Popular British Ballads, Ancient and Modern, 第 2 卷

Dent, 1894

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第39页 - In behint yon auld fail dyke, I wot there lies a new slain knight; And naebody kens that he lies there, But his hawk, his hound, and lady fair. "His hound is to the hunting gane, His hawk to fetch the wild-fowl hame, His lady's ta'en another mate, So we may mak our dinner sweet.
第21页 - THERE lived a wife at Usher's Well, And a wealthy wife was she ; She had three stout and stalwart sons, And sent them oer the sea. They hadna...
第19页 - She has taken up her two little babes, Kiss'd them baith cheek and chin ; " O fair ye weel, my ain two babes, " For I'll never see you again." She set her foot upon the ship, No mariners could she behold ; But the sails were o' the taffetie, And the masts o
第2页 - That name does not belang to me; I am but the Queen of fair elfland, That am hither come to visit thee.
第40页 - Wi' ae lock o' his gowden hair We'll theek our nest when it grows bare. " Mony a one for him makes mane, But nane sall ken where he is gane : O'er his white banes, when they are bare, The wind sall blaw for evermair.
第22页 - Blow up the fire, my maidens ! Bring water from the well ! For a' my house shall feast this night, Since my three sons
第224页 - Before the barn-door crowing, The cock by hens attended, His eyes around him throwing, Stands for a while suspended. Then one he singles from the crew, And cheers the happy hen; With how do you do, and how do you do, And how do you do again.
第19页 - O what hills are yon, yon pleasant hills, That the sun shines sweetly on ? " — " O yon are the hills of heaven," he said,
第23页 - The cock doth craw, the day doth daw, The channerin' worm doth chide; Gin we be miss'd out o' our place, A sair pain we maun bide.
第77页 - He has ta'en the table wi' his hand, He garr'd the red wine spring on hie — "Now Christ's curse on my head," he said, "But avenged of Lord Scroope I'll be!