Spirit Manifestations Examined and Explained: Judge Edmonds Refuted; Or, An Exposition of the Involuntary Powers and Instincts of the Human Mind

De Witt & Davenport, 1854 - 252 頁
"The substance of the following Lectures, on the rationale of the so-called spirit-manifestations, was delivered at the City Hall in Auburn, N.Y., in April, 1851. In June, 1852, I wrote them out with an intention, after delivering them a few times, to hand them over for publication. But this has been neglected, and I have continued to deliver them occasionally for eighteen months past, when, and where invited by my friends to do so. I make the above explanation, because it will be perceived by the reader, that in one of my Lectures I make a statement, that I knew of no one who had taken the middle ground between believers and skeptics in the spirit-manifestations, and who was a rational believer--that is, a believer on natural principles. And as I use considerable language of this character, it might be considered incorrect, when Mr. Rogers has published a work that occupies the middle ground between believers and skeptics. But as my Lectures were written and delivered before his book appeared, so this matter will be understood by all. I have no faith whatever in the odic force of Reichenbach, which Mr. Rogers seems to have adopted to explain the phenomena of the spirit-manifestations"--Introduction. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2008 APA, all rights reserved).


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