Europe, A Political Profile: An American Companion to European Politics: An American Companion to European Politics

ABC-CLIO, 2011年9月26日 - 868 頁
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The two-volume Europe, A Political Profile: An American Companion to European Politics is the first encyclopedic survey of politics in Europe especially written for a wide American public, including high school students. The first volume places national developments and institutions in a Europe-wide context and includes tables comparing European politics with U.S. politics. The second volume discusses the individual European nations by regional group, facilitating comparison of a country with neighboring nations.

All European countries are covered, including Turkey, Russia, and the Caucasian republics of Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. Each country profile includes an introduction to the land, the people, the economy, and the culture, as well as a timeline of historic highlights. The nation's political system is discussed, as are public policies and the major political parties. Each entry also provides tables listing heads of state, the composition of the legislative body, and the political leaders.


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HANS SLOMP is Lecturer in the Department of Political Science at the Catholic University of Nijmegen in the Netherlands. He is the author of "Labor Relations in Europe: A History of Issues and Developments" (Greenwood, 1990).