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Mony burpen ful brygt watz brozt into halle,
And covered mony a cupborde with clobes ful quite. [81a]
Þe jueles out of Jerusalem wyth gemmes ful brygt, 1441
Bi þe syde of þe sale were semely arayed;
Þe apel auter of brasse watz hade into place;
Þe gay coroun of golde gered on lofte,

Þat hade ben blessed bifore wyth bischopes hondes,
And wyth besten blod busily anoynted,
In þe solempne sacrefyce þat goud savor hade,
Bifore be Lorde of þe lyfte in lovyng hymselven,
Now is sette for to serve Satanas be blake,
Bifore þe bolde Baltazar wyth bost and wyth pryde.
Hoven upon þis auter watz apel vessel,
Þat wyth so curious a crafte corven watz wyly. 1452
Salamon sete him s[even zere and a sybe more,
Wyth alle þe syence þat hym sende pe soverayn Lorde,
For to compas and kest to haf hem clene wrozt.
For þer wer bassynes ful brygt of brende golde clere, 1456
Enaumaylde wyth azer, and eweres of sute;
Covered cowpes foul clene, as casteles arayed,
Enbaned under batelment wyth bantelles quoynt,
And fyled out of fygures of ferly[ch]e schappes. 1460
Þe coperounes of þe c[ov]acles þat on þe cuppe reres
Wer fetysely formed out in fylyoles longe,
Pinacles pygt þer apert þat profert bitwene,
And al bolled abof wyth braunches and leves, 1464
Pyes and papejayes purtrayed withinne,
As þay prudly hade piked of pomgarnades;
For alle þe blomes of þe bozes wer blyknande perles,
And alle þe fruyt in þo formes of flaumbeande


1441 MS. jsrlem. — 1452 MS. apparently fo. — 1453 MS. s...n badly blurred, M. s[eue]n. — 1458 MS., M. foul; M. note ful(?). 1460 MS., M. ferlyle; M. note ferlyke(?); Fi. ferlyche. - 1461 MS., M. canacles. — 1465 papejayes, second p ill-formed and perhaps not complete.


Ande safyres, and sardiners, and semely topace,
Alabaund[a]rynes, and amaraunz, and amaffised

Casydoynes, and crysolytes, and clere rubies,
Penitotes, and pynkardines, ay perles bitwene; 1472
So trayled and tryfled a-traverce wer alle,
Bi uche bekyr ande bol[1]e pe brurdes al umbe,
Þe gobelotes of golde graven aboute,
And fyoles fretted wyth flores and fleez of golde. [81b]
Upon þat auter watz al aliche dresset.

1477 Þe candelstik bi a cost watz cayred þider sone, [U]pon þe pyleres apyked þat praysed hit mony, Upon hit basez of brasse bat ber up be werkes, Þe bozes brygt þer abof, brayden of golde, Braunches bredande peron, and bryddes per seten Of mony (curious] kyndes, of fele-kyn hues, As þay wyth wynge upon wynde hade waged her fyþeres.

1484 Inmong be leves of þe [launces) lampes wer grayþed, And oper louflych lygt þat lemed ful fayre; As mony morteres of wax merkked wythoute, Wyth mony a borlych best al of brende golde.

1488 Hit watz not wonte in þat wone to wast no serges, Bot in temple of be traupe trwly to stonde, Bifore be sancta sanctorum [ber] sobefast Drygtyn Expouned his speche spyrytually to special prophetes. 1492 Leve pou wel þat þe Lorde þat þe lyfte zemes,

1469 MS., M. sardiners; NED., B. sardines. - 1470 MS. alabaūdarynes (?), or alabaūdarrynes (?), the letter(s) after d are smudged and perhaps retraced, a stroke preceding the r possibly indicating an i; M. alabaunderrynes; M.? alabaunderynes without remark. 1474 MS., M. bekyrande be bolde; B. ande bole.-1479 MS. pon, M. [V]pon. - 1483 MS. mony kyndes; Bülbring (Sch., p. 185) proposed mony curious kyndes; B. mony kyndes colored; G. mony cler kyndes. — 1485 Bülbring (Sch., p. 183) inserts launces. — 1486 M. corrects MS. to louelych. — 1491 MS. sca scorum: I insert þer. - 1492 MS. spūally; M. specually; M. spiritually.

Displesed much at þat play in þat plyt stronge,
Þat his jueles so gent wyth javeles wer fouled,
Þat presyous in his presens wer proved sumwhyle. 1496
Soberly in his sacrafyce summe wer anoynted,
Þurz þe somones of himselfe þat syttes so hyze;
Now a boster on benche bibbes þerof,
Tyl he be dronkken as be devel, and dotes per he

1 500
So be Worcher of his worlde wlates perwyth,
Þat in þe poynt of her play he porvayes a mynde;
Bot er harme hem he wolde in haste of his yre,
He wayned hem a warnyng þat wonder hem þozt. 1504
Nou is alle þis guere geten glotounes to serve,
Stad in a ryche stal and stared ful brygt[e];
Baltazar in a brayd bede [b]us berof-
'Weze wyn in his won—Wassayl!' he cryes.
Swyfte swaynes ful swype swepen þertylle,
Kyppe kowpes in honde kyngez to serve;
In brygt bollez ful bayn birlen þise oper,
And uche mon for his mayster machches alone. [82a)
Þer watz rynging, on rygt, of ryche metalles, 1513
Quen renkkes in þat ryche rok rennen hit to cache,
Clatering of covaclez þat kesten po burdes,
As sonet out of sau[t]eray songe als myry.
Þen þe dotel on dece drank þat he mygt;
And þenne [drinkez] arn dressed [to] dukez and

prynces, Concubines and knygtes, bi cause of þat merthe; As uch on hade hym inhelde, he haled of þe cuppe. 1520 So long likked þise lordes þise lykores swete, And gloryed on her falce goddes, and her grace calles,



1506 MS., M. brygt3 ; M. note brygte(?).-1506 MS., M. vus.1515 M. conacle3.-1516 MS. saueray; M. sau[t]eray.-I5I8 Bülbring (Sch., p. 184) reads Denne [drinkes] arn dressed [for] dukez and prynces; B. would insert dere after dressed; G. reads þenne þat derrest arn dressed; E. þenne derely arn dressed.

Þat were of stokkes and stones, stille evermore-
Never steven hem astel, so stoken is hor tonge; 1524
Alle þe goude golden goddes þe gaulez zet nevenen,
Belfagor, and Belyal, and Belssabub als,
Heyred hem as hyzly as heven wer þayres,
Bot hym þat alle goudes gives, þat God þay forgeten. 1528

[blocks in formation]


For per a ferly bifel þat fele folk sezenFyrst knew hit þe kyng, and alle pe cort after: In þe palays pryncipale upon þe playn wowe, In contrary of be candelstik þat clerest hit schyned, 1532 Þer apered a paume, wyth poyntel in fyngres, Þat watz grysly and gret, and grymly he wrytes ; Non oþer forme bot a fust faylande be wryste, Pared on þe parget, purtrayed lettres. When þat bolde Baltazar blusched to þat neve, Such a dasande drede dusched to his hert, Þat al falewed his face and fayled be chere; Þe stronge strok of þe stonde strayned his joyntes, 1540 His cnes cachches to close, and cluchches his hommes, And he wyth plattyng his paumes displayes his lers, And romyes as a rad ryth þat rorez for drede, Ay biholdand þe honde til hit hade al graven,

1544 And rasped on þe roz woze runisch sauez. When hit þe scrypture hade scraped wyth a s[c]rof

penne, As a coltor in clay cerves þo forzes, Þenne hit vanist verayly and voyded of syzt; [82b] Bot be lettres bileved ful large upon plaster. 1549

Sone so þe kynge for his care carping mygt wynne, He bede his burnes boz to, þat wer bok-lered, To wayte pe wryt þat hit wolde, and wyter hym to say, 1552

1524 MS. is, cf. if, 692. — 1542 MS. lers. — 1546 MS. strof, as M. notes. — 1551 M. were.


'For al hit frayes my flesche, þe fyngres so grymme.'
Scoleres skelten þeratte pe skyl for to fynde,
Bot þer watz never on so wyse coupe on worde rede,
Ne what ledisch lore ne langage nauper,

What tyþyng ne tale tokened po draztes.
Þenne þe bolde Baltazar bred ner wode,
And [b]ede þe cete to seche segges þurzout
Þat wer wyse of wychecrafte, and warla zes oper 1560
Þat con dele wyth demerlayk and devine lettres.
'Calle hem alle to my cort, po Calde clerkkes,
Unfolde hem alle þis ferly þat is bifallen here,
And calle wyth a hize cry: "He þat þe kyng wysses, 1564
In expounyng of speche þat spredes in þise lettres,
And make þe mater to malt my mynde wythinne,
Þat I may wyterly wyt what þat wryt menes,
He schal be gered ful gaye in gounes of porpre,
And a coler of cler golde clos umbe his þrote;
He schal be prymate and prynce of pure clergye,
And of my þrevenest lordez þe þrydde he schal,
And of my reme be rychest to ryde wyth myselven, 1572
Outtaken bare two, and þenne he be þrydde." '
Þis cry watz upcaste, and per comen mony
Clerkes out of Caldye þat kennest wer knauen,
As pe sage sathrapas bat sorsory couþe,

1576 Wychez and walkyries wonnen to þat sale, Devinores of demorlaykes þat dremes cowpe rede, Sorsers, and exorsismus, and fele such clerkes; And alle þat loked on þat letter as lewed pay were, 1580 As þay had loked in þe leper of my lyft bote. Þenne cryes pe kyng, and kerves his wedes. What! he corsed his clerkes and calde hem chorles, To henge pe harlotes he hezed ful ofte;

[83a] So watz þe wyze wytles, he wed wel ner.


1559 MS. ede; M. [b]ede.—1566 MS., M. make; B. would read makes.-1583 MS., M. chorles; Fi. corles.

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