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truly Christian maxims of piety and mo Berks.-Charles Truss, esq. of Reading, rality which he inculcated, were exempli. At Burghfield, Mrs. Anne Blane, relict fied by the purity of his life. He was a of Archibald Blane, esq. tender husband, a most affectionate fa Cambridgeshire.--At Cambridge, aged ther, a kind master, and a sincere friend. 21, Basıl Anthony, only surviving son of These virtues were in him real; they fou. B. A. Keck, esq. of Leeds, who in a very rished from a root, and that root was short space of time is thus bereft of two Christianity. The loss of him will be loog promising youths, bis only offspring. and deeply felt by his afflicted relatives ; Cheshire.-Aged 80, George Garnet, esg. and one who fir many years experienced of Nantwich. bis paternal affection inserts this humble At Tarven, the wife of Rev. Mr. Older. tribute to his memory, to rescue from ob shaw. }jvion departed worth.

Cumberland.-Near Carlisle, John ClareDec. 29. At Edinburgh, in his 70th son, esq. late of London. year, Edward M.Cormie, esq. advocate, At Kirkandrew-upon-Eden, aged 94, sheriff depute of Ayrshire, and solicitor Mr. Robert Robson. He, and two of his of tithes to his Majesty for Scotland. sisters, who died a few days before him at

Lately In Bolton-street, suddenly, aged the ages of 83 and 86, were born and died 77, Mrs. Mary Black, a maiden lady. She in the same house, all unmarried. Ano. was well kpown in the higher circles, and ther sister, a widow, died at 88, and his in the earlier part of her life was much father lived to 101, admired for her talents as an artist. She Derbyshire.--At Derby, Mr. William was particularly celebrated as a copyist; Brentnall, formerly master of the Talbot and so faithful were her imitations of the Inn, who is supposed to have been the last elder masters, that it required no slight survivor of the Derby Blues, commanded judgment to distinguish them from the by the Duke of Devonshire in 1745. originals. She was patronised by the last At Croxall, aged 57, Thos. Princep, esq. Earl of Godolpbin, whose fine picture by of the true school of English yeomen ; a Teniers, comprising above a hundred Nimrod at field-sports ; a prince, at the figures, she copied with the utmost fide head of his table; and an agriculturist lity and spirit. Finding, however, that who spared neither labour nor expence, she was more likely to acquire indepen. following the suggestions of improvement dence by teaching drawing, than by co and inquiry. His live-stock was, for many pying pictures, she wholiy devoted herself years, among the best in the kingdom. to the latter pursuit, and fully accom Devon.-At his father's (Adm. Dod), plished her purpose, as she was protected at Exeter, Capt. Dod, R. N. by some of the first people in this coun At Plymouth, J.J. Smith, esq. an emitry, who esteemed her for her good sense, nent surgeon. and the propriety of her conduct, as well At Sidmouth, in his 85th year, Wm. as for her skill and taste in the Fine Arts. Long Oxenham, esq. of Newhouse, pos

The wife of Thomas Coutts, esq. ban sessed of very extensive estates in this ker, mother of the Marchioness of Bute, county, which descend to his nephew the Countess of Guildford, and Lady Bur John Ackland, esq. of Fairfield, Somerset. dett.

Al Barnstaple, aged 98, Lieut..colonel In New Ormond-street, aged 70, Mrs. Cockburn. Appleyard, widow of the late Robert A. esq. At Dartmouth, Harriet, only remaining

in Broad-street-buildings, aged 89, child of George Porter, esq; comptroller of Jobn Nuu, esq.

the customs. Aged 59, Phæbe, wife of J. J. Bing, At Colyton, John Sampson, esg, a maesq. of Mansell-street, Goodman's fields. gistrate for the county.

In South-street, aged 19, Miss Sandford Rev. Benedict Pering, of Alphington, Lemon.

rector of the united parishes of St. Mary Dropped down, whilst going to Covent Arches and St. Olave, Exeter. garden Theatre, and instantly expired, At Whitely, near Lifton, aged 72, Lieut.. leaving a wife and large family, Capt. col. Thomas Woolcombe, formerly of the Andrew Signey, of the Hark packet, Lon. 2d foot. don trader.

Dorset. --At Dorchester, the wife of Capt, Ensign Edward Maguire, 6th West-In Cole, 81st regiment, now on duty in Amedia regt, son of the late Charles Maguire, rica. of Cork.

At Blandford, Mrs. Savage, relict of At Chelsea, Honour, wife of Rev. John Francis Savage, esq. of Ireland, aod Rush,

daughter of the late Charles Domvile, esq. At Paddington, John Hardman, esq, Santry-house, Dublin. late of Manchester.

Durham.At Stockton, James Walker, At Chertsey, Mrs. Oliver Young, sister esq. one of the aldarmen of that corpoof Sir Wm. Young, bart.

ration, Gent. Mag. January, 1815.


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Essex.-At Chelmsford, aged 72, Rev. Leicestershire.--At Leicester, aged 70, W. Cooper.

Mr. John Moore, of London. He arrived At Harwich, Capt. Wm. Haggis, a ca with a view, as he said, of ending his days pital burgess, and formerly commander with his two sons and son-in-law, resident of the Argus revenue-cutter, of that port. at Leicester. On leaving the coach he

At Boreham, Thomas Allen, esq. many appeared severely indisposed, and expired years clerk to the magistrates of the divi. in about four hours. Mr. Raikes, of sion of Witham.

Gloucester, has generally been considered Jane Elizabeth, wife of Rev. Thomas as the first person who engaged in the Baines, of Halstead,

praiseworthy undertaking of establishing Gloucestershire. --At Gloucester, in his Sunday-schools, in 1784 : but it is known 84th year, Giles Green-way, esq. one of that Mr. Moore devoted his Sundays to the senior aldermen, and many years the instruction of the poor children of Lei. chamberlain of that corporation.

cester, in reading and writing so far back Aged 61, Mr. B. Villiers, late master as 1778. He had a turn for literature, of Sir Thomas Rich's Blue School Hospi and had devoted his leisure hoars to the tal, Gloucester.

composition of various religious tracts, At Cheltenham, aged 60, the wife of which were found in his trunk in an upMajor Grabham

finished state, and which as it appeared, A Bristol, aged 32, the wife of Lieut. he had made arrangements for revisiog and col. Lomax.

completing in his retirement. Hants.-- At Portsmouth, John Reay, At Ulverscroft Abbey, Cbarnwood Fo. esq. barrack-master w Fort Cumberiand. rest, at an advanced age, “Mrs. Ruby, He was an eminent pattern of unaffected mother of Thomas Roby Burgin, esq. piety and true benevolence.

Lincolnshire. - At Stamford, aged 57, At Portsmouth, Capt. Nash, barrack John Pepper, gent, many years steward ta master.

the late and present maiquis of Exeter. At Clayfield, near Southainpton, Charles Ai Louth, aged 45, Mr. George L'Oste, Mackett, esq.

son of the late Frederick L’Osie, esq. He Urania Catherine Camilla, wife of Rev. had lately returned from a mine-years capHenry Wake, rector of Over Wailop. tivity in France.

At Bursledon, aged 54, John Tyson, Ai Louth, aged 79, Win. Hyde, gent. esq. some years ship-builder at that At Boston, aged 80, Thomas Jarvis, yard, and formerly clerk of the survey at esq. inany years resident at Bicker. Woolwich.

At Gainsborough, aged 30. Joanna, wife At St. Cross, aged 21, Diana, third of Job Campbell Fliut, M. D. of Retford, daughter of Rev. Wm. Rawlins, M.A. rec At theddlethorpe, aged 61, Rev. Thotor of Teversal, Notis,

mas Taylor. Herefordshire. Ai Hereford, Mr. Henry Norfolk.At Norwich, aged 74, Mrs, Jones, solicitor ; who has bequeathed le Elwin, relictifs Thos. Elwin esq. gacies to a considerable amount to cha. Aged 83, Mrs. Hamond, relict of Rev. ritable institutions.

Dr. Hamond, prebendary of Norwich Ca. At Huntington, Mr. John Lund, late of thedral. York, a very ingenious man, who in 1777 At Holt Mr. W. B. Smith, son of the was appointed by a society of gentlemen late and brother of the present rector of to inspect the turnery-manufactories at that place, and partner in ihe firm of Say Nuremberg, in Germany, and on bis re and Smith, Manchester. turn was presented with the freedom of dt Aldborongh, aged 65, John Gay, York.

esq. many years an active magistrate for Kent.-At Canterbury, George Frazer,

the county. esq. paymaster of 20 batt. 9th reg.

At Harleston, aged 76, Harriet, reliot At Rochester, I. Nightingale, esq. col.. of Maurice Dreyer, gent. of London, only lector of the customs.

daughter of Wm. Hale, esq. late of BunAt Biddenham, R. Beale, esq. farmer. gay.

Lancashire. - At Liverpool, Hannah, Northumberland.- At North Shields, Mr. wife of Capt. Simon Mounsdon.

George Brown, a man of considerable At Liverpool, aged 64, Maj. M'Kenzie. literary attaivinents.

Ai Leips c House, near Liverpood, aged Notts.--At Bramcote, dged 85, Samuel 01, W10. Pownall, esq. some years. part Aislable, esq. late agent to Lord Middle, per in a manufacturing house in the pot ton teries.

Salop.At Shrewsbury, aged 53, Va. At Manchester, aged 33, John Close lentine Vickers, <sg. of Cranmere, whose Townsend, esq. eldest son of the late Wm. superior attainments, united with extraorT.esq. of Ardwick-place.

dinary perseverance in business, render Manchester, Caroline Worsley, his death a public loss. youngest daughter of Co!. Silvester.

At Ludlow, in his 75th year, M. Dunne, At Leyland, John Ainsworth, esq: for M. D. of Gately Park, co. Hereford. merly of Prestop, solicitor.


The wife of Rev. J. Gilpin, rector of York. At Leeds, Mr. William Winn, Wrockwardine.

formerly an eminent merchant at Hali. Somerset.--At Bath, Martha, second fax. daugh. of Rev. J. Sibley, rector of Walcot. At Hull, aged 71, Margaret, wife of

At Bath, Honoria, wife of James Bu. Mr. Thomas Field, many years captain cbanan, esq.

in the Hamburgh trade; also, aged 68, At Bath, Miss Serle, daughter of W. the said Mr. Thomas Field. Serle, esq. of Kensington-place.

At Hull, Mary Anne, second daughter The wife of Richard Newcome, esq. of of B. N. Wilson, esq. Burcot-house, near Wells.

Rev. John Sutcliffe, Dissenting Minister, At West Quantoxbead, Rev. Wm. Price. of Stooley, near Halifax.

Staffurdshire. - At Litchfield, aged 82, At Wakefield, aged 31, F. C. Van StrawMrs. Charlotte Buckeridge, aunt of Rev. benzie, captain in the 83d regiment. C. Buckeridge, D. D.

Richard Whitaker, esq. of Bradford, At Eardley-End, new Newcastle, in the lieutenant in the 82d regiment, much esspace of little more than a week, Mrs. teemed by his brother officers. He was Wrench; Mrs. Ford, of the Town-house, severely wounded on the 10th of last NoBarthornley, Chesbire; and Mrs. Booth, vember, with five of his companions in wife of Mr. Joon Booth, of the Town arms, while bravely repulsing the enemy house, Audley. The former and latter io the Pyrenees; from which he had not were daughters of Mrs. Ford, and have quite recovered. left eleven children. · Mrs. Wrench died At Burntwood-lodge, Pontefract, W.H. of a fever; and it is supposed the mother Marsden, esq. and sister caught the infection by attend At Brothertoo, near Ferrybridge, aged ing her in her dying moments.

69, John Haxby, esq. At the poor-house, Cheadle, aged 99, Esther, wife of John Johnson Hayes, Thomas Fisherf, one of the soldiers under esq. of Aislaby, only daughter of the late Gen. Amherst in taking Cape Breton and Thomas Moon, esq. of Bridlington. Louisburg, and Gen. Wolfe at Quebec. At Highthorne, North Riding, Sarah,

At Newfield, aged 38, William Child, wife of Christopher Gourton, esq. esq. second son of the late Smith Child, At Thornby, near Richmond, aged 57, esq. admiral of the blue.

Mary, wife of James Willis, esq. daughAged 62, Elizabeth, relict of the late ter of the late William Charge, esq. of Dr. Bent, of Basford.

Cleasby. At Wolscot, aged 92, John Twigg, gent. At Dodworth, near Barnsley, William formerly of Harper's-bill.

Parker, esq. Suffolk.-At Wortbam, Maria, second At Ossett, aged 62, John Craven, esq. daughter of Philip Harrison, esq.

At Long Lanes, near Ossett, Joshua Aged 53, Sarah, wife of Rev. William Haigh, esq. Kirby, rector of Barham.

By a fall from his horse, aged 37, John Sussex.-At Chichester, A. Visscher, Broderick, esq. of tbe Levels, near Thorne. esg, a Dutch merchant.

At Ingbirchworth, near Penistone, aged At Brighton, James Blair, esq. brother 86, Mr. John Camm, who has left 1007 of the late Dr. Blair, and late partner in to the Sheffield Charity-school. the house of Blair, Napier, and Co. WALES.- At Beaumaris, Rev. Thos. E, Charleston, South Carolina.

Owen, rector of Llandyfrydog, Anglesea, At Ratton, aged 16, Charlotte, eldest of wbich county he was many years an daughter of Inigo Thomas, esq.

able, active, and upright magistrate. Warwickshire.--At Birmingham, Laura, At Beaumaris, Mrs. Williams, relict of third daughter of George Mate, M.D. Rev. Richard Williams, of Bodafox, Ana

At Erdington-cottage, the residence of glesea, and late rector of Llanrhyddlad. his brother-in-law Mr. Paul, of Birming Aged 83, Joseph Davies, esq. of Swansea. ham, aged 41, Alexauder Millar, esq. At Corpist-hall, co. Flint, aged 52, Roger late of Jamaica.

Ellis, esq. high sheriff of the county, Wilts.-At Salisbury, John Bissett, esq. At Bala, aged 60, Mrs. Charles, relict

At Devizes, Mrs. Locke, relict of Tho- of Rev. Thomas Charles (see volume mas L. esq.

LXXXIV. Part ii. p. 500).

She had, At Bishopstrow, Mrs. Eyre, relict of for the last 30 years, carried on Dr. Eyre, late minister of Wily.

extensive business, from which she lately of an apoplectic seizure, John Heath, retired, afier realizing an independence; esy. banker and attorney, of Chippenbam. and it was by the industry of this ex.

At Corsham, aged 42, Mr. Henry Poole, cellent woman that Mr. Charles was ensolicitor.

abled to devote his ministerial labours Worcestershire. — At Worcester, aged gratuitously, in both North and South 80, Mrs. Margaret Jackson, eldest daugh- Wales. ter of the late William Bache, ésq. of At Aberystwith, in his 99th year, Edw. Eardley-ball, Stafford.

Humphreys, better known by the name



of Admiral Hawke, from his having evinced legious embellishments. This translation much gallantry in several of that renowned drew from Frederick the Great the followCommander's engagements, and being su ing remarkable expression : that it was perlatively proud of his laurels. He con ibe most original woik wbich had aptioued some time in the service of bis peared in France for a long time. This King and Country during the present work, which is considered as his chef reigo ; was the oldest inhabitant and bur. d'æuore, was written while he was pursugess of Aberystwith ; and, notwithstand- ing his studies at the University; and it ing his age and loss of sight, attended and was afterwards adopted by that Establishvoted at the last electiou for Cardigan. ment as the only translation which seemed

In bis 68ih year, William Morgan, esq. to prove the affinity between ihe iwo lanof Growan, near Merthyr Tidville.

guages. His sludy of, and partialily to, Rev. Jolin Lloyd, of Brunant, parish Virgil, gave him the idea of writing a of Cayo, co. Carmarthen ; a truly bene counterpart to the Georgics,' under the folent and estimable character.

title • Les Jardins. Virgil's great effort SCOTLAND. At Edinburgh, William was adapted to ibe simplicity of the anPoulis, esq. sen. of Woodhall.

tique 'taste and primitive manners ; but At Greenock, aged 81, John Buchanan, Delille endeavoured to introduce his esq. merchant, formerly one of the magi. "Jardins' all the luxuries of inodern civistrates of that town.

lization. He wished to connect grandeur At Elgin, aged 83, Rey, John Grant, and opulence wiih a taste for those simple ope of the ministers of that place.

pleasures which cond to the embellishment At Colmonell, in his 89th year, and of a country residence. This poem is as 56th of his ministry, Rey. James Mochrie. serted to have led to the abolishing of

At Stobo-castle, Lady Elizabeth Monts that unnatural symmetry which prevailed gomery.

in the laying out of French estates, and At Hilton-house, aged 49, Lieut-col, the introducing of romantic parks, similar Alexander Deas, of Hilton.

to those which embellish the landed proAt Burntfield Links, aged 59, Capt. perty of the English. He afterwards, at John Simpson, 27th foot.

rather an advanced period of life, transAt Kilmarnock, Sir David M. Cunning- lated the Æneid, by which his former hame, bart.

well-earned fame was by no means deteAt Seabank-bouse, Robert R. Cunning- riorated. His · Hommes des Champs' was hame, esq. of Auchenharvie.

written after he had visited antient Greece, IRELAND.-At Ballyre, Cork, the wife and seen, from Constantinople, the most of Crofton Uniacke, esq.

magnificent prospects which Nature offers At Garadice, Leitrim, W. P. Percy, esq. to the sight of man. For many years he

At Guernsey, on his return from Spain, occupied his leisure in writing a variety of Major George Thompson, R. A. nephew poems, all of which acquired a deserved of Mr. W. Thompson, of Birmingham. celebrity ; but the work which, in the lat

ABROAD. - At Paris, M. Parmentier, ter periods of his career, made the most the celebrated French chemist's an inde- noise in France, was a translation of Mike fatigable contributor to the Annales de ton's Paradise Lost,' of which our CounChimie.

try has become so proud, ever since she At Paris, Mrs. J. L. Belasyse, widow of was enabled to discover its transcendent Hon. T. Belasyse, brother to Viscount merits. In this attempt, Delille is gene. Fauconberg.

rally considered to be a free imitator of At Paris, M. Delille, the most distin. an unequal but unparalleled model.” guished poetical author France has yet His other principal poems were—“Inquiproduced ; and, although the eulogium silion,” “ Pity,” “ Conversation," and which his successor has passed on his va. «The Three Kingdoms of Nature.” Like ried and unrivalled talents is highly co- most other Authors, however, be appears loured, it may be read without any por. to have left his posterity nothing but his tion of that disgust which arises, on all writings ; which, as his Eulogist justly other occasions, from a perusal of the

“ Death cannot destroy, not exuberance of French adulation, M. Cam. Time annihilate." penon, after condoling with the Class on In the South of France, Mrs. Devines, the loss of so great a poet, gives a history of May-fair, who has left 60,0001. to a of his literary efforts. From this it ap- gentleman not very nearly related to her, pears, “that, attracted by the beauties About seven years ago, having received a of the immortal Virgil, he attempted, at letter from her nephew, an office an early age, to translate the Georgics Army, condoling with her on her illness, into French verse; in which he so com supposed to be dangerous, and which he pletely succeeded, that the whole host of attributed to old age, she cancelled her French Critics of that day combined to will, in which he was made heir, and he run him down; but they could only blame is now cut off with a legacy of 50001. bim for following his original with exces. At Blois, France, the wife of Capt. Bencre fidelity, and with adding to it sacri- jamin Walker, R. N.


in the

At Bourdeaux, the wife of Rear-admiral becomes vacant. He was, jo former times, Milpe, now at Halifax, America,

a great favourite with his Majesty, and M. Schavinger, one of the most cele- might be called his personal friend, being brared chemists at Vienna, He was pre nearly of the same age; but, differing paring Prussian Acid (Acidum borras- from the Minister on the first Regency cium), the most powerful poison that is question, his Lordship soon after retired knowo, and spilt a quantity of it upon from a Court life to the quiet of the counhis naked arm, which brought on death in try. Here, as a private character, he a few hours.

was much beloved for his constant bene. 1815. Jan. 1. Suddenly, Robert, the volence and innumerable charities. infant son of H. Burmester, esq. of Cros Jan. 5. Aged 43, Mr. John James Ashby-square.

ley, an eminent organist and singingIo Upper Gower-street, Lancelot Shad. master. He presided for several years at well, esq. of Lincoln's-ion.

the Lent performances at the Theatre In Golden-square, the wife of J. Seton Royal Covent-garden, where he introduced Karr, esq. of Kippilaw, co. Roxburgh. many of his pupils; among whom were

Jan. 2. In his 31st year, H. R. Good. Mrs. Vaughan, Mrs. Salmon, Master Ela wyn, eldest son of Henry Goodwyn, esq. liott, C. Smith, and other favourite vocal of Blackheath.

performers. He was, early in life, a At Richmond, Surrey, in his 82d year, scholar of the celebrated Schroeter, and S. Bean, esy.

well versed in the science of Musick; and At Knoll castle, South Wales, Eliza author of some excellent Lessons for the beth, daughter of Henry Grant, esq. Piano Forte, Canzonets, &c. &c.

Jan. 3. Aged 36, Samuel Burford, esq. In Berners - street, the wife of Robert of Alfred-place, Bedford-square, late of Tomlinson, esq. Oxford-street.

In his 70th year, Mr. Benjamin Simper At Bath, aged 36, Levine, wife of I. E. son, formerly of High Holborn, and many Horenden, esq. of Hemingford Grey, years a respectable upholsterer. Hunts. She was one of the co-heiresses At Camberwell, in his 82d year, Wm. of the extensive “Leman Estates," situ. Angell, esq. late Deputy of the Ward of ated in the counties of Middlesex, Hert. Cornhill. He was for thirty years a rem ford, Cambridge, and Huntingdon, and presentative in Commdu Council for the which were recently sold by order of the Ward of Cornhill, and for a few years Court of Chancery, for bear half a mil- Deputy ; but resigned his seat in the City lion of money.

Senate a few days before his death ; in By a fall from his horse, Mr. Scul which he was succeeded by his son. thorpe, solicitor, Nottinghain. He was At Horsham, Sir Bysshe Shelley, bart. treasurer to the County, and clerk to the of Castle Goring, Sussex. He was born Magistrates, which offices he filled with in America, June 21, 1730, and was cregreat respectability, and fideliiy.

ated a Baronet Feb. 25, 1806. He marJane, wife of Mr. H. Fitzpatrick, Dublin. ried first, Mary-Catharine, only child and

Jan. 4. In Brunswick • square, James heir of the Rev. Theobald Michell, of Moriset, esq.

Horsham, in Sussex; and secondly, Eli. In her 82d year, Mrs. Bingley, of Ta- zabeth Jane Sidney, only daughter and vistock-street, Covent-garden.

heiress of William Pery, of Penshurst, in At Denmark-bill, F. Gree', esq. Kent, esq. by both of whom he had issue,

In her 60th year, Mrs. Dobrée, of By the first lady, he had Helen, married Vale-place, Hammersmith.

to Robert Parker, of Maidstone, in Kent, At Bow, near Carlisle, aged 81, Lydia, esq.; Mary Catharine, who died unmarwife of Johu Parker, esq. who lived to see ried; and Timothy (who succeeds to the seven generations of her own family, viz. title), born September 1755, M. P. for three before her and three after; and, New-Shoreham, in Sussex, who married, what is more singular, it appears that the October 1781, Elizabeth, daughter of name of Jolin Norman has been universal Charles Pilfold, of Effiogham, in Surrey, in her family ; her father's name was John gent. by whom be has Percy-Bysshe, EliNorman, and her husbaud's (but now zabelh, Hellen, died young; Mary, Hel. Parker); her son, grandson, and great len, Margaret, and John. --By nis second grandson, sere named John Norman: lady, Sir Bysshe had, 1. Arriana, wife of the last four are all living.

Francis Aicken, esq. captain of the 5th At Farnham, the Most noble William Dragoon Guards; 2. John, of Penshurst, Johu Kerr, Marquis and Earl of Lothian, esq. who took the name of Sidney, as heir Earl of Ancram, K. T. &c. &c. His to his mother, and married Henrietta. Lordship was born in 1737, and is suc Frances, seventh daughter of the late Sir ceeded by his eldest son, William, Earl Henry Hunloke, of Wingerworth, in Der, of Aucram. He was one of the oldest byshire, bart. by whom he has Emilygenerals in the Army, and by his decease Elizabeth, and Philip-Charles ; 3. Elizathe colonelcy of the 2d Dragoons, or Jane-Caroline, wife of the Rev. Joseph Scotch Greys, as well as a green ribbon,


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