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rated and disgusted with all the vexations, inst. I have now the satisfaction to indeceptious, and perfidies of Murat. form your Lordship, that, sioce that peARMY OF NAPLES,

riod, a series of bold and rapid moveHead-quarters of Gen. Count Nugent, meats, on the part of that General, have

Bivouack of Arce, May 15. been crowned with the most complete sucMy Lord. - My last report, dated Rome, cess, and the Enemy's army opposed to the 11th inst. stated the march of Gen. him defeated and totally dispersed. -On Count Nugent's corps from Valmontone, the night of the 15th, the advanced guard in the Roman States, on Firentine, and moved forward from the camp of Arce on towards the frontier of the., kingdom of the road towards St. Germavo, having the Naples; the Enemy retiring before him, Enemy in front, strongly posted on the and only engaging in partial conibat oc banks of the Melfa ; during the night, casionally, has since that period been however, he retreated to St. Germano, driven beyond the Garigliano, as far back breaking down the bridge across that river. 'as St. Germano, a distance of thirty miles No time was lost in throwing a bridge over from his frontier, followed by the advance the Melfa, and at ten o'clock, on the guard, close to that town. On the 14th, morning of the 16th, it was crossed by the, Marshal Murat' having arrived in person. infantry; the cavalry in the mean time at St. Germano, and the Enemy being having passed it where it was fordable for considerably reinforced, he advanced again horses. On the same day, before dayfrom St. Germano, and drove back the ad- light, Gen. Nugent advanced his whole vanced guard of this army; the same corps to the Melfa, and baving there reev ing he attacked the out-posts at all ceived a reinforcement of hussars and poiuts, and surrounded them with great chasseurs, he marched forward in order of superiority of numbers ; notwithstanding battle to attack the Enemy at San Gerwhich, the gallantry of the troops was mano, where the united force of Macdosuch, that every detached guard not only nald, Manheis, and Pignatelli, had laken cut its way through the Enemy, but

post. small corps of advance bad brought in a number of prisoners, to the marched from Ponte Corvo to tura the amount of three or four hundred. The Enemy's left flank, and which had already attack of the out-posts was not followed get behind his position, and the armed ina up, as we had reason to expect, by a habitants of the village of Piedemonte, serious operation against our position at with a few soldiers, possessed themselves Ceprano on the Garigliano, in expectation of the strong position of the Convent of of which the troops remained the greater Monte Casino, upon the mountain which part of the day in order of battle. On the

protects the right flank of San Germquo; 15th the Enemy began again to retire; the army at the same time advanced upon his movement was then plainly ascer the high road, preceded by the whole of the tained to be a manoeuvre to cover and fa Tuscan cavalry,and some squadronsof huss. cilitate the escape of Marshal Murat to On the approach of the troops the Capua, who arrived at St. Germano, with Enemy declined the combat, and hastily only three or four officers and a few dra abandoned his position, leaving behind goons, and left it again in a couple of him many prisoners and deserters, and hours. Towards sun-set on the same day, fell back to the village of Miguano, nine Gen. Nugent resumed the offensive, not miles distant from this place; San Gero withstanding the disparity of numbers, mano was in consequence immediately the Enemy having near 10,000 men; occupied by the Allied troops.—The taking crossing the Garigliano on a bridge thrown of San Germano was but the prelude to a over it, to replace that burnt by the French movement which terminated gloriously for General, Mapbeis, when he sacked and this army, in the total annihilation of the burnt the unfortunate town of Ceprano, Enemy's corps opposed to it. In the pohe pursued his march on the road towards sition of Mignano, where his whole force St. Germano, and bivouacked under the was again united, he was attacked at mida little town of Arce, whence this report is night by the advanced guard, commanded dated. Gen. Manheis has been joined by by Baron d’Aspre, with about seven or the Minister at War, M‘Donald, and it is eight hundred inen : the darkness of the probable that their combined force will hour preventing him from ascertaining occupy this night a position on the Melfa. the strength of the attacking corps; the

I have the honour, &c. C. CHURCH. Enemy's troops, after a few discharges of Lieuto-gen. Lord Stewart, G.C. B. Vienna. musketry, were totally routed, saving

only his cavalry and artillery. In this Head-quarters of Gen. Count Nugent, attack, singularly successful, and higbly

San Germano, May 17. creditable to Baron D'Aspre and the troops My Lord, - My last dispatch, dated under his orders, above 1000 prisoners from the Bivouack of Arcr, brought the have been made, a quantity of arms and details of the opera: ions of Gen. Count military equipments taken, and the whole Nugent's corps up to the date of the 15th of the Enemy's infantry dispersed. De




serters, in companies of bundreds, have sequences that might follow an event so come in, and are hourly joining this camp. much dreaded by all classes of the inbaThis brilliant affair has concluded the bitants. The organization of the Neapolioperations of Count Nugent in this quar tan volunteers has gone on amazingly well; ter, in which he has destroyed the army and it is even probable that a detachment called the Army of the Interior, with a of them may be sent to pass the Volturno force originally very inferior to that of the at its mouth, and push on to Naples, by Enemy. During the last ten days, the the road of Pozzuoli; in that case, I beNeapolitan army has lost at least from lieve I shall be entrusted with this opesix to seven thousand men ; and the whole ration. I am very happy to state, that number of this army (alluding solely to the although the whole of the country through army opposed to Gen. Nugent), escaped which we have passed has risen in arms from the general overthrow, cannot amount against the Usurper's forces, no act of exto more than 700 men. In the course of cess or disorder has been committed by this General's movements, commencing at the armed inhabitants, who have on Pistoia, he has, at different periods, de occasiou been allowed to act in independe feated the Enemy's Generals, Carascosa, ent bodies, under the denomination of Manheis, Livron, Macdonald, and the two Massa ; on the contrary, they have been Pignatelli's, besides others; and not even obliged to act according to military disthe presence of Marshal Murat himself, at cipline, and under the direction of regular San Germano, on the 15th, could prevent officers.--I have, &c. C. CHURCH. the destruction of his army, and conse Lieut.-gen. Ld. Stewart, G. C. B. &c. quently the ruin of his authority. I have, &c. C. CHURCH.


Foreign-office, June 7.-- Copy and exHead-quarters, Bivouack of Cajaniello, tract of dispatches from Lord Burghersh,

near Calvi, May 18. his Majesty's Envoy Extraordinary and My Lord,, I had the honour to trans Minister Plenipotentiary to the Court of mit to your Lordship a report, dated yes. Florence. terday, with details of the occupation of

Rome, May 16, 1815. St. Germano, and of the defeat of the My Lord, I bave received a letter from Enemy at Mignano; I have now to report Capt. Campbell, of the Tremendous, dated the junction of the whole Austrian force, Naples the 13th inst. in which he states, under the command of Gen.Baron Bianchi, that in consequence of the arrangements at this camp. Cajaniello being the angle made with me at Florence, and transmitted of the junction of the high roads leading to your Lordsbid in a former dispatch, he from Rome, Aquila, and Pescara, to Ca. had proceeded off the Bay of Naples. He pua and Naples, the different divisious stated, on his arrival there, to the Neapocommanded by the Generals Nugent, litan Government, that unless the ships of Mohr, Neyperg, aud D’Eckart, form for war were surrendered to him, he would the moment but one corps, the advanced bombard the town. A French frigate apguard of which, under Gen. Starhemberg, pearing at that moment, Capt. Campbell is at Calvi. The shattered and wretched proceeded towards her, and followed her remains of the Enemy's army, which, lit into Gaeta. He returned on the 11th with tle more than a month ago, Marshal Mu- his squadron, consisting of his own ship rat published to the world as consisting of the Tremendous, the Alcmene frigate, and 80,000 combatants, is now reduced to a the Partridge sloop of war, By a letter corps, perhaps not amounting to 8000 from the Duke de Gallo, he was requested effective men, including the detachments not to proceed against the town ; Prince of invalids, gendarmerie, civic guards, &c. Cariati was sent by Madam Murat, to nedrawn from Naples and the provinces; gociate for the surrender of the ships, and with this force, broken in spirit, the ma Capt. Campbell dictated the following jority of which detest the cause of the terms, which were agreed to: 1st, The usurper, it appears that Marshal Murat ships of the line in the bay to be given up. will take post in and about Capua, until 2d. The arsenal of Naples to be delivered finally overwhelmed by the superb and over, and Commissioners appointed to take victorious army which will now surround an inventory of its actual state. 3d. The him in every direction. Having but this ship of the line on the stocks, with all the moment reached the general head-quar- materials for its completion, to be also ters with Gen. Nugent's corps, I cannot given up and guaranteed. These capyet state which of the Austrian corps will tures to be at the joint disposition of the march on Naples by Caijagga and Caserta, Government of England and of Ferdinand nor which will blockade the Enemy's posi- the Fourth of Naples. In return, Capt, tion of Capua, and in the present state of Campbell engaged not to act against the affairs it seems immaterial; the great ob- town of Naples. - Capt. Campbell was ject now being to save the capital from in possession of the two ships of the line any rising of the populace, and the con when he wrote to be at eight pe m. on the

13th; they were to proceed the next day out calling your' Lordship's attention to to Palermo or Malta.--I beg to congratu the manner in which the campaign, now late your Lordship on thiş success; it re terminated, has been carried on by Gen. flects the highest credit on Capt. Campbell, Bianchi. The activity with which he bas by whose energy and activity it has been pushed his operations is almost without obtained. The feeling of the inhabitants example. The constant successes which of Naples is excellent; a riot in the town have attended his arms are crowned in the against the Government had been feared, satisfaction of his being able to re-establish but since the arrival of the British squad- the authority of the legitimate Sovereign, ron, order had been established.

without those misfortunes to the country

attendant on protracted military operaExtract of a dispatch from Lord Burg tions. With regard to Marshal Murat, he hersh to Viscount Castlereagh, dated is stated to be in Naples; Gen. Bianchi Teano, May 21 :

has declared that he must consent to go I have the honour of congratulating your to the Austrian Hereditary Siates, where Lordship on the termination of the war his future situation will be fixed; no anwith the Government of Naples, closed by swer has been received from him. the Military Convention 1 herewith trans [The Military Conventiou follows here : mit, by which the kingdom, its fortresses, it consists of 13 articles. The first den arsenals, military force and resources, are, clares an armistice between the Allied and almost without exception, surrendered to the Neapolitan troops in the kingdom of the Allies, to be returned to the lawful Naples. The second declares, that all forSovereign of the country, Ferdinand the tified places, sea ports, and arsenals, shall Fourth.-After the successes obtained by be surrendered to the Allied Powers, in Gen. Nugent, and stated in my last dis- order to be made over to Ferdinand the patch, Gen. Bianchi received, on the 18th, Fourth, with the exception of Gaeta, Pesa message from the Duke de Gallo, re cara, and Ancona, which, although blockquesting an interview, to communicate to aded by the Allied forces, not being in the him propositions he was charged with from line of the operations of the army under Marshal Murat. A meeting for the next the General in Chief Carrascosa, he deday was appointed: on the part of Eng- clares himself unable to decide upon their land, Gen. Bianchi requested me to attend fate, as the officers commanding them are it, and in the absence of the British Com. not under his orders. The third article manders in Chief, both by sea and land, I fixes the following periods for the surrenconsented. I met therefore the Duke deGallo der of the fortresses and the march of the with Gen. Bianchi, on the morning of the Austrian army upon Naples; Capua to be 19th. The conversation which ensued with given up on May 21, on which day the that Minister led to no other result than in Austrian army will take its position on the having given the Allies an opportunity of Canal de Reggi Lagni: on May 22, the stating to him the grounds on which alone Austrian army will occupy a position on they would engage to arrest their military the line of Averse, Fragola, Meleto, and movements. Having stated that he had Juliano. The Neapolitan troops will no authority to treat on any basis of the march on that day upon Salerno, which nature so announced to him, the Duke de place they will reach in two days, and Gallo returned to Naples, baving received, concentrate their quarters in the town and however, an assurance, that any proposin its environs, in order to wait the decision tions Gen. Carrascosa might wish to make, of their future destiny. On May 23, the should, in the course of the following day, Allied army will take possession of the be received.—The meeting with Gen. Car- city, citadel, and all the forts of Naples. rascosa took place this morning. Gen. The Convention is signed on one part by Niepperg, on the part of Austria; Gen. Gen. Carrascosa and Colleta ; and on that Colleta, on that of Naples; and myself, of the Allies by Count Niepperg, Gen. in the absence of the British Commanders Bianchi, and Lord Burghersh.] in Chief; negociated the Military Convention. On the part of Naples, proposi SUPPLEMENT TO THE GAZETTE, June 13. tions were at first made totally inadmissi Foreign-office, June 13. Dispatch re. ble: on our part, the abdication of Mare ceived from Lord Burghersh, bis Majesty's shal Murat was insisted upon. Gen. Col. Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Pleni. leta wished to secure for that person a potentiary at the Court of Tuscany. safe retreat to France; but, finding that

Naples, May 23, such was totally impossible, and having My Lord, Prince Leopold, of Sicily, declared that he had no authority from greeted by the general applause of the Marshal Murat to treat with regard to people, made his entry into this city, at him, the Convention, such as your Lord- the head of the Austrian troops, on the ship will receive it, was agreed to. It is 29d. The passage of that Prince through impossible to conclude this dispatch with his father's states, to the capital, has been Gent. Mag, Suppl. LXXXV, PART I.

most G

most gratifying The inhabitants from Council Ys pleased to publish the following considerable distances flocked to meet him, statement of the operations of the 2d diviand, having reassumed the national cock sion of the field army, under the command ade, brought him proofs of their attachment of Col. Mawby, of his Majesty's 53d regt. to his family, and their detestation of the before Kalunga, which terminated in the rule they were escaping from, imposed eyacuálion of the fort on the 30th Novemupon them by conquest, and maintained ber.--The battering train from Delhi bavby force. By the Convention transmitted ing arrived in camp on the 24th ult. the to your Lordship in my last dispatch, the operations of the army against the fort of Allied arins were to have been placed in Kalunga were resumed on the morning of possession of Naples on this day. The the 25th. At one o'clock p. m. on the 27th, popular feeling bad, however, so strongly the breach was reported completely pracmanifested itself against the then existing ticable by the officers in charge of the Government on the 20th and 21st, that engineer and artillery departments. Col. Marsbal Murat left the town in disguise, Mawby having also satisfied himself of the and his wife sought the security which had fact from personal observation, and being been assured her, on board a British man anxious to avoid any delay wbich should of war. - Gen. Carrascosa sent to Gen. afford the Enemy sufficient time to Bianchi, requesting he would prevent the strengthen his internal defence, either by misfortunes with which the town was me cutting up the breach, or erecting works naced, by entering it immediately; and so as to command the entrance into it, Madame Murat, by the same request to ordered the storming party instantly to Adm. Lord Exmouth, prevailed upon him advance. The storming party, consisting to land a body of 500 marines to maintain of all the grenadiers of the division, and tranquillity.-Marshal Murat appears to one battalion company of the 53d, with the have been fully aware of the little support light infantry company of that corps, was his usurped dominion, when menaced, led by Major Ingleby, and after being exwould receive, either from the army or the posed till 3 o'clock, an interval of two inhabitants of this kingdom ; his children hours, to a most galling and destructive were already placed at Gaeta. Gen. fire of musketry and matchlocks, they Bianchi sent forward his cavalry, under found their efforts opposed by insuperable Count Neipperg, on the evening of the obstacles, and were in consequence order21st. It occupied this city during the ed to abandon the attack.-In this arduous night, and preserved it from disorder. and gallant but unsuccessful struggle, Prince Leopold has requested all the Au many brave officers and men were killed thorities of the Kingdom, the Ministers of and wounded. The most honourable testi. State, and the Officers of the Army, to mony is borne by Col. Mawby to the zeal remain at their post, to await the orders of aud courage displayed by the officers and the King.-Admiral Penrose sailed from men engaged in the assault; and although herice to Melazzo, to bring bis Majesty to their brave efforts were not crowned with his capital. lu a few days his Majesty's immediate success, they produced such an arrival may be expected. -Lord Exmouth effect as to convince the Enemy of the inarrived in The Bay of Naples on the 20th. utility of further resistance: accordingly, The expedition from Sicily arrived this on the 30th, at 4 a. M. the Nepaulese garmoruing. - Madame Murat will sail to rison abandoned the fort of Kalunga to morrow, on board of his Majesty's ship the British troops. - The following is the Tremendous, towards Gaeta, to receive official return of the killed, wounded, and her children on board, and will then pro- missing, in the assault on the 27th Nov. ceed to Trieste.-- No disturbances of any Killed.- Detachment of horse artillery, serious nature have taken place. The en 1 serjeant, 1 rank and file. 63d foot, i mity against such as are supposed, fiom Jieut. 13 rank and file. 1st batt. 61b Nat. their employments, to have been attached Inf. 1 rank and file. 2d gren. comp. 61h to the late Government, is great; but the nat. inf. 1 captain, 4 rank and file. 1st activity with which Gen. Bianchi bas car. balt. 7th nat. inf. 1 native commissioned vied assistance to the points where it officer, 1 bavildar, 7 rank and file. Ist might be required, has retained the coun batt. 13th nat. inf. 1 lieutenant, 4 rank try quiet. I bave, &c.

BURGHERSH. and file.

Wounded.-Detachment of horse artilSUPPLEMENT TO Gazette, June 17. lery, 1 lieutenant, 9 rank and file. Ditto India-Board, Whitehall, June 15.-The foot artillery, 7 rank and ble. 53d foot, following statement of the operations of major, 1 captain, S lieutenants, 1 ensign, the second division of the field army, under 12 serjeants, 3 drummers, 184 rank and the command of Lieut.-col. Mawby, of his file. ist batt. 6th nat. inf. 1 native comMajesty's 53d regt. before Kalunga, bas missioned officer, I havildar, 11 rank and been this day received from lodia: file. 2d gren. comp. 6th nat. inf. 1 native

Fort William, Dec. 13, 1814. commissioned officer, 2 havildars, 1 drumHis Excellency thre Vice-President in mer, 54 rank and file. 1st, batt. 7tb pat.

inf. 1 native commissioned officer, 7 havil. prove that the Enemy's movement upon dars, 65 rank and file. 1st batt. 13th nat. Charleroy was the real attack., The Eueinf. 1 captain, 3 native commissioned of my drove the Prussian posts from the ficers, o havildars, 1 drummer, 58 rank Sambre on that day; and Gen. Zeiten, and file. Pioneers, 1 havildar, 8 rank who commanded the corps which had been and file.

at Charleroy, retired upon Fleurus; and Missing.---53d foot, 2 rauk and file. 2d Marshal Prince Blucher concentrated the gren. comp. 6th nat. inf. 1 rank and file. Prussian army upon Sambret, holding the

The privates returned missing are sup- villages in front of his position of St. posed to have been killed in the fort. Amand and Ligny. - The

conti. Oficers' names Killed.-53d foot, Lieut. nued his march along the road from CharHarrington, 1st batt. nat. inf. ; Capt. leroy towards Bruxelles, and on the same Campbell. 1st batt. 13th nat. inf. Lieut. evening, the 15th, attacked a brigade of Cunningham.

the army of the Netherlands, under the Officers' names Wounded.- Horse artil. Prince de Weimar, posted at Frasne, and lery, Lieut. Fireworker, J. B. Luxford, very forced it back to the farm-house on the dangerously. 83d foot, Major Ingleby, same road, called Les Quatre Bras.-The slightly; Capt. Stone, Lieut. Horseley, Prince of Orange immediately reinforced severely; Lieut. Green, slightly; Lieut. this brigade with another of the same di. Brodie, Ens. Aufrere, severely. Ist batt. vision, under Gen. Perponcher, and in the 13th nat. inf. Capt. Blake, severely. morning early regained part of the ground

[This Supplement also contains dis which had been lost, so as to have the compatches from Col. Ochterlony, stating lhe mand of the communication leading from surrender, on the 4th of November, of the Nivelles and Bruxelles with Marshal Bluforts of Nalagar and Tarregar, garrisoned cher's position. In the mean time I had by ninety-five Goorka officers and pri- directed the whole army to march upon vates, with a loss on our side of t killed Les Quatre Bras; and the 5th division, and 6 wounded ; and a report, dated the under Lieut.-gen. Sir Thomas Picton, ar. 25th of November, from Major Bradshaw, rived at about half-past two in the day, of the successful operations of a division followed by the corps of troops under the of his troops, uader Capt. Hay, against Duke of Brunswick, and afterwards by the Pursaram Thapa, the Nepaulese Subah of contingent of Nassau. At this time the the Teraiee. The Subah, who occupied Enemy commenced an attack upon Prince this position with about 400 men, Blucher with his whole force, excepting completely surprised: he himself was the 1st and 2d corps, and a corps of cakilled ; one of his chief Sirdars, severely valry under Gen. Kellerman, with which wounded, was found among the slain, which he attacked our post at Les Quatre Bras. is stated to have amounted to about 51 ' The Prussian army maintained their pomountaineer soldiers. A number of the sition with their usual gallantry and perEnemy were wounded, and many were severance, against a great disparity of drowned in the river Bagnulee. Two numbers, as the 4th corps of their army, standards were taken. The total of our under Gen. Bulow, had not joined, and I Joss consisted of 2 killed and 21 wounded, was not able to assist them as I wished, as including Lieut. Boileau, who received a I was attacked myself, and the troops, the deep sabre cut in a personal contest with cavalry in particular, which had a long the Subah.]

distance to march, had not arrived. We

maintained our position also, and com. LONDON GAZETTE EXTRAORDINARY, June 22. pletely defeated and repulsed all the Ene.

Downing-street, June 22. — Major the my's attempts to get possession of it. . The Hon. H. Percy arrived late last night with Enemg repeatedly attacked us with a large the following dispatch from Field-Marshal body of infantry and cavalry, supported the Duke of Wellington, K. G.

by a numerous and powerful artillery : Waterloo, June 19. he made several charges with the cavalry My Lord,-Buonaparte having collected upon our infantry, but all were repulsed the 1st, 2d, 3d, 4th, and 6th corps of the in the steadiest manner. In this affair French army, and the Imperial Guards, his Royal Highness the Prince of Orange, and nearly all the cavalry on the Sambre, the Duke of Brunswick, and Lieut.-gen. and between that river and the Meuse, Sir Thomas Picton, and Major-gen. Sir between the 10th and 14th of the month, James Kempt, and Sir Denis Pack, who advanced on the 15th, and attacked the were engaged from the commencement of Prussian posts of Thuin and Lobez, on the the Enemy's attack, highly distinguished Sambre, at day-light in the morning.--I themselves, as well as Lieut.-gen. Charles did not hear of these events till the eve Baron Alten, Major-gen. Sir C. Halket, ping of the15th, and I immediately ordered Lieut.-geu. Cooke, and Major-generals the troops to prepare to march, and after Maitland and Byng, as they successively wards to march to their left, as soon as I arrived. The troops of the 5th division, had intelligence from other quarters to and those of the Brunswick corps, were



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