scars, 78
He knew what's what, 152
He lives to build, 173
He may run that readeth, 12
He mourns the dead, 206
He prayeth well, 282
He raised a mortal, 157
He that complies, 156
He that doth the ravens feed, 44
He that has light, 145
He that hath ears, 16
He that hides a dark soul, 145
He that is down, 153
He that is not with me, 17
He that is robbed, 110
He that loves a rosy cheek, 120
He that runs may read, 248
He that will his health deny, 387
He that would not when he might,

He thought as a sage, 242
He who fights, 384
Head and front of, 106
Head, a useful lesson to the, 247
Head, hairs of your, 14
Head, native to the heart, 91
Head, off with his, 173
Head, one small, 236
Head, plays round the, 181
Head, repairs his drooping, 147
Head to be let unfurnished, 152
Head, the hoary, 7
Head, uneasy lies the, 61
Heads, hide their diminished, 138
Heads, houseless, 75
Heads, sometimes so little, 358
Health and competence, 180
Heap of dust, 198
Heard melodies, 325
Hearse, this salle, 118
Heart, an arrow for the, 322
Heart and lute, 304
Heart, as he thinketh in his, 7
Heart a transport know, 222
Heart awake to flowers, 300

Heart, a weed's plain, 345
Heart be not troubled, 18
Heart, comes not to the, 181
Heart distrusting asks, 236
Heart, felt along the, 272
Heart give lesson to the head, 247
Heart, heart of, 100
Heart in my hand, 26
Heart knoweth his own bitterness,

Heart, man after his own, 2
Heart, merry, goes all the day, 49
Heart, more native to, 91
Heart, music in my, 269
Heart, naked human, 208
Heart, never melt into his, 273
Heart of a maiden, 302
Heart on and up, 327
Heart on her lips, 315
Heart, of the abundance of, 14
Heart, o'erfraught, 88
Heart, ruddy drops of my sad, 71
Heart sick by hope deferred, 7
Heart, tale to many a feeling, 284
Heart, untainted, 64
Heart upon my sleeve, 105
Heart, untravelled turns to thee,

Heart which others bleed for, 175
Heart would fain deny, 89
Heart-ache, to say we end the, 98
Heartfelt joy, 181
Hearth, cricket on the, 148
Hearts, that human, endure, 220
Hearts beat high, 340
Hearts dry as summer dust, 277
Hearts in love

use their
tongues, 33
Hearts lie withered, 301
Hearts pour a thousand melodies,

Hearts, steal away your, 72
Hearts, to live in, 280
Heart-strings, were my dear, 109
Heath, foot is on my native,, 297
Heaven all tranquillity, 299
Heaven around us, 300
Heaven, before high, 31
Heaven, beholding, 299
Heaven, blessed part to, 68
Heaven commences, 235
Heaven doth with us, 29
Heaven drowsy, 38
Heaven, eye of, 54
Heaven first taught letters, 195
Heaven, floor of, 42
Heaven further off, 329
Heaven, gentle rain from, 41
Heaven, God seen in, 316
Heaven has no rage, 175


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Heaven hath a summer's day, 126 Here nor there, III
Heaven in her eye, 141

Hereditary bondsmen, 308
Heaven invites, 207.

Here's to the maiden, 257
Heaven, kindred points of, 273 Heritage of woe, 318
Heaven lies about us, 276

Hermit, man the, 288
Heaven, nothing true but, 304 Hero, conquering comes, 166
Heaven of hell, 132

Hero perish or sparrow fall, 177
Heaven points out an hereaster, 170 Hero to his valet, 380
Heaven sends us good meat, 225 Herod, out-herods, 100
Heaven, smells to, 102

Hey-day in the blood, 102
Heaven, so much of, 271

Hidden soul of harmony, 150
Heaven, spires point to, 278

Hide their diminished heads, 138
Heaven, the serene of, 280

High life furnishes high characters,
Heaven, to be young was, 280

Heaven tries our virtues, 218 High on a throne of royal, 134
Heaven not heaven, 123

High over-arched, 132, 142
Heaven, winds of, 92

Highly, what thou wouldst, 83
Heaven-directed, 183

Hill, a cot beside the, 331
Heavenly days, 270

Hills, heart beats strong amid, 327
Heavenly eloquence, 159

Hills, o'er the, and far away, 201
Heavenly hope, 306

Hills peep o'er hills, 186
Heavens blaze forth the death of Him of the western dome, 159
princes, 71

Hind mated with the lion, 49
Heaven's hand, argue not against, Hinderance and a help, 269

Hinges, pregnant, of the knee, 100
Heavens, hung be the, 64

Hint, upon this, I spake, 107
Heaven's pavement, 133,

Hip, I have thee on the, 42
Hebrew in the dying light, 337

His faithful dog, 177
Heed, lest he fall, 19

His life can't be wrong, 180
Heel of the courtier, 104

His time is for ever, 128
Height of this great argument, 131

Histories make men wise, 353
Heir of all the ages, 333

History is philosophy teaching by
Heir of fame, 150

examples, 360
Heir to, that flesh is, 98

History, or by tale, 35
Heirs unknown, 183,

History read in a nation's eyes, 229
Helen's beauty in a brow of Egypt, History, this strange, eventful, 46

Hit, a very palpable, 185
Hell, and feeling, 299

Hitches in a rhyme, 192
Hell, better to serve in, 132

Hitherto shalt thou come, 4
Hell' breathes contagion, 101

Hoard of maxims preaching, 333
Hell broke loose, 139

Hoarse rough verse, 187
Hell I suffer seems a heaven, 138 Hobson's choice, 379
Hell is paved with good intentions, Hog in Epicurus' sty, 332

Hold a candle, 202
Hell it is in suing long to bide, 25 Hole, Cæsar might stop a, 104
Hell, making earth a, 307

Holiday-rejoicing spirit, 282
Hell of witchcraft, 112

Holily, what thou would'st, 83
Hell, no fury like a woman scorned, Holy haunted ground, 308

Holy text she strews, 229
Hell of waters, 310

Holy writ, stolen from, 66
Hell, riches grow in, 134

Homage vice pays to virtue, 360
Hell, terrible as, 137

Home, best country is at, 233
Hell, the fear o', 260

Home is on the deep, 290
Hell threatens, 207

Home, man goeth to his long, 9
Hell, to ears polite, 185

Home, no place like, 327
Hell's concave, 133

Home of the brave, 345,
Henpecked you all, 319

Home, out of house and, 60
Hercules, than I to, 92

Home, sweet home, 327
Here in the body pent, 287

Home to men's bosoms, 353
Here lies our sovereign, 164

Home-bound fancy, 335


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