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Artificial Limbs.
PAGE Facial Massage, Etc. PAGE

PAGE Geo. R. Fuller Co...

Niagara Hydraulic Engine Co..xi x Vibrosim plex.....

Olds Gas Power Co....

600 R. Hoe & Co....

.lviii Ash Cans. Fences.

Rush Acetylene Generator Co.xlii Arrow Can Co........ .xlvii Enterprise Foundry Fence The Campbell Co....


....Xxxix Walter Scott & Co...............lii Auto Tires.

Floor Polisl. A. H. Kasner

Medicinal. .xvii Butcher Polish Co., The...... .12

Absorbine Jr.

XXX Bath Brushes,

lectro-Chemical Ring Co.....

2 Fountain Pens.

J. H. Friedenwald & Co. Alien Mig. Co...... L. E. Waterman Co.--590 & Cover4 Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup.

xiv Bath Cabinets. Garbage Cans.

Sandholm Drug Co..... ..ix

Quencer Allen Mfg. Co......

......... xlvii W. F. Young.

..597, 99 Arrow Can Co........

XXX Belts and Belting. Gas Burners.

Metals. Chas. A, Schiereư& Co.........xii Oakman Mig. Co........

Merchant & Evans Co..........xvi



Gas Engines.
J. & M. Haffen Brewing Co.....12 Olds Gas Power Co,......

Metal Polish. 600

G. W. Hoffman........




..603 Paper.

Buggies & Carts.
Gas Plants.

U. S. Buggy & Cart Co.........601 C. M. Kemp Mfg. Co.... 588

New York World
John Simmons Co.


St. Louis Post-Dispatch........xlvi Builders.

Moehn Automatic Gas Machine

xl Security Building Co.....Xliv-xlv Rush Acetylene Generator Co.xlii Notaries Public.

Braman Law Co.....

602 Cable Lines.

Ilay Presses, Anglo-American Telegraph Co.

Eagle Mfg. Co......

587 xiii

omce Specialties.

The Egry Autographic RegisCameras.

try Co..... Hospitals. New York Camera Exchange.589

X. Y. Physical & Surgical Clock

Hospital... C.F.Gillmann & Co.......... xliii

Wm. J. Willmann...... .587 Hydraulic Rams. Commissioners of Deeds for Niagara Hydraulic Engine Co.,xi Passport Agents. Every State and Foreign

Braman Law Co.......

..602 Country.

Braman Law Co.......... 602 Belle City Incubator Co........591

Racine Hatcher Co......

Chas. A. Scott..

xvii Correspondence Schools.

Edgar Tate & Co...

.602 International Correspondence

Evans, Wilkens & Co...

XXV Institutions. Schools..

Franklin H. Hough. ii

.xli The Cross Co.............. xli Leeley Iustitute..... .16a-16f James W. Bevans.

.xliii Milo B. Stevens & Co..

.X Detective Bureaus.

Munn & Co

602 O'Meara & Brock.

.5.99 Brooks Detective Bureau..... xliii Fidelity & Casualty Co...

.lv R. S. & A. B. Lacey.....

591 Empire Detective Bureau.....603 Postal Insurance Co......... 13 Shepherd & Parker..

xii R. C. Rathbone & Co..... xiv Watson E. Colenian...

589 Earphones. Travelers' Insurance Co. .....lxiv Wm. E. Hoyt...

Mears Earphone Co............. xli

D.C. Aaron Pen Co.....

1 Cincinnati Conservatory of

S. F. Myers Co. Music... 580-581

Portable Buildings. Fordham University..


..575-579 International Correspondence

The Chas. H. Manley Co....xxxii Braman Law Co....

.602 Schools. i Geo. Rouinson...

602 New York Preparatory School..14

Poultry Publications. Omnigraph, The. 598 Lead Pencils,

American Poultry Advocate..XXV The Cross Co..

xli Ward Seminary.

Eberhard Faber.


Printing Ink.
Elastic Hosiery.
Liquor Cures.
J. M. Huber.

li Geo. R. Fuller Co......

Kansas Anti-Liquor Society. ..603 Wm. H.Ray Ptg. Ink Mfg. Co..liii
Keeley Institute.......... 16a-161

Printing Presses.
Excursion Boats.

Walter Scott & Co.......
Jamestown Exposition Excur-
sion and Steamboat Co.....xxiv

C. M. Kemp Mfg. Co... 588
Eagle Mfg.Co....

587 Publications.

Tohn Simmons ('0. Expositions.

.xlvii American Poultry Advocate. XXV Moen Autoniatic Gas Mach- New York World..

.. lvii Jamestown Exposition.xviii-xxiii iue Co......

xl St. Louis Post-Dispatch.......xlvi



PAGE Schools and Colleges. PAGE

PAGE J. S, Ogilvie Pub. Co........692, 600 Cincinnati ('onservatory


Geo. R. Fuller Co..


J.C. Schnoler (0..... .591, 599 Puzzles.

Fordham University. 575-579

International Correspondence Type.
Ryede Specialty Works..... .16g Schools..
N. Y. Preparatory School.. 141

American Type Founders Co..589 Radiators.

The Cross Co.

xli Rochester Radiator Co......Xxvii Ward Seminary..

The Omnigraph..

598 Typewriters.
1582 Monarch Typewriter Co... Cover 3

Oliver Typewriter Co.. .698

Remington Typewriter Co.....588 interborough Rapid Transit J. M. Thorburn & Co.....

Typewriter Emporium... Co.......

....593-597 Long Island Railroad

Shoulder Braces.


Meilink Mfg. CO................ V Razors.

J. C. Schnoter Co..........691, 699
W.C. Sherman.....

Souvenir Post Cards.

Real Estate.

Independent Photo Card Co...603 Ryede Specialty Works........ 16g Bolton Realty Co........... .xxxix

Specialty Works,

Merchant & Evans Co........ ...Xvi Rheumatic Rings.

Ryede Specialty Works... . 16g
Electro-Chemical Ring Co.......2
Steambont Lines,

Dr. A. C. Daniels

viii Roofing Material. Jamestown Exposition Excur.

International Stock Food Co...IV American Sheet & Tin Plate

sion and Steamboat Co... ..xxiv Co.... 25

Water Motors. Merchant & Evans Co...... .xvi Stereotyping Machinery.

Smith & Hemenway Co... Cover 2 R. Hoe & Co..

Iviii Rope.

The Campbell Co...

...Ivi Water Works Systems, Columbian Rope Co........... XXV

C. A. Burton Machinery Co... xxix
Stock Food.
Dr. A. C. Daniels...

.viii Whiskey. Safe Deposit Vaults.

International Stock Food Co...XV Lincoln Sa.e Deposit Co.....xxviii



J.H. Friedenwald & Co..

J. Rieger & Co......

601 Meilink Mfg. Co............ J.C. Schnoter Co..........591, 599

Wholesale Dry Goods.

H. B. Chaflin Co............573-574 Safety Razors.

Telegraph Lines,
W.C. Sherman...
.Iv Anglo-American Telegraph Co. Wine Growers.


American Wine Growers' AsSanitariums. Time Stamps.



xliii Dr.C.0.Sahler Sanitarium, xxxyii C. F. Gillmann & Co.......

Brotherhood Wine Co.

..586 Dr. Wadsworth's Sanitarium

Eiseman & Co...

587 xxxix Trusses.

Italian-Swiss Colony.

.586 Elmcroft Sanitarium.xxxiv-xxxv Chas. W. Cluthe........... 16h Pleasant Valley Co...




PAGE 604.
Abdominal Supporters.
Artesian Wells.

Business Opportunities.
Artificial Human Eyes,

Cameras and Lenses.
Agents Wanted.
Assayers and Chemists,

Car Lighting:
Analytical Chemists.
Autographic Registers,

Carpet Cleaning.
Bankers and Brokers.

PAGE 605.
Catalpa Trees.

Electric Signs.

Consulting Chemists,

Chemical Apparatus.
Dancing Academies.


Detective Bureaus.

PAGE 606.
Homeopathic Pharmacies. Manicuring, etc.

Moving Picture Machines.
Insurance Brokers,
Medical Batteries.

Old Gold and Silver.
Lame People,
Mercantile Agencies.

Loan Brokers.


PAGE 607.
Postage Stamps.
Real Estate.

Storage Warehouses,
Poultry Supplies.
Saving Institutions.

Printing Presses,
Saw Mills, etc.

Vault Lights,
Steel Ceilings.

Wholesale Fish.

Covering All Accidents

Double Indemnity for Accidents of Travel. Accumulative provision Increasing Death and Dismemberment Benefits annually up to a 50 per cent increase. Surgical and Elective Benefits. Beneficiary Supplement.

Over $1,405,000 Paid in Accident Benefits in 1905

The Travelers' Insurance Co.


Pioneer Accident Company of America. Strongest in the World


GUARANTEED NET COSTS AND RESULTS, and low guaranteed premium in place of indefinite dividends. A BUSINESS PROPOSITION FOR BUSINESS MEN. Also


Elevators, Automobiles,


Employers, Contractors,


Excess Security to Policy-holders



[merged small][merged small][merged small][graphic][graphic][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small]

Trade-Mark, E-C.

Copyright, 1904, by W. G. Brownson.

The following diseases are caused by acid in the blood, and are cured by this ring, which takes from twenty-four hours to two weeks, according to disease and circumstances. The ring and the acid create an electro-chemical action, removing the acid and curing the disease.

umatism--Articular, Inflammatory, Sciatic, Muscular, Gout, Lumbago, Neuralgia, Heart, Fever. Rheumatic Paralysis--Typewriters, Pen Operators, or whereverlocated. Asthma, Goitre, Blood, Cancer, Varicose Veins, Varicocele, St. Vitus's Dance, Nervous Prostration, Acidity of Stomach causing Constipation, Bright's Disease, Sugar Diabetes, Diabetes, Dropsy, Prostatitis, Congestion of Kidneys, Catarrh of Bladder, Gravel, Gall-stone, Stone in Bladder, Calculi, Saltrheum, Psoriasis, Painful and Excessive Monthly Periods, Epliepsy, Chronic Dysentery, Bloody Flux, Nosebleed and all Internal Hemorrhages. Price, $2.00 ; Gold-covered, $4.00. By Mail or by Express. Collect on Delivery. Send paper size of finger. Agents wanted at places not taken. Send for additional information. The $2.00 ring is sold on a three weeks' guarantee ; ring can be returned and money will be refunded if not satisfactory. Not for sale by jewellers or druggists. Any person who uses our name or copies from our advertising, is fraudulently try'ing to do business on the reputation of this ring.

This ring is not for sale by wholesale houses or any firm advertising cheap rings and can only be obtained from us and our authorized agents.

PEOPLE WHO ARE SUBJECT TO RHEUMATIC, KIDNEY AND ALL ACID DISEASES HAVE EXPERIMENTED FOR HUNDREDS OF YEARS AND SPENT MILLIONS OF DOLLARS TAKING AND APPLYING REMEDIES. The time will certainly come when intelligent people will not submit to be experimented with to see if a medicine can be made to cure acid diseases.

Any reputable physician will advise you that a permanent cure in that manner is impossible, as the acid is liable to accumulate again at any time after you quit using ti u best remedies known to the medical profession. That acid in the blood caused a limited number of diseases has always been admitted, but the knowledge of the fact that an excess of acid is the cause of so many diseases of hitherto unknown pathology has been a revelation to the medical profession,

Electricity, if applied continuously, and in the proper proportion, will remove acid from the blood, and this is admitted by all who are good authority in acid diseases. By the use of the Electro-Chemical Ring the best results are obtained by an electro-chemical action, as it acts directly on the acid ; reducing the intensity and quantity until there is no surplus, when the ring will

quit working, and will work only when it is necessary to keep the acid reduced. The following well-known citizens recommend the Electro-Chemical Ring. Toledo, O.: R. A. Bartley, Wholesale Grocer; D. W. Betts, Contracting Agent Pennsylvania R. R. ; S. R. Brough, Assistant Cashier Toledo Á. B. & Trust Co. ; Col. J. Č. Bonner, Collector U. S. Customs ; A. W. Boardman, Secretary and Manager East Side Elevator Co. ; Chas. H. Gates, Gates Tours Thos. L. Gifford, Attorney ; F. K. Hogue, Real Estate ; Moulton Houk, Gen. Pass. Agent T. and 0. C. Ry: ; Wm. Kline, Supt. Tel. Lake Shore Ry. ; F. J. Krumling, Chief Western Union Telegraph ; Judge I. I. Millard ; J. N. Mockett, Clothing House ; Ira Richardson, Real Estate ; T. Schunk, President Schunk-Marquardt Co., Hardwate; Gen. Charles L. Young, 2 Vendome Flats.

Hon. C. L. Allen, Cashier Fayette Bank, Fayette, 0.; G. W. Brownson, Mgr. W. U. Tel. Co., Kansas City, Mo. ; T. Biggerstaff, Real Estate, Cleveland, O. ; Rev, D. E. Burt, Machias Junction, N. Y.; George W. Conrad, Grocer, &c., Newark, o. ; Cooper & Atwood, Manufacturers Harness, &c., Mount Vernon, 0.; Rev. D. W. Denney, 19 N. 4th Street, Terre Haute, Ind. ; E. A. Densmore, Freight Cashier's Office, Wabash Ry., Pittsburgh, Pa.; W. J. Dillon & Co., General Merchandise, Downs, Ill. ; F. F. Esser, General Store, Oconomowoc, Wis. ; Robert Frost, Police Justice, Olympia, Wash. ; Wm.' M. Godfrey, Empire Electric Co., Portland, Ore. ; F. C. Hackett, Manager Western Union Tel., Cleveland, O.; W. S. Jenkins, South Lancaster, Mass. ; G. H. Jameson, Cashier F. E. S. Bank, Dows, Ia. ; J. J. Kerling, Proprietor "The Fair,” Morrison, ill. ; J. C. Kanney, Grocer, Green Springs, O.; Rev. J. D. Klooz, Nora Springs, la. ; George J. La Bar, Furniture Dealer, Emporium, Pa.; W. H. Lau, 596 Grand Boulevard, Detroit, Mich. ; C. C. Leader & Son, Dry Goods, &c., Shamokin, Pa. ; Levis Bros., Flour, Feed, &c., Mattawa, Ont., Can. ; J. W. Long, Prop. Elevator, Florida, 0. ;D. C. Lloyd, Insurance, Fostoria, O.; F. W. Moyer, Ladies and Gents' Furnishings, Wauseon, 0.; J. G. McNerny, Western Union Telegraph, Buffalo, N. Y.; W. B. McMeans, Tinsmith &c., Cromwell, Ind. ; Capt. J. M. Marks, Amherstburg, Ont.. Can. ; Rev. John H. Mayne, Ackley, la. ; George McHenry, Geo. G. Haines Co., Pittsburgh, Pa.; John Morrow, President Conrad State Bank, Conrad, la.; J. S. Nye, Hardware, &c., Primghar, la. ; E Oelschlager, General Merchandise, Put-in-Bay, 0.;J. 'L. Osborn, Manager Veedersburg' Phone Co.; Veedersburg, Ind. ; George L. Perrow, 2946 Clark Ave., Śt. Louis, Mo. ; S. K. Randall, General Merchandise, Avilla, Ind. ; J. R. Smith, Local Manager Studebaker Bros., Bringham, Utah ; J. E. St. John, Supt. Industrial School, Lansing, Mich. ; Rev. John E. Vassar, Syracuse,

N. Y. ; A. J. Wiley, Dist. Agt. Int. Har. Co., Burlington, Vt. ; J. R.
Williams, Attorney, Muscatine, Ia. ; C. J. Woland, Hardware, &c.,
Lincoln, Ill. ; 1. T. Welch, Marble Yard, Harlan, Ia.
116 13th Street, Toledo, Ohio.


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