Anatomy of the arteries of the human body

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第 362 頁 - ... round the outer side of the carpus, beneath the extensor tendons of the thumb, to the upper end of the space between the metacarpal bones of the thumb and index finger, and, finally, passes forward, between the two heads of the First dorsal interosseous muscle, into the palm of the hand, where it crosses the metacarpal bones to the ulnar border of the hand, to form the deep palmar arch. At its termination it inosculates with the deep branch of the ulnar artery.
第 151 頁 - ... a separate branch from the subclavian artery. Passing backward, above the eighth cervical nerve and between the transverse process of the seventh cervical vertebra and the first rib, it runs up the back part of the neck, between the Complexus and Semispinalis colli muscles, as high as the axis...
第 225 頁 - ... of an hepatic vein, and of minute arteries ; nerves and absorbents, it is to be presumed, also- enter into their formation, but cannot be traced into them.
第 294 頁 - Vessels, p. 226. in the direction of the fibres of the aponeurosis of the external oblique muscle. One extremity of this incision will be situated near the spine of the ilium ; the other will terminate a little above the inner margin of the abdominal ring. The aponeurosis of the external oblique muscle will be exposed, and is to be divided throughout the extent, and in the direction of the external wound. The flap...
第 253 頁 - This artery arises from the common iliac on a plane posterior to the origin of the external iliac ; it is from an inch and a half to two inches in length...
第 294 頁 - Its course corresponds to a line drawn from a point midway between the anterior superior spine of the ilium and the symphysis pubis, to the inner side of the inner condyle of the femur.
第 255 頁 - ... so that there will be no fear whatever of including this duct within the ligature. In order to arrive at the internal iliac artery, an incision should be made in the direction of a line extending from the umbilicus to midway between the spine of the pubis and the anterior superior spine of the ilium : this incision should commence at the outer edge of the rectus muscle, and terminate about an inch above Poupart's ligament, in order to avoid the spermatic cord. The different muscular layers composing...
第 89 頁 - ... and anastomoses with the angular artery ; the other, the dorsalis nasi, runs along the dorsum of the nose, supplies its outer surface, and anastomoses with the artery of the opposite side and with the lateral nasal branch of the facial. The ciliary arteries are divisible into three groups, the short, long, arid anterior.
第 137 頁 - In its second stage it enters the foramen in the transverse process of the sixth cervical vertebra, and passes through the corresponding foramina of the vertebree above it.
第 294 頁 - ... anterior superior spine of the ilium, and the symphysis pubis. The epigastric artery runs precisely along the inner margin of this opening, beneath which the external iliac artery is situated. If the finger, therefore, be passed under the spermatic cord, through this opening in the fascia, it will come into immediate contact with the artery, which lies on the outside of the external iliac vein. The artery and vein are connected by dense cellular tissue, which must be separated, in order to allow...