Rich and Poor: A Comic Opera



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第 6 頁 - For his bride a soldier sought her, And a winning tongue had he : On the banks of Allan Water...
第 7 頁 - When brown autumn spread his store, There I saw the miller's daughter, But she smiled no more. For the summer grief had brought her, And the soldier false was he, On the banks of Allan Water, None so sad as she. On the banks of Allan Water, When the winter snow fell fast, Still was seen the miller's daughter, Chilling blew the blast. But the miller's lovely daughter, Both from cold and care was free; On the banks of Allan Water, There a corse lay she.
第 vii 頁 - tis a cloud which must never be removed, for' tis the gloom of self-reproach. — I have erred and been forgiven ; but am I less culpable ? Your indulgence has been great ; but is my fault therefore less enormous? Oh, no, no, no ! The calm of innocence has for ever left me, the courage of conscious virtue must be mine no more. Still must the memory of errors past torment me, and imbitter every future joy.
第 33 頁 - But when some unhappy girl has made the first false step, branded with shame, abandoned by her former friends, courted by vice, and shunned by virtue, no wonder that she flies from remorse to the arms of luxury, and purchases a momentary oblivion...
第 viii 頁 - The time this piece takes in representation is three hours. — The half-price commences at nine o'clock. Stage Directions. By RH > • is meant Right Hand. LH. Left Hand. sE Second Entrance. UE • Upper Entrance. MD , Middle Door. DF ..Door in Flat. RHD Right Hand Door. LHD Left Hand Door.
第 17 頁 - I've gained much by this conference! Bachelors ; bachelors! Tye yourselves up in the noose of hemp, rather than the noose of matrimony. The pain of the former is never felt after a few minutes ; but the knot of the latter grows tighter every hour during years, and is at last only loosened by death or infamy.
第 35 頁 - With thee, my bark, I'll swiftly go Athwart the foaming brine ; Nor care what land thou bear'st me to, So not again to mine. Welcome, welcome, ye dark blue waves ! And when you fail my sight, Welcome, ye deserts, and ye caves ! My native land— Good Night !
第 21 頁 - Why, isn't dear Mrs. Squeez'em likely to— Squeez. Dear Mrs. Squeez'em has nothing at all to do with what I'm come about. To be plain with you, Mr. Modish ; there is a little affair, which— Mod. A little affair ? Oh ! you sly rogue. What, which must be a secret between you and me ? Well, well, I promise you, Mrs. Squeez'em shan't hear a word of it. And so the little girl is pretty, is she ? Squeez. Lord, sir, 1 can't get you to hear me out; and I've walked here all the way from St.
第 vi 頁 - Infe's choicest fruits then court his eager hand; Each eye is gentle, and each voice is bland; False friendship prompts no sigh, and draws no tear, And love seems scarce more beauteous than sincere ! Ere sixteen years had wing'd their wanton flight, While yet his head was young, and heart was light, Our author plann'd these scenes; and while he drew, How bright each colour seem'd, each line how true. Gods! with what rapture every speech he spoke ! Gods! how he chuckled as he penn'd each joke! And...
第 26 頁 - Frank. I don't want to be paid! I don't want to be maintained ! I ask but to see you every morning, and be assured you are in health; I ask but to see my young master grow up the image of his father; carry him in my arms while he's a child, and when he's a man to die in his service!