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New York and Everywhere


Gas for Light,
For Cooking,
For Heating, &c.

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at much less cost

than city gas, betSuter, safer, and

cheaper than electricity, and costing much less than acetylene ; is safer. less attention, cleaner. Most durable and least

expensive apparatus to maintain in effective perpetual operation. Gives services of lighting, cooking, and heating, and operating pumping engines. Fullest satisfaction guaranteed, and easy terms. The very apparatus for suburban homes, institutions, etc. We construct special apparatus also for fuel gas for manufacturing, producing gas equivalent to city gas at 30 cents per 1,000 cubic feet, and made to respond to very large demands ; also for lighting towns, etc. Cooking by gas rescues a person from the intolerable heat experienced with other stoves. We have machines as low priced as $100.00.




C. M. KEMP MFG. CO. 405 to 425

E. Oliver Sto,


Promptly procured in the United Stales and all foreign countries huving patent laws. Protect your inventions by valid patents having the broadest possible scope. Advice free; terms mod. erate; highest references and the best service.

WATSON E. COLEMAN, Patent Lawyer and Solicitor

No. 626 F Street, N. W., WASHINGTON, D. C.

Practice before the United States Patent Office, the Courts of the District of Columbia, and the U.S. Supreme Court,

Counsel in Patent Causes. References in designated localities furnished ou application.

New York Camera Exchange


J. H. ANDREWS, Proprietor.
Our Business is buying, selling, and exchanging

Cameras and Lenses.
Your Business to kaow where you can SAVE MONEY, get what you

need in the Photographic Supply line at LOWEST prices. We save you from 10 to 50 per cent. on prices of other dealers ON NEW GOODS. Send 2-cent stamp for Bargain List, and mention “World Almanac." Telephone, 2387 John. Dept. A. 114 FULTON STREET.


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N none of the arts is the advance of the beautiful more pronounoed than in that of the art preserva

tive of arts. And it is by a return to the past, idealizing the ography of the Fifteenth Century, that the highest form of the beautiful has been attained. Within ten years the greatest changes for

the better have been made. William Morris, of the noted Kelinscott Press, is quoted as saying in 1890 that no good book printing has been done since the middle of the Sixteenth Century, and that the degradation of the art had been largely due to mean types. He urged the use of better types, a tolerance of quaintness, and the revival of mediæval methods."

The ndverse criticism of 1890 does not hold good now. A revolution has taken place in ten years from the over-ornate to the attractive and restful in typography. America has not been behind in this regard. The Jenson type is, perhaps, the best-known illustration. Between Nicholas Jenson and the American Type Founders' Company stretch nearly 450 years. It was in 1458 that Jenson, an engraver of the Paris inint, was sent to Mainz by Charles VII., King of France, to learn the new art of printing. He studied for three years and returned to Paris. In 1471 Jenson printed four books in Venice. He remained in that romantic city to the end of his life, in 1481. It is said that he was not the first printer to make Roman types, but that he made them better than did his rivals.

In honor of this old typemaker the Jenson type of to-day is named. Like the French pioneer of the craft, the American type founders excel in their time in making the best faced type. On reflection, however, it seems strange that this handsome Roman letter, used in Venice in the Fifteenth Century, reached in the highest degree the necessary qualities of legibility and purity of line, and that the Twentieth Century can do no better than borrow its be ies for to-day's readers.

From the inception of printing from movable types, the masters who have handed down the honorable calling have taken pride in their work, like all true artists. Pierre-Simon Fournier, in his Manual Typographique, wrote:

"Type-founding is not like other arts, in which imperfect workmanship may find a use proportionate to its relative value. Printing should tolerate nothing that is bad, nor even that which is mediocre, since it costs as much to found and print bad types as it does to found and print perfect ones.”.

It is safe to say that the time will never come when the handicraft of the type-founder will be a lost art. The demand for the artistic in type, as well as in the other finer fancies of the age, is growing, and is being inet by the founders,” by which appellation the printers of the entire country designate the American Type Founders' Company, embracing the best-known and oldest-established concerns of a dozen oities,

This Company is the originator of all the leading type designs, and has unequalled facilities for supplying everything required in printing offices. It has lately issued very attractive specimen books, which cover the widest range in type faces in both plain and original designs. Among the new faces are the Pabst Old Style, Oloister Black, Tabard, and Cheltenham Old Style.

Additional specimen sheets are constantly being issued from the office, corner of Rose and Duane Streets, New York Oity, showing the new faces 48 soon as they are brought out for the public verdict.

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"In all you have taken out more than 20 patents for me-mostly on processes of manufacturing glass. All have proven profitable and of such perfection and strength that I HAVE NEVER BEEN INVOLVED IN A SINGLE LAW SUIT. I am thoroughly gratified with your services in every way, as well as your terms, and I know you will equaily satisfy all inventors and manufacturers who want patents for PROTECTION."-Asa G. Neville, Mgr. Eagle Glass and Mfg. Co., Wellsburg, W. Va.-Jan. 12, 1906.

"I have taken out between 30 and 40 patents in the United States, Great Britain, France, Germany and Belgium through R, S. & A. B. Lacey as my attorneys. In all this volume of patent business I have not a single criticism to offer upon the manner in which they have represented me and I wish to say further that I believe them to be straightforward, reliable and honorable in their dealings."--N. K. Bowman, Supt. American Mine Door Co., Cleveland and Canton, Ohio. Jan 12, 1906,


R. S. & U. S. and Foreign Patents and Trade Marks Members Supreme Court, District of Columbia, and U.S. Supreme Court 622-624 F St., N. W., WASHINGTON, D, C. (Pacific Building)

Our three books for Inventors mailed on receipt of six cents in stamps.

Our book of references, "The Test of Patent Value," names many manufacturers whom we represent, and quotes scores of letters of recent date received from our clients showing their pronounced FINANCIAL SUCCE86 with patents obtained through our firm,

You will find our terms reasonable. If you pay more you will pay too much; if you pay less you will got less or NOTHING in return,


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Both Incubator and Brooder, if ordered together, cost but $11.00.
Incubator is double walled all over- best copper tank-hot water--
self regulating-nursery. Brooder is the only double walled-hot
water---brooder ever made. Satisfaction guaranteed. WE PAY THE
FREIGHT: Our book, "Hatching Facts'' tells all about them.
Mailed free. Write for it to-day. Address


And since 1870 adding vears to a man's life-SCHNOTER'S ARMY AND NAVY SUSPENSORY BANDAGE is the only permanent relief for VARICOCELE, HYDROCELE, and RUPTURE. Before taking notice of STARTLING ADVERTISEMENTS of so-called VARICOCELE CURES see your family phai

identally ask hin about the CELEBRATED SCHNOTER'S SUSPENSORIES. Don't be sururised if he tells von he wears them himself. Any better indorsement wanted ! A SCHNOTER'S SUSPENSORY is the only

safeguard against VARICOCELE.RUPTURE,etc. In use by all prominent ATHLETES, PRO


MARK used in the UNITED STATES ARMY and NAVY. WHEELMEN should not be without one. Indorsed by proininent physicians and

surgeons since 1870. Also by Authorities on Hygiene and Physical Culture,

REGISTERED. *We are specialists in SUSPENSORY making and we will cheerfully give you any information regarding VARICOCELE an 1 RUPTURE.

Ask your druggist for the “GENUINE SCHNOTER'S SUSPENSORY BANDAGES." (Look for the above trade mark.) If he has not our make in stock, and refuses to get it for you, send direct to us and we will mail to you in plain wrapper, on receipt of price. Plain style, COTTON, 30c. and 40c.; LINEN, 50c.; SILK, 50c., 60c., and 75c.; A. and N. STYLE, no elastic, 30c.; ARMY and NAVY style, with lisle elastic belt and straps, COTTON, 65c.; LINEN, 75c.; BEST SILK, $1.

Guaranteed and manu. 1. C. SCHNOTER CO.,

factured solely by the J See page 599. (Headquarters) 523 6th Ave., ncar 31st St. New York, U.S.A.

New Popular Books

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We have just published a new book, with above title, containing 150 up-todate (1906) plans of houses costing from $500 to $18,000, which anyone thinking of building a house should have if they wish to save money and also get the latest and best ideas of a practical architect. It also gives prices of working plans at about one-half the regular prices, and many hints and helps to all who desire to build. 160 large octavo pages. Price, paper cover, $1.00; bound in cloth, $1.50. Sent by mail, postpaid, to any address on receipt of price.


Price, Postpaid, 15 Cents Each or Seven for $1.00.
Fun op Draught.
New Irish Yarns.

Here's to Ye; or, Toasts for
Some Funny Things Said by The Sinker Stories. By J. Jo- Every body.
Clever People.
seph Goodwin.

Weber and Fields' Funny Five Hundred Merry Laughs. New German Yarns. By J. Sayings. The Funny World.

Joseph Goodwin.

Weber and Fields' Stage Three Hundred Funny Stories. Tales I've Heard Told.

Witty Sayings.
Race-Track Stories,

Old Isaacs' Joke Book.
Twenty Good Stories.
Base-Ball Stories.

A Drammer's Diary.
The Comic Cook Book.
Life in New York.

Stage Jokes. No 1.
Ton of Fun
The Funny Fellow's Grab-Bag.

" 2.
Jack Robinson's Yarns.
Easy Money.

New Jokes by Old Jokers, No. 3. Funny Experiences of Mr, and A Tin Man's Joke Book. Mrs. Bowser. A Scarecrow's Joke Book.

Drummers' Samples. Two Thousand Prize Jokes. How About It? Joke Book, Southwick's Monologues. A Bad Boy's Diary. Part 1. A Bad Boy's Adventures, No. I. Southwick's Jokes Without

" 2. Whiskers. Blunders of a Bashful Man. On a Fast Train Through

Trials and Troubles of the Georgia.

Hot Stuff Jokelets.
Bowser Family,
Slang Fables From Afar,

A Thoroughbred Tramp.
Ten Funny Stories.
A Feast of Fun.

Actors' Monologues and Jokes,
The Travels of a Tramp.
Opie Read in Arkansas.

On the Hog Train Through Widder Doodle's Courtship. The Smiles I've Caused. Part 1. Kansas. By Josiah Allen's Wife.

2. Side-Tracked. Our Drummer's Trip Through

3. Lew Hawkins in Black and the Sunny South.

Twelve Kentucky Colonel White. Six Tank Tales. By C. L, Stories.

Barber-Shop Joke Book. Cullen.

Hiram Birdseed at the Fair, LIST OF HAND BOOKS. Twelve Hundred New Riddles.

Southwick's Jokes and Recitations. Children's Recitations, Model Letter Writer.

Southwick's Irish Dialect Poems and Recitations for Little People.
Gipsy Dream Book and Fortune Teller. Recitations.

(etc. A Hundred Ways of Kissing.
Amateur's Guide to Magic and Mystery. Fortune Telling by Cards, Dice, Crystal, Five Hundred Toasts.
How to Entertain a Social Party.
Carter's Magic and Magicians,

Great Words of Great Men.
The Old Witch's Dream Book and For- Taylor's l'opular Recitations.

After-Dinner Stories,
tune Teller.
The Spirier's Web.

A Thousand Conundrums.
How to Woo and How to Win.
Love, Courtship and Marriage.

Love Affairs of Prominent Actors.
Two Hundred After Dinner Stories. The Pursuit of Virtue.

How to Mix Drinks.
Art of Ventriloquism.
Temptations of the Stage.

How to Read Character by Handwriting. Howard Thurston's Card Tricks.

How an Actress Was Almost Kissed to Green Room Gossip. Hand-Shadows on the Wall.


Fate of Estelle Powers. Your Hand is Your Fortune.

Behind the Scenes.

200 OLD-TIME SONGS. This volume contains the WORDS and MUSIC of choicest gems of the old and familiar songs we used to sing when we were young It his been arranged with great rart and is the best book of the kind published. The book contains 200 songs, and would cost $50 in sheet music form. All the popular oid-timers are in this book. Buy it and singibe songs, and make believe you are young again. It contains 176 pages, and will be sent in paper cover by mail, postpaid, for 25c.; bound in cloth, 75c.

We have just issued the following !1st of Miss Libbey's books, any of which can be obtained at your newsdea lers, or they
will be sent by mail, postpaid, on receipt of 20 cents ech.
The Alphabet of Love.
Little Ruby's Rival Lovers.

A Forbilden Marriage.
The Beautiful Coquette,
Lyndall's Tem tation.

That Pretty Young Girl.
The Crime of Hallowe'en.
A Master Workman's Oath.

Lovers Once, but Strangers Now,
Dora Miller.
Only a Mechanic's Daughter.

He Loved but Was Lured Away.
Daisy Gordon's Folly.
Pretty Freda's Lovers.

When His Love Grew Cold.
Flirtations of a Beauty.
Wilful Gaynell.

When Lovely Maiden Stoops to Folly.
Little Leafy.
Miss Middleton's Lover.

Olive's Courtship. Cut out this advertisement and take it to your newsdealer and get the books or send the order direct to us and we will send them by mul, postpaid, for 20 cents each.

Any of the books advertised on this page will be sent to any address to any part of the world by mail, postpaid, on receipt of price. Postage stamps taken the same as cash; one-cent stamps preferred. "Address all orders to J. S. OGILVIE PUBLISHING COMPANY,

37 Rose Street, New York Send to us for Catalogue of Useful and Popular Books. Mailed free to niiy address.

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