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clever they are, from painting let the quick ears carry mespictures to dressing a doll; sages for the deaf; let the bringing your dinner into a nimble hands work for the hungry mouth, or the clear, cold poor and fatherless; let the water to your thirsty lips. active feet go to the lonely and How ready to help you out of sick; and let the tongue speak all danger, or to play with you sweet and gentle words to the at any game!

sorrowful and mourner. The Feet, too, how active they are in your service, from helping

"Little deeds of kindness,

Little words of love, you over the stile that lay be

Make this world an Eden, tween you and the surly cow, or Like the one above." racing after the scarlet butterfly that is never caught; taking you

In wishing you a very happy long sunshiny walks to get the New Year, let me affectionately first primroses, or the late black- remind you


your berries, and bringing you safely little servants belong, first and home when tired out!

chiefest, to the Lord Jesus I have not told you a tenth Christ; who will, if


ask part of what you owe to this Him with all your heart, retroop of little servants, who ceive you and them into His wait upon you night and day, holy and happy service; who who in peace and harmony will “ open your eyes to behold fulfil their several tasks for wondrous things out of His you. “If the foot should say, law; ” who will make your ears Because I am not the hand, "quick to hear His voice; " who I am not of the body; ... and if will “ guide your feet into the the ear should say, Because I am way of peace;" who will be your not the eye, I am not of the shade“ upon your right hand;" body," what confusion and dis- who will « 'keep your tongue tress would come upon you !

from evil, and your lips from Then if they are so willing to speaking guile ;” and who, in wait on you, they are just as the last day, when “small and ready if you give them leave to great shall stand before Him,” do a thousand little kindnesses for will, in His exceeding love for others who may need their help. you, remember that you have Let the bright eyes read to been

« faithful over

few the blind, aged, and ignorant; things," and will bid you and

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your little servants to enter into 0, surely, aunt, it is not true; His joy and service for ever.

Shall I not see him more?” shesaid. “Eyes that shall never weep, “ No, Basil is an angel now, Life's tears all shed,

Happier by far than we are here;
Its farewells said,

His little life is quickly gone;
These shall be thine!

But he will live for ever there. A tongue that stammers not In tuneful praise

“The little boy has met in heaven Through endless days,

Kind friends and little sisters That shall be thine !

dear; “Limbs that shall never tire,

He never can be lonely now,
Nor ask to rest,

And never shed another tear.
In service blest,

“ In memory I shall often see
These shall be thine!

His bright blue eyes and curly hair; "A frame that cannot ache, And when I'm tempted to do wrong, Earth's labours done,

My heart shall humbly breathe a Life's battles won,

prayer. That shall be thine!

A. C. T.

“ Each evil temper I will shun,

And all my dangerous self-will ;

And in my loving Saviour's words

I'll bid rebellious thoughts "Be
LETTER came early still.'

“Dear little Basil's angel-form
Dear Fanny seized it

Will often be before my eyes : eagerly :

I'll pray to live a blessed life, "O, auntie, do be quick and read;

That I may meet him in the Tell me what news there is for me.

skies." "Pray is my mother better now,

And does she name Miss Emily? And how are all my little friends, NEW-YEAR'S THOUGHTS And do they send their love to


HAPPY New Year to And so dear Fanny's heart was full:

all dear sick children ! (Garlands of joy such young hearts wreathe :)

“ How

be Alas ! her joy too soon was dash’d,

happy ?” we fancy we hear one: One little friend had “ ceased to and another little weary sufferer breathe.”

exclaim. “The sounds of merri“The little boy with flaxen hair,

ment and fun reach our ears, Sweet cousin Basil, is he dead ? but we cannot join the New

me ?"




Year's party, or even enjoy the Believe that Jesus, your Lord pretty gifts that come to our sick and Saviour, loves you the room from many loving hearts, most when most you need His who would cheer and give us



upon you, His pleasure. We have aching ear is open to listen to your limbs, weary days, sleepless complaints, and His heart beats nights, and bitter medicines as with tenderness towards His our portion. How then can we feeble, suffering lambs.

You hope for a happy New Year ?" know that He loved and blessed From our hearts we pity and little children, and took them pray for young sufferers, and up in His arms; and when you we write this little paper to tell have read that beautiful story, them they are not forgotten. you have, perhaps, remembered

Like the poor boy in the those words of the prophet, who picture, we earnestly hope that wrote so much about Jesus those whose eyes rest on these long before He came from pages have à tender mother; heaven to earth :- 'He shall a faithful nurse, and a good gather the lambs with His arm, doctor to send the medicines and carry them in His bosom.” to cure pain. But all earthly The Good Shepherd's kind arms comforts may fail, and sad and will fold every lamb who wishes sorrowful may many youthful to know His voice and follow hearts feel, who last New-Year's Him. Think, too, that Jesus Day were so gladsome and so is the Great Physician, who gay. We want to give you a does not despise the body, few thoughts to raise your any more than He does the spirits, to help you to be patient; soul. When He met with sick and to enable you to rejoice in people He healed them all, tribulation, as the Bible tells us whether old or young. True it is are to do.

Does not a that He will not now bring back loving mother think most and a little daughter from death to care most for the child that is life, or raise from the dead sick ? Remember Him who another only son of a widowed was once upon earth, and bore mother. But we are quite sure our sicknesses and infirmities. that He does heal the sick now; Amother mayforget, and cease to and many a one will say that have compassion; but“I will not He has heard their prayers, and forget,” are the words of God, given them back their health


and strength. Never be afraid Prince, and the people were of asking Christ to heal you: He prepared to love him for his surely will, if He sees it to good and brave father's sake. be the best for you.

His uncles ruled the kingdom There are some children Jesus for him; but they did not please loves so well, that He does not the nation, and an unjust tax was mean to cure them. He sees imposed, which nearly caused a they might grow foolish and civil war. It was a poll-tax of wicked, and He means them to a shilling each, levied on all who be wise and good; and He shuts were above fifteen years old. them out from the world; and in One of the collectors quarrelled their room of sickness He takes with a tyler, and was killed. up His abode, and teaches them Wat Tyler, as he was called, faith and patience, and speaks stirred up the people to free so gently to their hearts, that themselves from the yoke of they had rather be with Him, bondage, and an immense mob and apart from the busy world. joined him. The King, then

And there are some precious sixteen years old, had to take ones on whom His heart is set; refuge in the Tower. The rebels and He intends to call them sent a request that they might early to His own bright and see him, and persuade him to alter beautiful home in heaven, where many things which his uncles they shall never feel another had imposed. Those uncles were pain, or shed another tear. then absent from the kingdom.

We pray you to be glad and The King agreed; but when he rejoice, little sufferers, who love and his noblemen perceived the Christ, and ask Him to make thousands of people assembled this the happiest and best year on the banks of the Thames, in of your lives.

a wild and riotous state of excitement, they returned in their

barge to the Tower. Dreadful RICHARD II.

scenes of slaughter followed. 1377 To 1399.

The King showed great courage, ICHARD

only and met the assembled mob the eleven years old when next day. The people de

his grandfather, Ed- manded their freedom, and the ward III., died.

King com manded charters to be He was the son of the Black written out, and given to all



who asked for them. The mob on murdering the young King, quietly dispersed.

but were brought to a standstill The leaders were not with in their mad career on the folthem; and they, in the mean- lowing day. The King and a time, with a few followers, few of his followers were riding had broken into the Tower, and out, and met Wat Tyler at the murdered the Archbishop of head of another vast multitude. Canterbury, the Chancellor, and Wat Tyler behaved so boldly and many others. They were bent rudely to the King, that the

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