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for. It must arise from the low state of Statement by the Chinese Emperor Kia King, fections. I can only reproach 'myself.

my virtues, and my accumulated imperof the Rebellion in his Provinces, and Attempt to surprise his Family and Palace.

Though this rebellion has burst forth in a « Imperial Notice,

moment, the seeds have been long colAn attempt at Revolution has been

lecting. Four words, carelessness, indul made ; for which I blame myself. I, whose

gence, sloth, and contempt*, express the virtues are of an inferior class, received

source whence this great crime has arisen, with much veneration the Empire from

Hence withinside and withoutside t are in my Imperial father eighteen years ago. I

the same state. Though I have again and have not dared to indulge myself in sloth.

a third time given warning, till my longue When I ascended the throne, the sect of

is bluuted and my lips parched (with frethe Pulien * threw into rebellion four pro

quent repetition], yet none of my Minis. vinces, and the people suffered what I

ters have been able to comprehend it cannot bear to express. I ordered my

They have governed carelessly, and caused Generals to go against them, and after

the present occurrence. Nothing like it eight years' conflict, reduced them to sub

occurred during the Dynasty of Ham jection. I hoped that henceforward I should

Tang, of Sung, or Ming. The attempt of have enjoyed perpetual pleasure and peace, nasty Miug, does not equal the present

the assassination in the close of the Dywith my children ihe people. Unexpectedly on the 6th of the 8th Moon t, the

by more than ten degrees.

" When I think of it I cannot bear to skect of Tun-lu [i. e, Celestian reason-illu.

mention it. I would examine myself, reminate], a bandiiti of vagabonds, created disturbances, and caused much injury

strain and rectify my heart to correspond from the district of Chang-yuen, in the

to the gracious conduct of Heaven aboye province of Pa che lie, to the district of

me, to do away with the resentments of


my people who are placed below me. Isaw, in Shang-tung. I hastened to order Wan, the Viceroy of Pekin, to send

my Ministry 1 who would be honestly forth an army to exterminate them. This

faithful to the Dynasty of Ta-tzing must

exert themselves for the benefit of the affair was yet at the distance of 1000 Le' (a Le' is 1-5th of an English mile,] but

country, and do their utmost to make suddenly on the 5th of the 9th moon (18 amends for iny defects, so as to reform

the manners of the people. years, ] rebellion arose under my own armi,

“ Those who can be contented to be the misery bad arisen in my own houses, a bandiiti of 70 persons and more, of the

mean may hamg their caps $ against the sect of Teen-le , violated the prohibited wall, and go home and end their days,

and pot sit as inactive or dead bodies in Gate, and entered withinside.

They wounded the Guards, and entered the in

their places to secure their incomes, and ner palace.

thereby increase my crimes. --The tears “ Pour rebels [robbers] were seized

fall as my pencil writes.--I dispatch this and bound ; tbree others ascended the wall

to inforın the whole Empire. -Received on

the 12th of the 10th Moon.” with a fag, my Imperial second son seiz. ed a musquet and shot two of the rebels; following account has been received from

ft+ Of the conspiracy alluded to, the my nephew killed the third. After this

Cantona: " Whilst the Emperor of China they retired, and the palace was restored

was on a visit to Tartary, he left his pipe to tranquillity. For this I am indebted to the energies of my Imperial scond son.

sons in charge of Pekin. Three cousins,

assisted by twelve of the Imperial servants -The Prince and the Chief Officers of the

add 70 Ladrones, atteinpted to force the Lung lzung Gate led forth the troops, and after two days' and one night's utmost

palace, which they effected. They put exertion, coinpletely routed the rebels.

thirty soldiers to death ; but the second

son cut one of the Ladrones down, and shot The family Ta-tzing has continued to rule

another, upon which the rest ran away. the Empire 170 years. My grandfatlrer

The outside gates were immediately shut and Imperial father in the most affection

and those within the palace were made ate manver loved the people as children ; I am unable to express ibeir virtues and

prisoners. The ringleaders, consisting of benevolence. Though I cannot pretend

the three cousins, 10 officers, and 12 imto have equalled their good government perial servants, had their bellies opened

while alive, and were afterwards cut to and love of the people, yet I have not oppressed nor ill-used my people; this pieces. Sixty others of the conspirators

had their heads cut off.” sudden change I am unable to account

Contempt or neglect of business. * White water-flower.

+ lo my own family, and abroad in September 28th.

the Empire. Under my own arm-pit, a strong ex• Servants in great offices. prpasion for his own family.

Š The Cap with the Button is the InŞ within my own walls.

signia of Offiec.


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This threat was so effectual, that no one Dec. 25. The Roman Catholic Chapel of the country people would sell a sod at Bandon, near Cork, was unusually of turf to Donovan to heat his oven, and crowded with persons at early service, on be could not even sell in his own namo Christmas Day. On a sudden, one of the such flour or stock as lay on bis hapds. forms in the gallery having been thrown Reduced almost to despair, the baker wens down, an alarm was given that the gallery in a white sheet to the chapel, as a vowas falling. The greatest consternation luntary penance, and asked pardou of and confusion ensued : numbers were seen God and the priest for his disobedience; leaping from the gallery into the aile, and and was there by the priest desired to air from the windows into the street, in con tend him to his house, where he demanded sequence of which many broke their limbe, two guineas, which Donovan assured bion and were otherwise injured. In the sub he could not possibly make up. The exsequent pressure to get out of the house, communication was therefore continued six persons were unfortunately killed; against him, and he was consequently others thrown down, trodden on, and se obliged to shut up his house. The above veieiy hurt. The Chapel sustained in facts were proved by two unwilling wito jury by the breaking of windows, doors, nesses, and the Jury found a verdict for railings, &c.

the Plaintiff, with 501. damages. Jan. 15. In St. Werburgh's church, Dublin, the Right Hon. Lord Kingsland

COUNTRY NEWS, renounced the doctrines of the Church of Dec. 17. At Moughtre, near Newtown, Rome, and embraced the Reformed Chris- Montgomeryshire, by the sudden slipping tian Religion.

of a quantity of earth, loosened by beavy Jan. 17. A Catholic Meeting was held rains that had recently fallen, the walls of at the house of Lord Fingall, in Dub a poor man's cottage, built under a sleep lin, to consider whether the Petition bank, were beaten in, and himself, wise, should be qualified or unqualified Eman and five small children, overwhelined by cipation; and on a division, the Petition a torrent of mud : two of the children were for unqualified was carried by a majority suffocated ! one of them, an infant at the in the proportion of three to one. Lord breast of his mother, who suffered the inFingall was in the minority : the probable describable agony of feeling its last struge secession of his Lordship is alluded to. gles without the possibility of affording is

Jan. 22. A fire broke out last week in the least relief; she herself was forced the mansion of Mr. Ormsby, near Bird- upon the fire, by which her legs were soHill, county of Tipperary; which not verely burnt, and her husband was driven only destroyed the premises, with the fur outside the cottage, and there fixed in the niture and every valuable article, but his surrounding ruin, a distressed speciator faithful steward, in endeavouring to save of the sufferings of his family, without some papers of consequence, perished in being able to stir to their assistance. The the flames.

neighbours were unable to remove the sub No place in the empire has suffered so ferers from their perilous situation in less much from the late storm as Adare, the than two hours. beautiful seat of the Hon. W.Quin, in the Manchester, Dec. 20. The torrents of county of Limerick. It has lost about rain on the 11th and 12th, made the river 700 trees, of which above 500 were full swell to a great height, and cut off com. grown timber, of great size, and ornamental munication, by the common route, from to the grounds, torn up by the roots. Broughton, Strangeways, &c.

The rain At the late Cork Assizes, a baker named was almost incessant the remainder of the Donovan, brought an action against the week; and on the 161h, the most burriRev. Mr. O'Brien, vicar-general to Dr. cane,like gale of wind experienced here Coppinger, the titular bishop of Cork, since the year 1802, made the slates fly and Roman Catholic parish priest of Clo from the house-tops, and the pots were nakilty. It appeared on the trial, that a hurled from the tops of the chimneys, subscription had been set on foot by the whilst the beautiful steeple of St. Mary's priest, for the purpose of building a Ro Church" rocked horribly sublime," benisman Catholic chapel. Donovan was or ing in obedience to the blast, to the admi. dered to pay, as his affixed quota, 16s. 3d. ration of thousands of gazers, obliged to and afterwards 9s. both of which sums he be reminded every minute that its motion paid, but observed, that he was very poor, proved the accuracy of its perpendicular. and that he could not afford it. On a third A part of the stone-work over the East gate demand being made by the priest, of 15s. of Cheetham's College was blown down. Donovan refused to comply with it. The Several newly-erected houses were unruofed priest in consequence formally excommu by the wind, which found a way into them nicated him, and denounced the people as by the unclosed windows. The hot-louse cursed and contaminated who should deal of Mr. Bridgeford, nurseryman, stieel of hold any communication with bim. wooll, was destroyed. The price


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dens in the neighbourhood were made com- evening of the 7th, and their sails being mon by the fury of the blast; and several shivered to pieces in a dreadful storm, the sinall cottages suffered severely. At Ker- vessel struck about five o'clock, when the salmoor, Mrs. Boardman, an elderly per- master, one of the hands, and some of the son, widow of a landlord of the Hare and

passengers, took to the boat, but were Jounds public-house, adjoining the race drowned; that he and the mate stuck in course, was killed by the fall of one of the rigging, and when day dawned, though them. Many trees were broken or blown a great number of people were collected down in the neighbourhood.

on the shore, from the violence of the On the 16th, there was the most tre storm no assistance.could be given them. niendous storm of wind and hail in the . There were then on the deck a man holdtown of Derby, ever witnessed. A stone ing his wife in his arms, a woman surwas blown from one of the Churches, and rounded by five children, on her way to falling on a poor woman, caused her death her husband in Glasgow, another woman a short time after; and a high brick wall, and child, a genteel looking woman, who ‘of upwards of 100 feet in length, was le told him she was a quarter-master-servelled with the ground, and another wo jeant's wife, and had lived some time in man, passing at the moment, was knocked Hamilton, and a Mrs. Carrick, the only down and killed on the spot.

person whose name he knew, with her Dec. 30. Three children of a shepherd child. That the tide making about eleven on a farm near Henderland, in the parish o'clock, they were all swept off the wreck, of Megyat, in the county of Peebles, going and though some reached the shore alive, from their father's house to witness a ma they were all so benumbed with cold that trimonial ceremony, in crossing an ad- they soon expired. Fifteen of the bodies joining burn, were all blown in by a vio are already come ashore, but the corpse lent gust of wind, and carried down the of the master is still missing. current. The father, who was near the Jan. 17. The Brothers, Stephen Atkinson spot at the time, ran to their assistance, master, of South Shields, having struck and brought out one, and laid it upon the on the Harbro' Sand, near Harwich, in bank, and then another, and followed the the night, came off the next morning ihird a considerable way, which he also into deep water, and sunk immediately. succeeded in bringing out; but on bis rem , In getting out the boats for the preservaturn back with this last to the place where tion of the ship's company, the long-boat the others were left, he found them both was stove, and the unfortunate crew havwithout appearance of animation, and ing taken to the skiff, all perished ; with every attempt to restore them was in vain. the exception of one man named Richard The third is still alive, and likely to re Brunswick, who, stopping the leak with

his jacket, remained in the long boat. Jan, 5. As Robert. Newing, one of the The survivor was picked up several hoars company of dreigers of Whitstable, on the after in the boat, which bad floated off the Kent coast, was out fishing, accompanied ship's deck, by the brig Gypsey, of Sunby his son, aged 16, he accidentally fell derland, nearly exhausted, up to his overboard ; his son immediately threw a middle in water. rope out to his assistance, which he fas By the Third Report of the Hampshire tened to his body, and with which the lad Society, in co-operation with the National ineffectually attempted to haul him into Society for Educating the Infant Poor in the boat, but not having strength to ac the Principles of the Established Church, complish it, the unfortunate man, after and on the plan of the Rev. Dr. Bell, it being dragged by the boat nearly two appears that 63 schools have been esta.. miles, was drowned. He has left a wife blished in different parts of the county, and nine children.

since 1811, and upwards of 4000 children Jan. 9. One of the workmen in the em.. are receiving education in them. From ploy of Messrs. Roberts, Reynolds, and the extensive and rapid progress which Co. oilmen at Evesham, while engaged in this system of education is making throughoiling the machinery upon their premisés, out the Kingdom, we may confidently anbis clothes got entangled round one of the ticipate a very gratifying improvement in wheels, by which he was drawn in, and the religious and moral character of the shocking to relate, was instantly crushed Country, and hope that, under Divine to death. The unfortunate man has left Providence, these blessings will not be a widow and three young children.

congned to ourselves, but that we shall Jan. 10. Early in the morning, the be the means of conveying the pure docMargaret of Londonderry, John M'Intyre, trines of Christianity, as exemplified in master, with three men and twenty pas the venerable and beautiful fabrick of our sengers, was wrecked off Cullean Bay, Established Church, to the remotest corWheo all perished except Norman M'Cleod, ners of the Globe. mare, and Edward Donald, seaman. The The Cornwall Geological Society are laller relates, that they left Derry ou the about to erect an elegant museum at Pen.


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zance, for depositing their valuable col

Sunday, Jan. 8. lection of specimens, to which the Prince This morning, about 2 o'clock, a Mhe Regent, who has honoured the Society by broke out at the house of Mr. Kell, tal becoming their President, bas sent a do- low-cbandler, Cbaring-cross, adjoining nation of 100 guineas. At the last ineet. Northumberland-house. In a few minutes, ing of the Society, a bar, composed of a the whole premises were in a blaze, wbich metallic alloy, was exhibited, to prevent · cominunicated to a tailor's shop, and a .. the faial effects from the explosion of


tea-warehouse ; those three houses were : powder by the use of iron rammers; the totally destroyed, as also the back pro-an new composition being incapable of pro mises. ducing sparks by collision with siliceous

Tuesday, Jan. 17. fragments.

This day a Chapter of the Order of the Deacon's Lodge, near Pickworth, Ruta Bath was held at the Prince's Chamber, land, has been entirely destroyed. Owing Westminster-hall, at which were present, to the ruinous state of the oven, it carved the Duke of York as Grand Master, the in wbilst a fire made for heating it was Rev. Dr. Vincent, Dean of Westminster, burning furiously, and the flames com. Dean of the Oriler, Sir David Dundas, Sir municating to some wood-work of the G. H. Barlow, and Sir R. Strachan. The house, the whole was in a short time burnt Genealogist, Sir George Nayler; Deputy down, as well as a stack of corn, which Bath King of Arms, F. Townsend, esq. ; stood within reach of the conflagration: the Gentleman Usher of the Scarlet Rod,

A Welsh Church is intended to be esta &c. &c. The object of the meeting was, blished at Liverpool, where it is ascer. a communication to the Chapter of the.. tained that there are at least 20,000 per measures which had been adopted for the te sons of the Principality, most of whom' degradation of Lord Cochrane, and the are unable to understand the service in expulsion of his banner and achievements the English tougue.

from King Henry the Seventh's Chapel. Mr. B. Hall, M. P. for the County of This morning, about three o'clock, an Glamorgan, has purchased Hensol-House alarming fire broke out in the premises of : and estate, formerly the magnificent seat Mr. Smith, leather-seller, in the back and favourite residence of tbe late Wm, part of Cock-lane, Smithfield, which burnt Earl of Talbot, who, it is said, expended in a most furious manner, and soon com 60,0001. in improving and beautifying this manicated to the adjoining houses, five of much admired place.

which were entirely destroyed, with nearly, The immense rocking-stone on the hill the whole of their contents. of Clindrie, in Scotland, so justly cele

Wednesday, Jan. 18. brated for its vibrating when tonched, has This morning, about six o'еlock, a fire now become immovable : it is supposed · broke out in the premises of Mrs. Biggs, that the craggy base upon which it was so straw-bonnet warehouse, on the North astonishingly balanced has sunk, and thus side of St. Paul's Church-yard. The flames rendered it firm.

were discovered by some foot-passengers, The Archbishop of York is liberally en- who attempted to rouse the family by couraging the erection of Chapels within ringing the bells and exclaiming “ fire!" bis diocese. Last week his Lordship con This not immediately proving successful, secrated a new one at Boston, and to the door was forced open, when the flames wards the expense of the building sub- 'burst out with such increased force, that scribed 501. and the same sum to the sub no one could go up stairs to awaken the Pription for another at Halifax.'

family. At length Mrs. Biggs was aroused, The doors of York gaol, for three weeks and with an infant in her arms, and a ser-, previous to the 26th of Nov. were daily vant maid, got first out of the house. thrown open; there not being a prisoner, But so rapid were the flames, that no other either debtor or felon, confined therein.

person except a servant, with another of An elegant silver cup, of the value of Mrs. Biggs's children, succeeded in get20 guineas, has been presented by the ting out by the door ; the rest took to the inhabitants of Whitehaven, to Audrew roof of the house, and got away unburt. Carr, a seaman, who greatly distinguished Mrs: Biggs had-six children, the eldest of himself in rescuing a female passenger whon, a son, was only nine years of age. from a vessel wrecked off that port during This youth and his sister, between three the late storm. (See our last vol. p. 671.) and four years, slept in a room above

their brothers, to which those who first en

tered the house could not reach, and to DOMESTIC OCCURRENCES. which the servants who escaped by the "Windsor-Castle, Jun. 7.— The King's roof durst not venture ; so that they fell disorder continues unabated, but His Ma victims to the dames ! The fire was not jesty has passed the last month in a very discovered umil a quarter past six, and lvanguè state.”


the house was burnt to the ground before have one farthing per day for each year seven o'clock. The preúnises of Mr. of their service. Another class of the Gaimes, pocket-book maker, were also same Officers will be entitled to double destroyed, with part of the stock. The

that sun.

Pensions and length of service bouses of Mr. Hall and Mr. Case bave are forfeited by misconduct. All the pensuffered in the upper stories; and the sions are to be paid quarterly ; and it is workshop of Mr. Dollond, mathematical not intended to make any alterations in instrument maker, was slightly damaged. pensions already granted, except thal Mr. and Mrs. Biggs had recently entered Petty and Non - commissioned Officers, business; their stock was uninsured, and discharged since the 30th of April, 1814, Mr. B, was in the country at the time. may receive the additional allowance to A liberal subscriptiou bas been entered which they are, under this new regulation, into by the neighbours and other begevo- entitled. lent persons, to alleviate (as far as pos As some compensation for the gallant sible) the heavy calamity of Mr. Biggs's exertions of our Soldiers, Government are family.

proceeding to collect together the spoils of The Lords Commissioners of the Ad the different campaigns; or, in other miralty, by command of his Royal High- words, the plunder taken from the Enemy ness the Prince Regent, have published during the War: 1140 pieces of ordnance the scale of rewards designed as a remu. are to be melted down, and sold. It is neration to Petty Officers, Seamen, and calculated that the whole produce will be Royal Marines, for long and faithful ser about 600,0001. vices in the Navy. Tbe aptient system Notice has been issued from the Mint, of smart-money is continued ; and the that old halfpence will be received in bags pensions hitherto granted from the Chest of half a hundred weight each, which, if of Greenwich are also continued, with found to be free from counterfeits, aud some trifling variations beneficial to the that 55 weigh one pound, a bill will be general interests of Seamen and Marines. given, shewing the value by tale, and enThe pensions granted from the same titling the bolder to payment, one month source to worn-out seamen upon uncer after date; but no fewer than five bags, tain principles, are now reduced to a fixed or 2} cwt. will at present be taken. and more equitable system, in which the The Corporation of the City of London, Dature of the injuries received, and the it is said, have at length determined to meritorious services of different classes of enlarge the water-way, by widening the men respectively, are carefully consi arehes of London Bridge, or entirely to dered and adequately recompensed, and remove that nuisance to the navigation of a new and most important benefit has the river Thames, as soon as the inteoded been extended to the seryice, viz. That Southwark Bridge shall be completed. every man who may be discharged after The latter, according to the ternis of the 14 years faithful service, even though he contract, is to be finished in two years, should not be disabled, has a right to claim from February next; and, from the extraa pension proportioned to the number of ordinary exertions made since the comyears he may have served; and, after 21 mencement of the work, it is likely that years' service, every man, in addition to it will be opened for public use witbin at least 1s. per day, may demand his dis that time. charge from the Navy. The following are Several noblemen and gentlemen have the principal of the new regulations : subscribed to present the Duke of WelWe have ady observed, that smarte lington with a grand shield, blazoned with money will be paid for wounds as before. his achievements. It is to be of massy Every Seaman, Landman, Boy, or Royal silver, three feet in diameter. The cir. Marine, discharged from the service on cumference is to be divided into eleven Occount of wounds, will be entitled to a

compartments, descriptive of his various pension of not less than 6d. per day, and battles. lo the centre the Duke of Welnot more than 1s. 6d. Persong discharged lington appears on borseback, attended by from sickness or debility, contracted in the Generals Lord Hill, Lord Beresford, the service, will receive from 5d. to 18d. and other distinguished officers. The per day, regulated by circumstances of figures are in basso relievo, and they leave ailment and length of service. Privates the Duke prominent. The drawing of this of Royal Marines are to be reckoned as' grand design was made by Stothard, Royal Landmens and they will also be entitled Academician, under the direction of a to discbarge after 21 years services. The Committee. The model by Tollmack. services of boys to be accounted as Land The small gervice of Plate subscribed for men, and they acquire man's allowance by the Officers of the Hospital and Regiat the age of 18 years. A certain class of mental Medical Staff lately serving in the Petty and Non-commissioned Officers, in Peninsula, as a mark of respect and esteem addition to any pension they may be en for Sir James M'Grigor, M. D, Inspectortried to as Scamen, Maribes, &c. are to General of Hospitals, is completed. The


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