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Farewell, neighing steed, 110
Farewell, that fatal word, 315
Farewell the plumed troop, 110
Farewell the tranquil mind, 110
Farewell to all my greatness, 67
Farewells to the dying, 342
Farewell, word that must be, 312
Farmers embattled stood, 339
Fascination of a name, 248
Fashion, glass of, 99
Fashion of this world, 19

Fashion wears out more apparel,


Fasting, for a good man's love, 47
Fat, men that are, 70

Fat oxen, who drive, 221
Fat weed, 95

Fatal bellman, 84

Fate, down the torrent of, 219
Fate, fixed, 136

Fate, he either fears his, 130
Fate, in the storms of, 198

Fate seemed to wind him up, 161
Fate, take a bond of, 87
Father antic, 55

Father of all! in every age, 196
Father, no more like my, 92

Fattest hog in Epicurus' sty, 332
Fault, condemn the, 30
Fault, excusing a, 54

Fault, he that does one, 213
Fault not in our stars, 70
Fault, seeming monstrous, 47

Faults, be to her, a little blind, 168
Faults, men moulded out of, 32
Faults, vile ill-favoured, 29
Faults, with all thy, 244
Favourite has no friend, a, 230
Favourite, to be a prodigal's, 276
Fawne and crowche, 25

Fawning, thrift may follow, 100
Fear o' hell, 260

Fear, perfect love casteth out, 22
Fear, with hope farewell, 138
Fear to live alone, 347

Fearfully and wonderfully made, 6
Fears make us traitors, 88
Fears, our hopes belied our, 328
Fears, saucy doubts and, 86
Feast, bare imagination of a, 54
Feast of languages, 39

Feast of nectared sweets, 146
Feast of reason, 192
Feasting presence, 80
Feather, a wit's a, 181

Feather, of his own, espied, 129
Feather, to waft a, 206
Feeble, forcible, 61
Feed on hope, 25

Feel, must feel themselves, 242

Feelings, great, came to them, 327
Feelings to mortal given, 296
Feels at each thread, 177
Feels, meanest thing that, 271
Feet beneath her petticoat, 123
Feet like snails did creep, 124
Feet nailed on the bitter cross, 55
Feet to the foe, 290
Feet to the lame, 4
Feet, with reluctant, 342
Felicity, our own we make, 220
Fell, do not love thee, Dr., 167
Fell like autumn fruit, 161
Fell purpose, 83

Fellow-feeling makes us kind, 225
Fellow of infinite jest, 104

Fellow that hath had losses, 35
Fellow that hath two gowns, 35
Fellow with the best king, 63
Female errors fall, 188

Female, one, lost, the devil half
the kind, 162

Fence, cunning in, 52
Fens, bogs, dens, 137

Ferdinand Mentez Pinto, 175
Fever, after life's fitful, 86
Few are chosen, 15

Few in the extreme, 179

Few know their own good, 162
Fibs, ask me no questions and I'll
tell no, 239

Fickle as a dream, 296
Fico for the phrase, 28
Fiction, fairy, drest, 228
Fiction, stranger than, 322
Fie, foh, and fum, 76
Field be lost, though the, 131
Field, lilies of the, 14
Fields, a' babbled of green, 62
Fields, farewell happy, 132
Fields were won, 235
Fiend angelical, 80
Fierce as ten furies, 137
Fierce democraty, 143

Fiery soul working its way, 158
Fife, ear-piercing, 110
Fife, wry-necked, 41
Fight, fought a good, 21
Fights and runs away, 384
Figure for the time of scorn, III
Figure, the thing we like we, 335
Filthy lucre, 21

Final hope, flat despair, 135
Fine by defect, 183
Fine by degrees, 169

Finger, slow and moving, 11I
Fingers rude, 146
Fire answers fire, 62

Fire bad as three removes, 361
Fire, kindled by a little, 22

Fire in each eye, 189
Fire, one, burns out another's, 77
Fire, pale his uneffectual, 95
Fire, while I was musing the, 5
Fires of ruin glow, 288
Fires, their wonted, 229.
Firmament, no fellow in the, 71
Firmament, o'erhanging, 97
Firmament, the spacious, 171
Fit audience, though few, 141
Fits, 't was sad by, 231
Fixed like a plant, 179
Flag of the free heart, 325
Flame, adding fuel to the, 144
Flanders received our yoke, 129
Flanders, our armies swore terribly
in, 363

Flashes of merriment, 104
Flat and unprofitable, 91
Flat burglary, 34

Flatterers, besieged by, 191
Flatterers, he hates, 71
Flattering unction, 103
Flattery on poet's ear, 292
Flea on a lion's lip, 62

Flea, so naturalists observe a, 174
Fleeting good, 233

Flesh, all, is grass, II

Flesh and blood can't bear it, 203
Flesh, how art thou fishified, 79
Flesh is heir to,

Flesh is weak, spirit willing, 16
Flesh, this too, too solid, 91
Flesh will quiver, 211
Flies of estate, 122
Flight of ages, 289
Flight of future days, 135
Flighty purpose, 88
Fling away ambition, 68
Fling but a stone, 213
Flint, snore upon the, 74

Flint, wear out the everlasting, 79
Floating bulwark, 362
Floods, bathe in fiery, 31
Flow like thee, 126
Flow of soul, 192

Flower, full many a, 229
Flower, man a, 219

Flower offered in the bud, 212
Floweret of the vale, 230
Flowers, to feed on, 25

Flowing cups, 125

Flowre or herbe, no daintie, 24

Flutes, Dorian mood of, 133
Fly not yet, 300
Fly, those that, 156

Fly, to drown a, 206

Foe, unrelenting, to love, 217

Foemen worthy of their steel, 296
Foes, thrice he routed all his, 157

[blocks in formation]


Fools they are who roam, 232

Fools to dusty death, 90
Fools who came to scoff, 235
Foot has music in 't, 253
Foot more light, 295

Foot of time, noiseless, 50, 291
Foot on my native heath, 297
Foot, O, so light a, 79

Footprints on the sands, 342
Forbearance ceases to be a virtue,

Force of nature, 163

Force, who overcomes by, 133
Forcible feeble, 61

Foredoes, or makes me, 111

Forefinger of all time, 334
Foregone conclusion, 110
Forehead of the morning sky, 147
Foremost man, 73

For ever fortune wilt thou prove,


Forgetfulness, steep my senses in,


Forgive, to, is divine, 187

Forgiveness to the injured does
belong, 161
Forked radish, 61
Form, mould of, 99

Forms of government let fools con-
test, 180

Forms of things unknown, 37
Fortune, gift of, to be well-favoured,


Fortune, leads on to, 73

Fortune with threatening eye, 54
Fortune, railed on lady, 44
Fortunes, pride fell with, 43
Fortune's buffets, 100
Fortune's cap, 97.

Fortune's champion, 53
Fortune's ice, 158

Fortune's power, not now in, 153
Forty parson power, 322
Forty pounds a year, 235
Fought his battles o'er again, 157
Found out a gift for my fair, 223
Fountain troubled, 49
Four champions fierce, 137
Fowl, tame villatic, 144
Foxes have holes, 14
Foxes that spoil the vines, 10
Fragments, gather up the, 17
Frailty, thy name is woman, 92
Framed to make woman false, 107
France, order this better in, 363
Free as nature first made man,

Free livers on a small scale, 374
Free, those who would be, 308
Freedom from her mountain height,


Freedom has a thousand charms,

Freedom shrieked as Kosciusko
fell, 288

Freedom to worship God, 324
Freedom's banner, 324.

Freedom's battle once begun, 312
Freedom's soil, 324

Freeman, whom the truth makes

free, 247
Freeman's vote, 343
Freewill, foreknowledge, 136
Freeze thy young blood, 94
Frenchman, the brilliant, 249
Frenchman's darling, 247
Fresh woods and pastures, 147
Fretted the pigmy body, 158
Friend after friend departs, 287
Friend, house to lodge a, 174
Friend, knolling a departing, 60
Friend, save me from my, 267
Friend, sticketh closer than a, 7
Friend, who hath not lost a, 287

Friend, a favourite has no, 230
Friends and their adoption tried,


Friends, backing of your, 57

Friends, her dear five hundred, 245
Friend's infirmities, 73

Friends, not on my list of, 248
Friends out of sight, 347

Friends, three firm, 285
Friendship but a name, 238

Friendship, cement of the soul, 205
Friendship, constant, save in love
affairs, 33

Friendship ne'er knew joy, 198
Frog, thus use your, 255
Frolics, a youth of, 184
Front, his fair large, 138
Front o' battle lour, 262
Frost, a killing, 67
Frosty but kindly, 44
Frosty Caucasus, 54
Frown at pleasure, 209
Fruit, known by his, 14
Fruit of sense, 186

Fruit of that forbidden tree, 130
Fruit that mellowed long, 161
Fruit, the ripest, first falls, 55
Fruitless crown, 86
Fuel to the flame, 144
Full fathom five, 26
Full many a flower, 229
Full many a gem, 229
Full of wise saws, 46
Full of strange oaths, 46
Full resounding line, 193
Full, without o'erflowing, 126
Fulmined over Greece, 143
Fun grew fast and furious, 259
Funeral baked meats, 92
Fury, abhorred shears of, 147
Fury, filled with, 231
Fury, full of sound and, 90
Fury of a patient man, 159
Fust in us unused, 103
Fustian so sublimely bad, 190

GAIN, to die is, 21

Gale, note that swells the, 230
Galileo with his woes, 310
Gall enough in thy ink, 52
Gallantry with politics, 258
Galled jade, 101

Gallery critics, 245
Galligaskins long withstood, 222
Galls his kibe, 104

Garden and greenhouse too, 246
Garish sun, 80

Garland and singing robes, 355
Garret, born in a, 319
Garter, host of the, 28

[blocks in formation]


Geography, despite of, 154
Geographers in Afric maps, 174
George, if his name be, 52
Get money, boy, 119
Get place and wealth, 119
Get thee behind me, 15
Ghost, like an ill-used, 205
Ghost, there needs no, 96
Ghost, vex not his, 77

Giant dies, fling but a stone, 213
Giant, as when a, dies, 31
Giants in the earth, 1

Giant's strength, excellent, 31
Gibbets, unloaded the, 58
Gibes, where be your, 104
Gift for my fair, 223

Giftie gie us, O wad some power
the, 260

Gift horse in the mouth, 389
Gift of fortune, 34
Gild, refined gold, 54.
Gilead, is there no balm in, 12
Gilpin, long live he, 250
Ginger hot in the mouth, 51
Girdle round about the earth, 36
Girls, again be courted, 240
Give every man thy ear, 93
Give it an understanding, 92
Give me a look, 118

Give me an ounce of civet, 76
Give me but what this ribbon
bound, 129

Give neither poverty nor riches, 8
Give sorrow words, 88
Give the devil his due, 56

Give thy thoughts no tongue, 93
Glare, maidens caught by, 307

Glare of false science, 242
Glass darkly, through a, 20
Glass of fashion, 99
Glass wherein the youth, 60
Glimpses of the moon, 94
Glory, alone with, 326
Glory and shame, 21
Glory and vain pomp, 67
Glory dies not, 266
Glory obscured, 133
Glory of an April day, 27
Glory, peep into, 151
Glory, rush to, 289
Glory, set the stars of, 323
Glory, the paths of, 228
Glory, track the steps of, 317
Glory, trailing clouds of, 276
Glory waits, 300
Glory, walked in, 271
Glory's morning gate, 337
Glove, O that I were a, 78
Glow-worm, lend thee, 124
Glow-worm's uneffectual fire, 95
Gnat, strain at a, 16

Go and do thou likewise, 16
Go, call a coach, 204
Go his halves, 350

Go, poor devil, 363

Go, soul, the body's guest, 115

God all mercy, 208

God alone in heaven, 316

God Almighty's gentlemen, 159
God and mammon, 14

God, had I but served my, 68
God helps them that help them-
selves, 360

God, just are the ways of, 144
God made the country, 244
God made this world so fair, 287
God moves in a mysterious way


God of my idolatry, 79
God or devil, 159
God save the king, 204
God tempers the wind, 363

God the Father, God the Son, 212
God the first garden made, 128
God, the noblest work of, 181
God-giving strength, 293
Godlike reason, 103
Godliness, cheerful, 270
Gods, how he will talk, 165

God's providence estranged, 328

Gold, all is not, that doth golden
seem, 388

Gold, all that glisters is not, 383
Gold, apples of, 8

Gold, bright and yellow, 330
Gold, gild refined, 54
Golden bowl, 10

[blocks in formation]

Good as she was fair, 331

Good, better made by ill, 332
Good by stealth, 193
Good die first, 277.

Good for us to be here, 15

Good, hold fast that which is, 21
Good in everything, 44
Good, luxury of doing, 233
Good men and true, 34

Good men do interred with their
bones, 72

Good news bates, 144

Good night to all, to each, 295
Good, noble to be, 335
Good old age, I

Good old rule, 270

Good, pleasure, ease, 180

Good sense, gift of heaven, 185
Good set terms, 44
Good, some fleeting, 233
Good the gods provide thee, 157

Good the more communicated, 140
Good wine needs no bush, 48
Goodly sight to see, 307
Good-man dull, 38

Good name better than ointment,


Good name in man, 108

Goodness in things evil, 63

Goodness lead him not, 122
Goodness never fearful, 32
Goose-pen, write with a, 52
Gorgons and Hydras, 137
Gory locks, 86

Government, forms of, 180

Government founded on compro-
mise, 366

Gowns, fellow with two, 35

Grace beyond the reach of art, 185
Grace, half so good a, 30
Grace, purity of, 314

Grace seated on this brow, 102

Grace, sweet and attractive, 25, 138
Grace that won, 161

Grace, the melody of every, 125
Grace, the power of, 288

Grace was in all her steps, 141
Graceless zealots, 180
Grandam, soul of our, 52

Grandmother Eve, 37

Grandsire cut in alabaster, 40
Grandsire phrase, 78

Grandsire skilled in gestic lore, 234
Grapes, have eaten sour, 12
Grapple with hooks of steel, 93

Grass, all flesh is, 11

Grass, two blades grow, 175
Grasshopper shall be a burden, ro
Gratitude, still small voice of, 228
Gratulations flow in streams un-
bounded, 204

Grave, botanize upon, 275
Grave, dread thing, 205
Grave, earliest at his, 348
Grave, glory leads but to the, 228
Grave, glory or the, 289
Grave, hungry as the, 216
Grave, laid low in my, 53
Grave, Lucy is in her, 269
Grave, thou art gone to the, 306
Grave to gay, 182

Grave, where is thy victory, 20,

[blocks in formation]

Greatness, farewell to all my, 67

Greatness, some achieve, 52
Greece, and fulmined over, 143


Greece, beauties of exulting, 216
Greece, but living Greece, 312
Greece, isles of, 320

Grecian chisel trace, 295

Greek, naturally as pigs squeak, 152
Greek, small Latin, and less, 119
Greek to me, it was, 70

Greeks, when Greeks joined, 166
Green bay tree, 5
Green be the turf, 340
Green old age, 161
Green pastures, 5

Greenland's icy mountains, 306
Greeting, where no kindness is, 272
Grew like a double cherry, 36
Greyhounds in the slips, 62
Grief, a plague of sighing and, 57
Grief, every one can master a, 34
Grief of my absent child, 53
Grief, of my distracting, 232

Grief, or give his father, 198

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