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JUL 0 7 1992


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THE QUARTERLY REVIEW, will be published on the 16th inst. ADVERTISEMENTS AVERTISEMENTS for insertion in the Forthcoming Number of intended for insertion cannot be received by the Pub

the a hove Periodical must be forwarded to the Publisher by the 12th,

and Birls by the 14th instant. lishers later than WEDNESDAY Next.

JOIN MURRAY, Albemarle Street. London: LONGMANS and CO., 39, Paternoster Row, E.C.

THE ART-JOURNAL. On Thursday Next, in One Volume, crown 4to, printed

Commencement of a New Volume. "by Whittingham and Wilkins in tlie style of the period TUEARTH PARIS EXHIBITION. an ILLUSTRATED

HE ART-JOURNAL . to which the work relates, with a Portrait,

CATALOGUE of the most beautiful and suggestive works will be

price of which will not be in Teased, Ench Mon'hly Part will contain of a FIFTII-MONARCHY MAN, chiefly extracted about 100 Engravings, from the productions of the most renowned from the Writings of John Rogers, Preacher. Edited

Art-Manufacturers of the world. The Work will be dedicated, by

yracious permis-ion, to the Emperor of the French. It will be edited by Rev. E. ROGERS, M.A. Student of Ch. Ch. Oxford. by MR. S. C. HALL, F.S.A., who edited the Iliustrated Catalogues London : LONGMANS, GREEN, and co., Paternoster lor.

that were issued with The Art Journal in 1951 and 1862.

London: VIRTUE & CO., 26, Ivy Lane, Paternoster Rov. THE HERALD AND GENEALOGIST.


THE ART-JOURNAL.-Each Monthly Part will Edited by JOHN GOUGH NICHOLS, F.S.A.

contain two Line Engravings from Pictures by renowned British

Artists, engraved expressly for The Art-JOURNAL, and about 120 EnPublishing in Parts, 23. 6d. each.

grasin,s on Wood. The letterpress, contributed by eminent writers This Miscellany is engaged in the development of the antiquities or

on Art and Art Manufacture, will be largely increased. Heraldry, and of Family, Local, and General History in connection London: VIRTUE & CO., 26, Ivy Lane, Paternoster Row. with Heraldry," a beautiful department of our National Antiquities, which (as observed by the late Joseph llunter) has never yet been investigated with the attention is deserves." The Genealogical articles

HE ART-JOURNAL continues to be the only consist, principally; of materials previously, unpublished. Current topics of heraldic interest are discussed, and new works reviewed ;

and the Arts of Industry and Manufucture. It is published to coi tain to ether with a Retrospective Keview in continuation of Moule's * Bibliotheca Heraidien.

inteliigence concerning every topic connected with Art that can inform

the ARTIST, the AMATEUR, the STUDENT, the MANCFACTURER, and the Prospectuses, including an abstract of the Contents of the published

ARTISAN, and to convey to the GXNERAL PUBLIC such information as Parts, may be obtained on application at 25, Pariiament Street.

may excite interest in Art, in all its manifold ramifications; the uim of Vols. I., II., and III, are now ready, price 16s. each, in

its conductors being to produce, not only a beautiful Work for the

Drawias-room, but one that shall be a valuable aid in the Studio and cloth boards. Covers for binding the Volumes may be

the Workshop. had at ls.

London: VIRTUE & CO., 26. Ivy Lane, l'aternoster Rox. NICITOLS & SOXS, 25, Parliament Street.

IE ART-JOURNAL for JANUARY, now ready, This day is published, extra fcap. 8vo, cloth, price 68.

price 2.. 61...

contains, besides Literary Contributiong, Three Line

Engravings and Twelve Engravings on Wood. GUESSES AT TRUTH. By Two Brothers.

Loudon: VIRTUE & CO., 26, Ivy Lane, Paternoster Row. New Edition, with new Bicgraphical Preface and Portraits. MACMILLAN & CO. London.


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This day is publisled, crown 8vo, cloth, priec 8s. 6d.
MODERN CULTURE: its True Aims and

Requirements. A Series of Addresses and Arguments on the
Claime oi Scientific Education. By Professors Tyndall, Daubeny,
Hlentrey, tiuxley, Paget, Whewell, Faraday, Draper. Masson, De
Morgan, Owen ; Drs. Hodgson, Carpenter, Ilooker, Acland, Forbes.
Grove, Herbert Spencer, Sir John Herschel, Sir Charles Lyell,
Seguin, &c. Edited by EDWARD L. YUUMANS, Y.D.


FORD), M.A., Photographs by E. EDWARDS. B.A.. contains a Portrait and short Memoir of SIR FREDRICK POLLOCK, ulso of WU.LIAM ALLINGIIAM, and MR. WOODWARDIQueen's Libraria). I'rice 28. 6d. post free. Forty-three Monthly Parts have now been issued, each containing three Portraits aud 11 einoira of Men of Emigence in Literature, cience, and Art.

The above-named Portraits, or any others included in this Magazine separately (as Cartes de Visite) for 12 postage stamps.

London : ALFRED W. BENNETT, 5, Bishopsgate Without.

PEN. - No. 1 is published this Day. This

la on . er Literary., Antiquarian, Scientitii. Fine Art, Musical and Dramatic Information and Criticism. Pr ce Three-halfpence.

OFFICE, 34, Great Quen Strect, Long Acre, W.C.

This day is published,


SCOTT. With Biographical and Critical Memoir. By FRANCIS TURNER PALGRAVE, M.A. With new Introductions to the larger Poems. Extra foolscap 8vo, cloth, price 38. 61, Uniform with "The Globe Shakespeare."

MACMILLIY & CO., London.

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SRD S. No. 262.






exceeding 203.

Good Cream-laid Note, 28., 38., and 48. per ream.
Super Thick Cream Note, 35. hal. and 78. per ream.
Super Thick Blue Note, 18., 38., and 6. per ream.
Outsides land-made foolscap. 4.8. 6d. per ream.
Patent Straw Notu, 28. 6d. per ream.
Manuscript Paper (letter size), ruled or plain, 48. 6d. per ream.
Sermon Paper (various sizes), ruled or plain, 18., 5., Andi tia. per ream.

cam or Blue Envelopes, 4s. 6.1., 68, 6.1., and 78. hl. per The “ Temple" Envelope, new shape, high inner flap, 18. per 100.

Polished Steel Crest Dies, engraved by the first Artist, from 58.; Monograin, two letters, from 6s, 601. : Ditio, three letters, from 8. 61.; Address Dies, from 13. 60. Preliminary Pencil Sketch, 18. each. Colour Stamping (Relief), reduced to 18. per 100.


Manufacturing Stationers. 192, Fleet Street, Corner of Chancery Lane.-Price List Post Free.

." Any one who reads and remembers Mr. Timhs's encyclopædic varietics should ever after be a good table-talker, an exerllent conpanion for children, a well-read person,' and a proficient lecturer."Athena um.

Things Not Generally Known Familiarly

LD MARSALA WINE, guaranteed the finest

: priced Sherry (vili Dr. Druitt on Cheap Wines). One guinea per dozen. A genuine really fine old Port 36*. per dozen. Terms cash. Three dozen rail paid.-W. D. WATSON, Wine Merchant, 72 and 73, Great Russell Street, corner of Bloomsbury Square, London, W.C. Established 1841.

Full Price Lists post free on application.

EXPLAINED. Vol. I. General Information : VOL.II. Curiositics of Science : Vol. III. Curiosities o lli.tory and Popular Errors. By JOHN TIMB, E.S.A., Author of Curiosities of London, &c. New Edition. 6 vols. in 3. either cloth eleant or strongly half

bound, gilt backs, 188.; cloth, gilt edges, 168. 61 "As full of information as a pomegranate is full of reed."-Punch. "A very amusing miscellany. Gentleman's Magazine.

And as instructive as it is amusing." - Votes and Queries.

*** The Volumes are sold.eparately, as follows:I, GENERAL INFORMATION. In 1 double

Volume, 58. cloth elecant or half-bound, or, 2 vols. fcap.

28. 6.1. each, cloth plain. II. CURIOSITIES OF SCIENCE. In 1 double

Volume, 5*. cloth elegant or half-bound; or, 2 vols. fcap.

28.6d. each, cloth plain. III.


ERRORS EXPLAINED. In 1 Jouble Volume, 59. cloth clegant or half-bound; or, 2 vols. fcap. 28. 6d. each, cloth lain.

HOICE OLDSHERRIES.–Warranted pure Cadiz

es . or Brown, 29., 30., 345., 3., 418., 508., 543. per duzen. Terms Cash Three dozen, railway carriage paid, to all England and Wales. W.D. WATSON, Wine Importer, 72 and 73, Great Russell Street,

corner of Bloomsbury Square, London, W.C. Established 1841. Full Price Lists post free on application. 36s. WARD'S PALE SHERRY 365. At 368. per Dozen, fit for a Gentleman's Table. Bottles and Cases in. cluded. Terms Cash, prepaid. Post-orders payable Piccadilly.

(Established upwards of a century), 1, Chapel Street West,


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Walks and Talks About London. By John


BUTLER, Wine Merchants, &c., recommend and GUARANTEE the following WINES:

SBERRY. Good Dinner Wine, 248., 303., 365. per dozen ; fine pale. golden, and brown Sherry, 423., 488., 548., 608.; Amontillado, for invalids,60s.

CHAMPAGNE. Sparkling, 363., 428.; splendid Epernay, 488., 608.; pale and brown Sillery, 6.6., 788.; Veuve Clicquot's, Perrier and Jouet's, Moet and Chandon's, &c.

PORT. For ordinary ure, 948., 30., 38., 4:8.; fine old " Beeswing," 18. 608.: choice Port of the famed vintages 1847, 1840, 1834, 1820, at 728. to 1203.

CLARET. Good Bordeaux, 188., 20s.: St. Julien, 248., 308., 368.: La Rose, 428. Leoville, 18s.; Latour, 518.; Margaux, 6Cs.,728.; Lafitte, 728., 845., 968.


TIMBS, F.S.A. Amongst the Contents will be found --Last Days of Downing Street. Walks and Talks in Vauxhall GardenTalk about the Temple--A Morning in Sir John Seane's Museum Changes in Covent Garden-- Last of the Ilcet Prizon Furty Years in Fleet Street - Changes at Charing Cross - Railway London Raising of Hulbon Valley-An Old Tavern in St. James's, and many o her interesting Papers. With Frontispiece. Post svo.

cloth gilt, 88. ed. "Will doubtless prove a more lasting record than brass or marble." Gentleman's Magazine.

Stories of Inventors and Discoverers in


Second Edition, with nuderous Illustrations. Cloth elegant, 59. ** Another well-collected book, ranging from Archimedes and Roger Bacon to the Stephensons."- the naum.

Macon and Beaune, 306., 368.428.: St. George, 120.; Chambertin, 60s. Something for Everybody, and a Garland

728, Romancegeot,&c.; Chablis, 243., 308., 362., 42., 488.; Montruchet and St. Peray: sparkling Burgundy, &c.

IIOCK. Light Dinner Hock, 24., 308.; Nierstein, 368., 428.; Ilochheimer, 438. 608., 72s.; Liebfraumilch,608.,728.; Johannesberger and Steinberger, 72s. sis. to 1208.

MOSELLE. Still Morelle, 218., 308.; Zeltinger, 368., 424.; Brauneberger, 488., 608.; Muscatel, 608,728.; Scharzberg, 728., 848.; sparkling Moselle, 488., 608., 663..7-3.

Fortign Liqueurs of every description. On receipt of a Post-office order, or refere: ce, any quantity will be forwarded immediately by


Brighton: 50, King's Road.

(Originally established A.D. 1667.) ETTS, SON, & CO., STEAM PRINTERS,

(A. Royal Exchange) undertake the printing of Books, News papers, Catalogues, C., in English and Foreian Languaxes, as well as Lithograjny and the manufacture of first-class Account 'Bouks.1.3 Works-New Cross, S.E.

for the YEAR. BY JOUN TIMBA, F.S.A. CASTETS:- Memorable Days of the Year iis Fasts and Festivals and Picture que Events Recollections of Brambletye-Domcotic Arts and Customs_Glories of a Garden Earl Gardeners_Eucon. Evelyn, und Temple - A Day at Hatfield London Gardens.-Pope at Twickenham.Celebrated Gardena, Curiosities of Bees, &c. Second Lidition, revised

and corrected, with Coloured Frontispiece, crown myo, 58, cloth. " Full of oda, quaint, out-of-the-way bits of info:mation upon domestic, rural, metropolitan, and social life, interesting nooks of English localities, tiine honoured customs, and old-world observances."

Votos and Queries. Knowledge for the Time: a Manual of

Reading, Reference, and Conversation on Subject of Living Interest COSTANTSLlisterico-Political Information. PRORTOS of Civilization - Dignities und Distinctions_Chutges in Laws Mensure wint Value Progr of Science Life and Health Religious Thought. By JOHN TIMBS, E.S.A., Author of "Thinge Nut

Generally known." Small svo, with Frontispiece, cloth, " A happy combination of industry and tact applied to the production of a book for the many."-Notes and Queries. London: LOCKWOODCO, 7, Stationers' Hall Court, E.C.;

und of all Booksellers.


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blies of Birds

LONDON, SATURDAY, JANUARY 5, 1867. already expressed to the Dean my opinion of the

unsatisfactory condition of the picture-not only

that it was encumbered with masses of dirt and CONTENTS.-No 262.

false paint, but that the original portrait still lay NOTES:- Westminster Portrait of Richard II., 1 - Catho.

dormant underneath-I naturally took great in-
Jic Periodicals, 2 - Broken Pottery of Ancient Times, 4 -
Original Letters of Leigh Hunt, 1b - Aelivs Donatvs terest in each step of the proceedings as they
Septem Sapientibvs Scholarvm Angliæ Pvblicarvm S.P.D.,

were put into execution. As a spectator, taking a
6 - Morkin, or Mortkin, 7 - Christmas Day, Ib. — In-
edited Letter of King James VI. to the King of Navarre careful cognizance of all that went on, I can per-
Lunar Influence - Errors in Parish Registers: the Dali haps render a more impartial statement than
mahoy Family - Old Recollections – Vessel-cup Girls —
Literary Mystification, 8.

even those more immediately concerned in the QUERIES: - Irish Pamphlets, 9 - Extraordinary Assem- operation. Before anything was done to remove

· Burning of the Jesuits' Books - Calla the old paint, I took an opportunity of making a bre - A Christening Sermon - Lord Coke and the Court

careful tracing of the head, hands, crown, and of Star-Chamber - French Topography - Jenyns Queries - Sir Godfrey Kneller – Hannah Lightfoot – Mary Queen sceptre, with various details of the dress, that of Scots - Large Silver Medal - Morocco - Edward Nor- might serve as an accurate record of what the gate: a Chain Organ – Papal Bulls in favour of Freema. sons - Petrarch: Himultruda - Scot, a Local Prefix -- picture had been up to that period. I obtained a Shakespeare's Bible - Stricken in Years - Wedderburn faithful transcript of the projecting patterns of and Franklin, 10.

the diapered background, by rubbing the surface QUERIES WITH ANSWERS: Cyriack Skinner

Henry Hudson - Stafford, Talbot, &c. -- St. John's Gospel, 12.

of my tracing paper with soft leather sprinkled

with black-lead. “As this diaper was very irreREPLIES:- French Books on England, 14 - Chaplains to

the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, &c., 16 — Roundels: gularly constructed, it would have been quite in-
Verses on Fruit Trenchers, 18 – Dutch Ballad, 19 - The sufficient for me to copy a single portion and re-
Dawson Family, 20 — Americanisms- The Pipe of Tobacco,
&c. - Eglinton Tournament - Lord Brax field - Agudeza peat it mechanically to serve for the rest.

Illuminated Missal – Inscription at Champéry – Cheese The picture is painted on an enormous block of
Well - Gold pronounced “Goold” – “Hamlet: House oak; composed, in fact, of several smaller planks

- -
"Shakespeare said it First"-Dante - America and Carica most skilfully joined together. The coatings of
tures - Heraldic Queries - Arms of Prussia --- Book

dedi- paint covering the picture were very difficult to cated to the Virgin Mary, &c., 21.

remove; but, at length, Mr. Richmond's labour Notes on Books, &c.

was rewarded by the discovery of the real pic-
ture underneath- a genuine tempera painting of

Richard's own time; revealing a perfectly dif-

ferent face from that which had been removed. WESTMINSTER PORTRAIT OF RICHARD II.

In lieu of dark staring eyes of a rich brown colour,

massive brown eyebrows, dark hair, and a ruddy The pages of “N. & Q.” are such a natural de- smiling mouth, with deep solid shadows to the positary for records of historical events, both in features, they recovered à mild, soft, youthful art and literature, that, although the subject has face, with gold-brown waving hair, blue-grey already been made known elsewhere, I feel desirous eyes, heavy eyelids, and a sorrowful drooping to secure in these columns a brief statement re mouth-all of which accord with the celebrated specting the change that has recently come over Diptych at Wilton House, and correspond with the well-known Jerusalem-Chamber portrait of the known weak and vacillating character of the Richard II. Ever since the time of the Manchester timid and misguided monarch himself. Exhibition in 1857, when it was first seen during the ermine cape had been overlaid with repeated coats present century in open daylight, artists and judges of colour, and the originally delicate ermine spots competent to form a fair opinion upon it, agreed had been distorted into strange twisted masses of that the picture had been grossly painted over, solid black paint, that had neither heraldic nor and that the surface of the painting no longer pre- any other significance to justify them. The folds sented a trustworthy appearance. These opinions of the crimson robe had been overlaid and perwere renewed in the course of the recent Portrait verted by the brush of some clumsy house-painter; Exhibition at South Kensington; and Mr. George and not only the drawing but the action of the Richmond, R.A., the excellent portrait-painter, fingers had been ruthlessly altered. On examinat length offered to the Dean of Westminster to ing the gilded surface of the ball, decorated with not only superintend, but actually to work upon most un-Gothiclike acanthus leaves, it was found the cleaning and restoration of this precious relic. to be laid over a highly polished coating of plain The Dean and Chapter readily consented; and gold on a mass of composition or cement; and the the picture was accordingly conveyed, at the close richly ornamented crown had been treated in the of the Exhibition, to the studio of Mr. Henry same manner. The stucco pattern of the raised Merritt, an experienced picture-cleaner and re- diaper on the background was found to have overstorer, who was to carry on all operations under lapped some beautifully painted foliage, which eviMr. Richmond's immediate direction. Having dently belonged to the original design of the flore


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