Memoirs of His Own Life, 第 2 卷

author, 1790

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第 39 頁 - Why, what an ass am I! This is most brave, That I, the son of a dear father murdered, Prompted to my revenge by heaven and hell, Must like a whore unpack my heart with words, And fall a-cursing like a very drab, A scullion!
第 181 頁 - Wil. How did you gain admittance there ? Shift. My merit, Sir, that, like my link, threw a radiance round me. A detachment from the...
第 242 頁 - ... he ordered the curtain to be dropped ; and, having a competent fortune of his own, thought the conditions of adding to it by his remaining upon the stage were too dear ; and from that day entirely quitted it.
第 90 頁 - O, what an infernal limb of an actress you'll make ! What ! not know the meaning of prentice ! Why prentice, ma'am, is the plural of prentices !" The complaints of this original to the Dublin stage-manager upon her daughter's wrongs, are equally comic. " Sir, you have not used my daughter well, 'pon my sould, and Barry has left her in ' Love's Last Shift
第 59 頁 - Sir Peter Primrose, smirking o'er his tea, Sinks, from himself and politics, to me. •'? Paper ! boy."—" Here, Sir, I am."— " What news to-day ?" •* : Foote, Sir, is advertised."—" What! run' away ?" « No, Sir; he acts this week at Drury-lane." •" How's that?" (cries feeble Grub): Foote come again? I thought that fool had done his devil's dance : Was he not hang'd some months ago in France?
第 182 頁 - Bipeds or quadrupeds: rationals or animals; from the clamour of the bar to the cackle...
第 241 頁 - Smith," says Gibber, with fine satire, "whose character as a gentleman could have been no way impeached, had he not degraded it by being a celebrated actor, had the misfortune, in a dispute with a gentleman behind the scenes, to receive a blow from him. The same night an account of this action was carried to the King, to whom the gentleman was represented so grossly in the wrong, that the next day his Majesty sent to forbid him...
第 181 頁 - ... an empress, and many a prime minister from nothing at all . has thought fit to raise me to my present height from the humble employment of 'Light , your honour?
第 23 頁 - Gibber thought the new player " well enough," but Foote, with the malice that was natural to him, remarked, "Yes, the hound has something clever, but if his excellence was to be examined, he would not be found in any part equal to Colley Gibber's Sir John Brute, Lord Foppington, Sir Courtly Nice, or Justice Shallow.
第 181 頁 - Here, firrah, light me a-crofs the kennel. 1 hope your Honour will remember poor Jack. You ragged rafcal, I have no half-pence I'll pay you the next time I fee you But, lack-a-day, Sir, that time I faw as feldom as his tradefmen.