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No flowers, alas! it knows to strew, Frewhile, some simple, rural theme,
Save slips of rosemary and rue,

In happier days, my Muse had giver,
Scatter'd above the silent trance,

The daisied mead, the murmuring stream, As emblems of remembrance * ;--

The dawning of the Star of Heaven. Which midoight deckings of the tomb

Pleas'd with the memory of days, Add.woe to woe, and gloom to gloom.

Fleeting indeed, but, ah, how sweet! Oh I once the loveliest hand it held,

Methought I would recall some lays, That fondest gaze had e'er beheld,

The solace of my lone retreat. That light could shew, or Heaven could

I mark'd the torrent's dash below, bless,

And deem'd it worthy of my strain, That maids could give, or lovers, press; 'Tis cold the blood its veins hath fed,

A moment listed to its flow, (vain.

Then struck my lyre--and sighidin
And it lies peaceful by the dead !
This Hand shall soon alike repose,

And, ab! I cried, the calm is broke,
For it is cald as winter snows,

The tranquil heart no more is mine; And “paler than the pale primrose.” What storm is this, and whence the stroke? These are the last that it will write,

Ah, cruel Love! the storm is thine, The latest efforts of its might ;

Farewell, ye sylvan scenes ! awhile : For him that guides it, grief hath crost,

A magic, dearer than your own, And his life's dearest tie is lost;

The magic of Eliza's smile, Oh! Sorrow so hath shaded o'er

Recalls her wanderer to the towo. Each prospect, that he looks no more,

Farewell, awhile! perhaps his pain Save to the latest-daskest, Deaih,

Eliza ! may thy bosom move ; To sleep with her, who sleeps beneath.

Then will his lyre awake again, Lambeth.

J. H. R.

And Peace return to dwell with Love ! On seeing a most melancholy Object in a


S. C. state apparently of helpless Idiotcy in-a Country Workhouse. Addressed to

SONG. Friend of some sarcastic Reviewers.

As in those nations, where they yet OH dreaufal state of frail mortality,

adore Approach, ye proud, ye vicious, and

Marble and cedar, and their aid implore,

'Tis not the workmen, nor the precious Degraded, sunk, lost er'n to misery,


(God; And dead alike to pleasure, as to pain. But 'tis the worshiper íhat makes the Cau this poor object, whose corporeal So, cruel Fair, tho' Heaven has gir'n thee frame,

all, And mental powers, an equal ruin share; We mortals Virtue, or (can) Beauty call, Can she claim kindred with those souls of 'Tis we that give the thunder to your flame,


(wounds : The sons of Genius, Heaven's peculiar care? Darts to your eyes, and to ourselves the That form inanimate, those heavy eyes

Without our Love, which proudly you deDeprir'd of ev'ry trace of sense or joy,


[your Pride, Crown'd with immortal beauties soon may

Vain were your Beauty, and more vain rise,

All envy'd beings that the world can show, And taste of bliss unmingled with alloy.

Still to some meaner thing their greatness Th’Almighty's will, that sunk so low, may


Subjects make Kings, and we the nume.

rous train This feeble worn to Heaven's angelic

Of humble Lovers, constitute thy reign : The tongue, now mute, then sing Jehovah's praise ;

Only this difference Beauty's realm can [lyre.

boast, This listless band, then strike a Seraph's

Where most it favours, it enslaves the most; Subdued each vainer thought, all selfish And those to whom 'tis most indulgent pride,


found O'er talents misapplied, our tears should

Are ever in the surest fetters bound.
They soon may envy what they now deride, No tyrant yet but thee was ever known,
And find too late their lives an empty Cruel to them that serv'd to make him one:

A H.

Valour's a vice, if not with Honour join'd;

Then Beauty a disease, when fuis not kind.
TIRED of the town, its toil, and care,

I sought, unseen, the lonely gley,
Io solitude and silence there

HERE lies a man who dyed of wool
To waké the sleeping string again.

great store,

One day he died himself, and dyed no * “There's, rue for you ;-that's for re

-more, membrance." HAMLET.


ye vain,



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INTERESTING INTELLIGENCE FROM THE LONDON GAZETTÈS. SUPPLEMENT TO THE LONDON GAZETTE all and singular the rights, privileges, ing. of Tuesday, Jan. 3.

munities, and advantages, which the Whitehall, Jan. 2. Whereas his Royal Knights Companions of the said Order Highness the Prince Régent, acting in the have hitherto held and enjoyed,' by virtue name and on the behalf of his Majesty, of the statutes, excepting as far as may Sovereign of the Most Honourable Mili be altered or affected by the present de. tary Order of the Bath, is desirous of cree. commemorating the auspicious termina 5th. It shall be lawful for all the pretion of the long and arduous contests in sent Knights Grand Crosses, from and which this Empire has been engaged, and

after the date hereof, to wear, upon the of marking in an especial manner his gra left side of their upper vestment, the Star cious sense of the valour, perseverance, and or Evsign of the said Order, although such devotion manifested by the Officers of bis Knight Grand Cross may not have been Majesty's forces by sea and land :-And installed ; and henceforward the said Star whereas his Royal Highness has thought or Ensign shall be worn by each and every it fit, by virtue of the Royal Prerogative, Knight Grand Cross, immediately after and of the powers reserved to the Sove his being so nominated and appointed, reign in the statutes of the said Most Ho provided that it shall not be lawful for any dourable Military Order of the Bath, to Knight Grand Cross to wear the collar of advance the splendour and extend the the said Order, until he shall have been limits of the said Order, to the end that formally installed, according to the sta. thoge Officers who have had the opportu. tutes, or unless a dispensation has been nities of signalising themselves by eminent granted for the non-observance of the ce. services during the late war, may share

remonial of installation, in the honours of the said Order, and that 6th. In order to distinguish more partheir names may be delivered down to re ticularly those officers of his Majesty's. mote posterity, accompanied by the niarks forces, by sea and land, upon whom the of distinction which they have so nobly First Class of the said Order hath already earned:

been, or may hereafter be, conferred in The Prince Regent, therefore, acting consideration of especial military service, in the name and on the behalf of his Ma- such Officers shall henceforth bear upon jesty, hath been graciously pleased to the Ensign and Star, and likewise upon ordain as follows:

the Badge of the Order, the addition of a
1st. The Most Honourable Military Or wreath of laurel encircling the motto, and,
der of the Bath shall from this time for- issuing from an escrol inscribed “ Ich
ward be composed of Three Classes, differ. Dien."
ing in their ranks and degrees of dignity. This distinction being of a military

2d. The First Class of the said Order nature, it is not to be borne by the
shall consist of Knights Grand Crosses ; Knights of the First Class, upon whom.
which designation shall be substituted the Order shall have been, or may here,
henceforward for that of Knights Compa- after be, conferred for civil services.
pions; and from the date hereof the pre 7th. The Dignity of a Knight Grand
sent Knights Companions and Extra Cross of the Most Houourable Military
Knights of the said Order shall, in al Order of the Bath shall henceforth upon.
acts, proceedings, and pleadings, be styled no account be conferred upon any Officer
Knights Grand Crosses of the Most Ho in bis Majesty's service, who shall not
nourable Military Order of the Bath. have attained the rank of Major-general

3d. The number of the Knights Grand in the army, or Rear-admiral in the navy,
Crosses shall not, at any time, or upon except as to the Twelve Knights Grand
any account whatever, exceed seventy-: Crosses who may be nominated and ap-.
two, exclusive of the Sovereign ; whereof pointed for civil services.
there may be a number not exceeding 8th. His Royal Highness the Prince
twelve so nominated and appointed, in Regent, acting in the name and on the
consideration of eminent services rendered behalf of his Majesty, is pleased to dea.
to the State by British subjects in civil clare and constitute those whose names.
and diplomatic employments.

are undermentioned, to be the Knights 4th. The said Knights Grand Crosses Grand Crosses, composing the First Class shall be subject to the same rules and of the Most Honourable Military Order of ordinances, and have, hold, and enjoy, the Bath. GENT. MAG. January, 1835.


Military Knights Grand Crosses.

Civil Knights Grand Crosses. 1. The Sovereign. 2. His Royal Highness the Duke of York,

acting as Grand Master. 3. Admiral Earl of St. Vincent.

1. Sir Robert Gunning. 4. Gen. Sir Robert Abercromby.

2. The Earl of Malmesbury. 5. Admiral Viscount Keith.

3. Lord Henley. 6. Admiral Sir John B. Warren, bart. 4. Lord Whitworth. 1. General Sir Alured Clarke.

5. Sir Joseph Banks, bart. 8. Admiral Sir John Colpoys.

6. Right Hon. Sir Arthur Paget. 9. General Lord Hutchinson,

7. Sir Philip Francis. 10. Adm. Sir John Thomas Duckworth. 8. Sir George H. Barlow. 11. Adm. Sir James Saumarez.

9. Viscount Strangford. 12. General Sir Eyre Coote.

10. The Hon. Sir Henry Wellesley. 13. Gen. Sir John Francis Cradock.

11. The Right Hon. Sir C. Stuart. 14. Gen. Sir David Dundas.


15. Field Marshal D. of Wellington, K.G. holding commissions as General Officers in 16. Gen. Earl of Ludlow.

his Majesty's Army, or as Flag Officers 17. Vice-adm. Sir Samuel Hood.

in the Royal Navy, now and hereafter, 18. Adm. Earl of Northesk.

may be nominated and appointed Knights 19. Vice-adm. Sir Richard J. Strachan. Grand Crosses of the Most Honourable 20. Vice-adm. Hon. Sir Alex. Cochrane. Military Order of the Bath, and shall not 21. Lieut,-gen. Sir John Stuart.

be included in the number to which the 22. Vice-adm. Sir Richard G. Keats. first Class of the Order is limited by the 23. Gen. Sir David Baird.

third article of the present instrument. 24. Gen. Sir George Beckwith.

10th. By virtue of the ordinance con25. Lieuto-gen. Lord Niddry.

tained in the foregoing article, bis Royal 26. Lieut.-gen. Sir Brent Spencer.

Highness the Prince Regent is pleased to 27. Lieut.-gen. Sir John Cope Sherbrooke. declare the following Princes of the Blood 28. Lieut.-gen. Lord Beresford.

Royal to be Knights Grand Crosses of the 29. Lieut.-gen. Lord Lynedock.

Order of the Bath, viz. :30. Lieut.-gen. Lord Hill.

His Royal Highness Duke of Clarence. 31. Lieut.-gen. Sir Samuel Anchmuty.

His Royal Highness Duke of Kent. 32. Lieut.-gen. Sir Edward Paget.

His Royal Highness Duke of Cumberl. 33. Lieut.-gen. Lord Combermere. 34. Adm. Hon. Sir George C. Berkeley.

His Royal Highness Duke of Cambridge, 35. Gen. Sir George Nugent.

His Highness Duke of Gloucester. 36. Gen. Sir William Keppel.

11th. The Second Class of the Most 37. Lieut.-gen, Sir John Doyle, bart.

Honourable Military Order of the Bath 38. Lieut.-gen. Lord Wm. Cav. Bentinck.

shall be composed of Knights Command. 39. Lieut..gen. Sir James Leith.

ers, who shall have and enjoy in all future 40. Lieut.-geu. Sir Thomas Picton.

solemnities and proceedings, place, and 41. Lt. gen. Hon.Sir Galbraith Lowry Cole. precedence, before all Knights Bachelors 42. Lieut.-gen. Lord Stewart.

of the United Kingdom, and shall enjoy 43, Lieut.-gen. Hon. Sir Alex. Hope.

all, and singular, the rights, privileges, 44. Lieut.-gen. Sir Henry Clinton.

and immunities, enjoyed by the said 45. Lieut.-gen. Earl of Dalhousie.

Knights Bachelors. 46. Lieut.-gen. Hon. William Stewart.

12th. Upon the first institution of the 47. Major-gen. Sir George Murray.

Knights Commanders, the number shall 48. Major-gen. Hon. Sir Edw. Pakenham.

not exceed one hundred and eighty, ex49. Adm. Sir William Young.

clusive of Foreign Officers holding British 50. Gen. Hereditary Prince of Orange.

commissions, of whom a number, not ex51, Adm. Lord Viscount Hood.

ceeding ten, may be admitted into the 52. Adm. Sir Richarel Onslow, bart.

Second Class as honorary Knights Com. 33. Ada, Hon. William Cornwallis,

mauders. But in the event of actions of 54. Adm. Lord Radstock.

signat distinction, or of future wars, the 55. Adm. Sir Roger Curtis, bart.

number may be increased by the appoint56. Adm. George Montagi.

ment of Officers who shall be eligible ac57. Lieut.-gen. Earl of Uxbridge.

cording to the regulations and restrictions 58. Lieut.-gen. Robert Brownrigg.

now established. 59. Lieut.-gen. Harry Calvert.

13th. No person shall be eligible as a 60. Lieut.-gen. Rt. Hon. Thomas Maitland. Knighi Commander of the Bath, who does 61, Lieut.-gen. William Henry Clinton. not actually hold, at the time of his nomi

nation, a commission in his Majesty's 9th. And his Royal Highness the Prince army or navy; such commission not be. Regeut is further pleased to ordain and de- ing below the rank of Lieutenant-colonel Pelare, that the Princes of the Blood Royal in the army, or of Post Capt, in the vavy.

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14th. The Knights Commanders shall,

28. Vice-adm. Charles Tyler. from the publication of the present instru

29. Vice-adm. Lord Gardner. ment, be entitled severally to assume the

30. Vice adm. William Mitchell. distinctive appellation of Knighthood, and 31. Vice-adm. Sir Thomas Williams. shall bear the Badge and Ensign assigned 32. Vice-ad.Sirt. Boulden Thompson, bárt. as the distinctions of the Second Class of 33. Lieut.-gen. William Housioun. the Order, on their being duly invested 34. Lieut.-gen. Hon. William Lumley. with the same; that is to say, each Knight 35. Lieut.-gen. Wroth Palmer Acland. Commander shall wear the appropriate 36. Lieut.-gen. Miles Nightingall. Badge or Cognizance pendant by a red 37. Lieut.-gen. Henry Frederick Campbell. ribband round the neck, and for further 38. Vice-adı. William Hargood. honoúr and distinction he shall wear the 39, Vice-adm. Robert Moorsom. appropriate Star, embroidered on the left 40. Vice-adm. Lawrence William Halsted. side of his upper vestment. There shall 41. Vice-adm. Sir Harry Neale, bart. also be affixed in the Cathedral Church of 42. Vice-adm. Sir Joseph Sidney Yorke. St. Peter, Westminster, Escutcheons and 43. Vice-adm. Hon. Arthur Kaye Legge. Banners of the Arms of each Kuight Com 44. Major-gen. Alan Cameron. mander, under which the Name and Title 45. Major-gen. Hon. Charles Colville. of such Knight Commander, with the date 46. Major-gen. Henry Fane. of his nomination, shall be inscribed. The 47. Major-gen. George Anson. Knights Commanders shall not be entitled 48Major-gen. Kenneth Alexander Howard. to bear Supporters, but they shall be per 49. Rear-adm.Thomas FrancisFreemantle, mitted to encircle their Arms with the Red 50, Rear-adm. Sir Francis Laforey, bart. Ribband and Badge, appropriate to the 51. Rear-adm. Philip Charles Durham second class of the Order of the Batb. 52, Rear-adm. Israel Pellew. And for the greater bonour of this class, 53. Major. gen. Hen, Bell, Royal Marines. no Officer of his Majesty's army or navy 54. Major-gen. John Oswald. shall be nominated hereafter to the dignity 55. Major-gen. William Anson. of a Knight Grand Cross, who shall not 56. Major-gen. Edward Howorth. have been appointed previously a Knight 57. Major-gen. Charles Wale. Commander of the said most honourable 58. Major-gen. John Ormsby Vandeleur, Order.

59. Major-gen, Hon. Edward Stopford. 15th. His Royal Highness the Prince 60. Major-gev. George Townshend Walker. Regent, acting in the name and on the 61. Rear-adm. Benjamin Hallowell. bebalf of bis Majesty, bas been graciously 62. Rear-adm. George Hope. pleased to appoint and nominate the un 63. Rear-adm. Lord Amelius Beauclerck. der-mentioned Officers of his Majesty's 64. Rear-adm. James Nicoll Morris. naval and military forces, to he Knights 65. Rear-adm. Thomas Byam Martin. Commanders of the most honourable Mi. 66. Major-gen. James Keinpt. litary Order of the Bath, viz.

67. Major-gen. Robert Rollo Gillespie. 1. Adm. George Montague.

68. Major-gen. William H. Pringle. 2. Adm. Lord Gambier.

69. Rear-adm. William Johnstone Hope, 3. Adm. Sir Charles Maurice Pole, bart. 70. Rear-adm. Lord Henry Paulett. 4. Adm. James Hawkins Whitshed. 71. Kear-adm. George Cockburn. 5. Adm. Sir Robert Calder, bart.

72. Rear-adm. Graham Moore. 6. Adm. Sir Richard Bickerton, bart. 73. Rear-adm. Henry William Bayntun. 7. Adm. John Knight.

74. Rear-adm. Sir Richard King, bari. 8. Adm. Edward Thornbrough.

75. Rear-adm. Richard Lee. 9. Adm. George Campbell.

76. Major-gen. Fred. Phillips Robinson. 10. Adm. Sir Albemarle Bertie, bart. 77. Major-gen. Edward Barnes. 11. Adm. Lord Exmouth.

78. Major-gen, Hon. William Ponsonby. 12. Vice-adm. William Domett.

79. Major-gen. John Byng. 13. Vice-adm. George Murray.

80. Major-gen. Thomas Brisbane. 14. Vice-adı. John Sutton..

81. Major-gon. Denis Pack, 15. Vice-adm. William Essington.

82. Major-gen. Lord Rob. Edw. Somerset. 16. Vice-adm. Eliab Hervey.

83. Major-gen. Thomas Bradford. 17. Vice. adm. Sir Edmund Nagle.

84. Major-gen. John Lambert. 18. Vice-adm. Richard Grindall.

85. Major-gen James Willoughby Gordon. 19. Vice-adm. Sir George Martin.

86. Mejor-gen. Manley Power. 20. Vice-adm. Sir William Sidney Smith. 87. Major-gev. Sainuel Gibbs. 21. Lieut.-gen. Gordon Drummond. 88. Major-gen. Lord Aylmer. 22. Vice-adm. Herbert Sawyer.

89. Rear-adm. William Hotham. 23. Lieut.-gen. Hoo. John Abercromby. 90. Rear-adm. Pulteney Malcolm. 24. Vice-adm, Hon. Robert Stopford. 91. Rear-adm. Sir John Gore. 25. Vice-adm. Thomas Foley.

92. Rear-adm. Hon. Henry Hotham. 26. Lieut.-gen. Ronald Craufurd Ferguson. 93. Rear-adm. Sir Home Popham. 27. Lieut.-gen. Henry Ward.

94. Rear-adm. Sir Josias Rowley, bart.



95. Rear-adm. Edward Codrington. 163. Lieut.-col. Lord F. Somerset, 1st gds. 96. Rear-adm. Charles Rowley.

164. Lieut.-col, James Wilson, 48th ft. 97. Rear-adm. George Burltou.

165. Lieut.-col. Alex. Dickson, royal art, 98. Major-gen. Colquhoun Grant. 166. Lieut.-col. John May, royal art. 99. Major-gen. Sir T. Sidney Beckwith. 167. Lieut.-col, G. Scovell, late staff cav, 100. Major-gen. Hon. R. W. O'Callaghan. 168. Lieut.-col. Wm. Gomm, Coldstr.-gds. 101. Major-gen. John Keane.

169. Lieut.-col. Ulysses Burgh, Ist gds. 102. Major-gen. Colin Halkett.

170. Lieut. col. Francis D'Oyley, 1st gds. 103. Major-gen. Henry Edward Bunbury. 171. Lieut. col. R. Williams, rl. marines. 104. Major-gen, Richard Hussey Vivian. 172. Lieut..col. J. Malcolm, rl. marines. 105. Major-gen. Henry Torrens.

173. Lieut.-col. James A. Hope, 3d gds. 106. Capt. Sir George Eyre, K.N.

174. Lieut.-col. Augustus Prazer, roy. art. 107. Capt. Sir Charles Brisbane, R. N. 175. Lieut.-col. Hew D. Ross, royal art. 108. Capt. John Talbot, R. N.

176. Lieut.-col. Edm. K. Williams, 81st ft, 109. Capt. Sir Edward Berry, bart. R. N. 177. Lieut.-col. Maxwell Grant, 420 ft. 110. Capt. Sir Edward Hamilton, R. N. 178. Lieut.-col. Fred. Stovin, 28th ft. 111. Capt. Edward W. C. R. Owen, R. N. 179. Lieut..col. Jos. Carncross, royal art. 112. Capt. Sir 'T. M. Hardy, bart. R. N. 180. Lieut.-col. Rob. Gardiner, royal art. 113. Capt. Sir Jahleel Brenton, bart. R. N. 181. Lieut.-col. John Dyer, royal art. 114. Capt. Sir M. Seymour, bart. R. N. 115. Capt. Sir Thomas Lavie, R. N.

List of Honorary Knights Commmanders of

the Most Honourable Military Order. 116. Capt. Sir P. B. V. Broke, bart. R. N. 117. Capt. Sir William Hoste, bart, R. N.

1. Lieut.-gen, Charles Baron Liosingen, 118. Capt. Sir Christopher Cole, R. N. 2. Lieut.-gen. Count Walmoden. 119. Capt. Sir G. R. Collier, bart. R. N. 3. Lieut.-gen. Count Nugent, 120. Capt. Sir James Lind, R. N.

4. Major-gen. Sigismund Baron Low, 121. Capt, James Alexander Gordon, R.N. 5. Major.gen. Charles Baron Alten. 182. Capt. Sir Thomas Staines, R. N. 6. Major-gen. Henry de Hinuber. 123. Capt. Sir Edward Tucker, R. N. 7. Major-gen. Wilhelm de Dornberg. 124. Capt, Sir James Lucas Yeo, R. N. 8. Col. Frederick Earon de Arentschildt, 125. Col. J. Elley, royal regt. horse-gds.

9. Lieut.-col. F. A. de Hertzberg. 126, Col. Charles P. Belson, 28th regt.

10. Lieut. col. Julius Hartmann. 127. Col.W. H. Delancey, Dep. Q.-M.gen. 16th. The third class of the Most Ho. 128. Col. Benj. Durban, 2d West India reg: nourable Military Order of the Bath shall 129. Col. G. Rideout Bingham, 53d ft. be composed of Officers holding Commis. 130. Col. Hon. Ch. J. Greville, 38th ft. sions in his Majesty's service by Sea or 131. Col. Hoylet Framingham, royal art. Land, who shall be styled Companions of 132. Col. Andrew F. Barnard, 95th ft. the said Order. They shall not be en. 133, Col. William Robe, royal art.

titled to the appellation, style, precedence, 134. Col. Henry Watson Ellis, 23d ft. or privilege of Knights Bachelors, but 135, Col. John Cameron, 9th ft.

they shall take place and precedence of all 136. Col. Hon. R. Le Poer Trench, 741h ft. Esquires of the United Kingdom of Greas 137. Col. Charles Pratt, 5th ft.

Britain and Ireland. 133. Col. Edward Blakeney, 7th ft.

17th. No Officer shall be nominated a 139. Col. John M'Clean, 27th ft.

Companion of the said Most Honourable 140. Col. R. D. Jackson, Coldstr.-gds. Order, unless he shall have received, or 141. Col. William Douglas, 91 st ft.

shall hereafter receive a Medal, or other 142. Col. Colin Campbell, Coldstr.-gds. Badge of Honour, or shall have been 143. Col. John Colborne, 52d ft.

especially mentioned by name in dis. 144. Col. Sir A. Campbell, Portug. service. patches published in the London Gazette, 145. Col. Thomas Arbuthnot, 57th ft. as having distinguished himself by bis va146. Col. Hen. F. Bouverie, Coldstr.-gdş. lorir and conduct in action against his 147. Lieut.-col. Wm. Williams, 13th ft. Majesty's enemies, since the commence148. Lieut.-col. H. H. Bradford, 1st gds. ment of the war in 1803, or shall here149. Lieut.-col. Alex. Leich, 31st ft. after be nained in dispatches published in 150, Lieut.-col. Hon. R. L. Dundas,rl.staff. the London Gazelte, as having distin151. Lieut.-col. R. Arbuthnot, Coldstr.-gds. guished bimself. 152, Lieut.-col. Sir Charles Sutton, 23d ft. 13tli. The Companions of the said Order 153. Lieuto-col. J. Douglas, Portug. serv. shall wear the badge assigned to the Third 154. Lieut.-col. Hen. Hardinge, 1st gds. Class, pendant by a narrow red ribband 155. Lieut.-col. G. H. F. Berkeley, 35th ft. to the button-hole. 156. Lieut-col. J. Dickson, assist. q. m. .. 19th. And his Royal Highness the Prince 157. Lieut.-col. Sir John M. Doyle, Regeot bath been pleased to ordain and 158 Lieut.-col. Sir T. Noel Hill, 1st gds. enjoin, that the said Knights-Coinmanders 159. Lieut.-col. Robert Macara, 420 ft. and the said Companions, shall respec160. Lieut.-col. Hon. A. Gordon, 3d ft.gds. tively be governed by the rules and regu. 161. Lieut.-col. Henry Wm. Carr, 830 ft. lations which his Royal Highness, in the 162. Liputo-col. Ch. Broke, assist. y. m. gi .name and on the behalf of his Majesty,


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