Acts and Joint Resolutions, Amending the Constitution, of the General Assembly of the State of Virginia

D. Bottom, 1918
Includes separately published extra sessions.


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第 368 頁 - All liabilities of the partnership, except liabilities to general partners and to limited partners on account of their contributions, have been paid or there remains property of the partnership sufficient to pay them, b. The consent of all members is had, unless the return of the contribution may be rightfully demanded under the provisions of paragraph 2, and c.
第 178 頁 - The application shall be subscribed and sworn to by each of the said supervisors before an officer authorized by the laws of this state to take...
第 366 頁 - Partners shall render on demand true and full information of all things affecting the partnership to any partner or the legal representative of any deceased partner or partner under legal disability.
第 367 頁 - A person who has contributed to the capital of a business conducted by a person or partnership erroneously believing that he has become a limited partner in a limited partnership, is not, by reason of his exercise of the rights of a limited partner, a general partner with the person or in the partnership carrying on the business, or bound by the obligations of such person or partnership ; provided that on ascertaining the mistake he promptly renounces his interest in the profits of the business,...
第 371 頁 - A contributor, unless he is a general partner, is not a proper party to proceedings by or against a partnership, except where the object is to enforce a limited partner's right against or liability to the partnership.
第 51 頁 - ... is the genuine signature of the person whose name it purports to be. Within ten days from the date of filing such petition the city clerk shall examine and from the voters...
第 545 頁 - Every partner must account to the partnership for any benefit, and hold as trustee for it any profits derived by him without the consent of the other partners from any transaction connected with the formation, conduct or liquidation of the partnership or from any use by him of its property.
第 401 頁 - ... shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and punished by a fine of not less than...
第 539 頁 - Court" includes every court and judge having jurisdiction in the case. "Business" includes every trade, occupation, or profession. "Person" includes individuals, partnerships, corporations, and other associations. "Bankrupt" includes bankrupt under the Federal Bankruptcy Act or insolvent under any state insolvent act. "Conveyance" includes every assignment, lease, mortgage, or encumbrance.
第 371 頁 - In any case not provided for in this act, the rules of law and equity, including the law merchant...