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On receipt of $3.00 we will send by express, one gallon barrel of our celebrated seven-years-old F. R. P. Whiskey, 100 per cent. proof; each barrel has a neat brass spigct, a drinking glass and stand, and packed in a plain case. We guarantee this Whiskey equal to any $6.00 quality. We ship direct from oun distillery to the consumer, at wholesale prices. Try a barrel. We also ship in Our Baby Barrel 35 other kinds of Wines and Liquors.

Write for full list of Barrel Goods, or we will ship four full quarts for $3.00. Specify when ordering whether you wish a Baby Barrel or four full quarts.


We will ship a combination order of our Maryland Rye and our celebrated FRIEDENWALD'S BUCHU-GIN, as advertised for all Kidney, Liver and Bladder Complaints. See advertisement opposite page.


90-92-94-96-98-100 N. Eutaw St.,

BALTIMORE, MD. REFERENCES : Western National Bank, or any commercial Agency.


Cattle, Sheep and Swine

Dr. A.C. Daniels

Home Treatment Medicines at any dealer in drugs and medicines. If they don't furnish them send direct to

Dr. A. C. DANIELS 172 Milk Street


The largest manufacturer of Veterinary Medicines in the world. Horse or Dog books free if you mention the World Almanac.

EVERY DEPARTMENT OF BUSINESS, whether wholesale or retail, large or small,

requires a system which is expedient and accurate.


offer great advantages over other methods; saving time, labor and money;

producing dispatch to work; offering convenience in operation and filing-for TBy our method we issue three or more complete copies of a business document at one and the same writing. No handling of carbon nor continual changing or stationery-a constant production of clear, legible copies.

By our method there are no books in transit; no unnecessary rewriting: no loss of time in operating: no waste of stationery; errors obviated; discrepancies quickly located; protection secured.

EGRY REGISTER BUSINESS SYSTEMS have been held to the lime light of careful inspection and received the indorsement of progressive business men. They are devised for every branch of business, viz

Sale Systems for Retailers, Factory Requisitions, Shipping, Purchasing Orders, Orders, Billing and Charging, Cost Department, Suggestions, City Delivery, Factory Reports, Operator Records, Special Systems for Lumber Dealers, &c.

We solicit your inquiry for full details regarding any or all of the above,suggesting your submitting samples or explanation as to what you are now using or need, so we may plan to meet your actual requirements. Let us prove to you that our claims are well founded. When writing be sure to state clearly what Auditor line of business you are engaged in, also, whether wholesale or retail.



THE EGRY AUTOGRAPHIC REGISTER CO., Factory and Home Office, Dayton, O., U.S.A.

. Bottle Sandholm's

and Dandruff

During the past year we gave to the readers of the WORLD ALMANAC hundreds of 25c. bottles of SANDHOLM'S ECZEMA LOTION AND DANDRUFF CURE, absolutely free, to sufferers from skin and scalp diseases, and in every instance where the treatment was continued and the remedy properly used, we have yet to hear of a single case our remedy has failed to cure. Knowing that there are yet many who have not had an opportunity to give our remedy a trial, and for the benefit of these, we will again, this year, give away absolutely free a 25c. bottle of


Sandholm's Eczema Lotion

and Dandruff Cure

to any one who will write us, inclosing 10c. in stamps to defray expense of postage and packing. On receipt of your

letter, a 2-ounce, 25c. bottle of our preparation will be sent you postpaid by return mail. Write to-day and sign your name plainly.

If you are troubled with Eczema, Dandruff, Sun Burn, Scalp Eczema, Scald Head, Barber's Itch, Cuban Itch, Doby Itch, Rash, Tetter, Hives, Enlarged Pores, Insect Bites, Falling Hair, Pimples, Blackheads, Acne, Salt Rheum, Psoriasis, Oily Skin, Redness of the Skin, Old Sores, you need SANDHOLM'S LOTION. It is used externally and shows beneficial results right from the start.

IT CURES BY ABSORPTION Use it on your scalp—it is the best tonic for the hair known. It kills the Dandruff Germ. Use it on your face—as a massage it has no equal.



Des Moines, Iowa For sale by all leading druggists and barbers. 12-oz. bottles, $1.00; 4-02. bottle, 50c. The dollar bottle will be sent express prepaid on receipt of price.

Sandholm's Eczema Lotion and Dandruff Cure may be procured in New York City of Hegeman & Co., or any of their seven branch stores.

The co


ARTIFICIAL LEG Combines all the Latest Improvements. Acknowledged by all wearers the Walk. most durable, comfortable, and easiest to walk on of any leg made. Our

large illustrated catalogue, “THE MAKING OF A MAN,” sent free on request.


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CO., SOUTH AFENCE, Branch Factories


23 W. Swan Street. 17 Bromfield Street 1230 Arch Street,


There is money in small inventions as well as large, Send for Our Inventor's Primer MILO B. STEVENS & CO., Attorneys and Solicitors Established 1864

in Patent Causes 925 14th Street, N. W.



Racine Incubator

The practical, serviceable kind. Automatic regulator; selt ventilated : nursery Built by a man who devoted 25 years to nothing but incubators, It can be operated success fully by anyone, anywhere. There lies the great value of the Racine.

Don't buy without reading our remarkable Incubator Bookwritten by the man who made the Racine. It tells facts that you must know to get the right incubator, and how to make poultry pay. Its free. Write for it. Racine Hatcher Co., Box 76, Racine, Wis.

the freight We have Warehouses at Buffalo, Kansas City, St. Paul and Detroit

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At Wholesale Prices and Save Dealer's Profits FROM THE OLDEST MIXED PAINT HOUSE IN AMERICA

Manufacturers of INGERSOLL LIQUID PAINTS, proved by 65 years' use
tɔ be the most durable and color lasting. Indorsed by the Grange.

Save Money on Paint The e Ingersoll Paint Book” When you buy paints from the store or is full of information about Mixed Paints, supply house, only half your money goes White Lead, etc. ; Exposes Frauds, tells to the man who made the paint--the other what Paint TOUSE, and what NOT TO USE half is divided between the wholesale for all purposes. Directions for House, Barn dealer, travelling salesman and local storekeeper, to cover their profits and expenses, monious colors, etc. Valuable facts for Quite a lot of people for you to help support. Paint Users.

The store is nearer your house, but I am Write for Wholesale Discount Prices. nearer to you. I am a manufacturer and Beautiful Sample Color Cards and Our deal direct with you, not through a whole Paint Book MAILED FREE. chain of middlemen, each going into your Big Cash Saving Will Surprise You. pocket for his share of profit.

I make only pure paint-best White Lead and Zinc ground in refined Linseed Oil—and save you 1-3 on every gallon. 233 Plymouth Street, BROOKLYN, N. Y.

In Considering Hydraulic Rams THE NIAGARA

for furnishing a water supply for any purpose LOOK AT

and compare its solid, plain lines and substantial parts with the pictures of other hydraulic rams or engines. Note the simplicity of the Niagara—it is heavy, durable, and a child can understand it. There are no springs or weights or wedges or counter-balances about it to get out of order and rust away. There is nothing “tinpanny” about the Niagara-it is built for service and will last a lifetime. Its sales are increasing faster than anything of the kind on the market.

Write for illustrated catalogue. Raise water 35 feet for every foot fall. Made in many sizes capable of pump

ing from 500 to 5,000,000 gallons daily. NIAGARA HYDRAULIC ENGINE CO., 140 Nassau St.,

New York

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