Reports of Important Cases Heard and Determined by the Supreme Court of Ceylon ...: 1877. 1878



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第 420 頁 - If a person has actually removed to another place, with an intention of remaining there for an indefinite time, and as a place of fixed present domicile, it is to be deemed his place of domicile, notwithstanding he may entertain a floating intention to return at some future period.
第 174 頁 - And if a grant is made of a joint^estate to husband and wife, and a third person, the husband and wife...
第 172 頁 - A. be dead at the date of the will or at the death of the testator, the issue of that child cannot take anything.
第 78 頁 - That it is an universal rule that the master, if in a state of distress or pressure, before hypothecating the cargo, must communicate, or even endeavour to communicate, with the owner of the cargo, has not been alleged, and is a position that could not be maintained ; but it may safely, both on authority and on principle, be said, that, in general, it is his duty to do so, or it is his duty, in general, to attempt to do so.
第 169 頁 - Also, if a joynt estate be made of land to a husband and wife and to a third person, in this case the husband and wife have in law in their right but...
第 iv 頁 - Statutes, the depositions on oath of a Witness legally taken are admissible evidence against him, if he is subsequently tried on a criminal charge. The only exception is, in the case of answers to questions which he objected to when his evidence was taken as tending to criminate him. but which he has been improperly compelled to answer.
第 342 頁 - ... he must make compensation. Applying these two principles to the present case, we think that no cause of action accrued for the mere excavation by the defendant in his own land, so long as it caused no damage to the plaintiff; and that the cause of action did accrue when the actual damage first occurred.
第 171 頁 - may be born," provided for the birth of children between the making of the will and the death.
第 156 頁 - And we think it sustainable also on principle; for after the debt has formed an item in an account stated between the debtor and his creditor, it must be taken that the debtor has satisfied himself of the justice of the demand; that it is a debt which he is morally, if not legally, bound to pay, and which, therefore, forms a good consideration for a new promise...
第 83 頁 - Victoria, with force and arms, at the township aforesaid, in the county aforesaid, unlawfully,'riotously and routously did assemble and gather together, to disturb the peace of our said lady the Queen, and being so then and there assembled and gathered together, in and upon one A.