Proceedings, 第 1-2 卷


讀者評論 - 撰寫評論





第 58 頁 - And though a linguist should pride himself to have all the tongues that Babel cleft the world into, yet if he have not studied the solid things in them as well as the words and lexicons, he were nothing so much to be esteemed a learned man, as any yeoman or tradesman competently wise in his mother dialect only.
第 63 頁 - How oft the sight of means to do ill deeds Makes deeds ill done '. Hadst not thou been by, A fellow by the hand of nature mark'd, Quoted and sign'd to do a deed of shame, This murder had not come into my mind ; But taking note of thy...
第 142 頁 - STUDENT'S HISTORY OF ROME. From the EARLIEST TIMES to the ESTABLISHMENT OF THE EMPIRE, With Chapters on the History of Literature and Art. By Dean LIDDELL.
第 14 頁 - It seems to me, firstly, that what a man seeks through his education is to get to know himself and the world ; next, that for this knowledge it is before all things necessary that he acquaint himself with the best which has been thought and said in the world...
第 1 頁 - Association are to promote the development and maintain the well-being of classical studies, and in particular : — (a) To impress upon public opinion the claim of such studies to an eminent place in the national scheme of education...
第 142 頁 - THE STUDENT'S HISTORY OF GREECE. FROM THE EARLIEST TIMES TO THE ROMAN CONQUEST. With Chapters on the History of Literature and Art. By WM. SMITH, D.CL. With Coloured Maps and Woodcuts. (640 pp.) Post 8vo. 71. 6d. '*' Questions on the
第 58 頁 - And that which casts our proficiency therein so much behind is our time lost partly in too oft idle vacancies given both to schools and universities; partly in a preposterous exaction, forcing the empty wits of children to compose themes, verses, and orations, which are the acts of ripest judgment and the final work of a head filled by long reading and observing with elegant maxims and copious invention.
第 59 頁 - Council, provided not more than one of the three present be a permanent officer of the Society, shall be a quorum.
第 58 頁 - Hence appear the many mistakes which have made learning generally so unpleasing and so unsuccessful: first we do amiss to spend seven or eight years merely in scraping together so much miserable Latin and Greek, as might be learnt otherwise easily and delightfully in one year.
第 137 頁 - THE PLAYS OF ARISTOPHANES. The Greek Text revised, and a Metrical Translation on opposite pages, together with Introduction and Commentary. By BENJAMIN BICKLEY ROGERS, MA Six vols.