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The 93d, 94th, 95th, 96th, 97th, 98th, 99th, 1ooth,

101/1, 102d; 103d, 104th, 105th, ! , 107th, 108th, 1o9th, 110th, ilith, 112, 113th and

114th Questions of the Heidelberg Catechism. Of the moral Law,

153 The 115th Question of the Heidelberg Catechism. Of our Imperfection in keeping the Law; and the

Use of the Law. The 116th, 117th and 118th Questions of the Hei

delberg Catechism. Of the Necessity of Prayer, and its Properties. 166 The 119th, 120th, 121, 1220, 123d, 124th, 125th,

126th, :27th, 128th and 129th Questions of the

Heidelberg Catechism. Of the Lord's Prayer.

168 A D D I TION, Some Observations made on the Lord's Prayer; and Use of Forms of Prayer.

173 Ot Fasting.

174 Of the external Profeffion of Faith.

176 The Application upon this Doctrine: Containing,

the great Importance of studying and practising the Christian Religion, being both the Light of the World, and the Sait of the Earth.

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