The Maryland Medical Recorder, 第 2 卷

Horatio Gates Jameson
W. & J. Neal., 1831

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第 581 頁 - sometimes of a bright red. They vary in size from that of a pin's head to that of a split-pea. Often there is only one, there may be two or more. They may be deposited on the edge of the pupil, or in any part of the anterior surface of the iris. If the inflammation is very active or the treatment inefficient, the lymph is sometimes so abundant
第 460 頁 - matrons, porters, laundresses, and domestic servants not connected with the wards, and every female who has ever performed the duties of a nurse, have one and all invariably been the subjects of fever; and to show that the disease may be engendered by fomites in clothing, the laundresses, whose duty it is to wash the
第 386 頁 - double its size: the ureter in its course to the bladder, lay like a white tape across the artery, but in the process of separating the peritoneum, it was raised with that membrane to which it remained attached. The fulness of the iliac vein, varied, sometimes
第 201 頁 - The persons accused underwent very great hardships: during the space of a week they were confined in a dungeon, and some of them were put to the torture, but they persisted in their innocence. On the Sunday following, the magistrate ordered that a chalice of wine uncovered should be placed, for the space of
第 380 頁 - a loop in front. I then made an incision in front, from one orifice to the other made by the trocar, and drawing the extremities of the wire through the wound, brought the loop between the fractured ends of the bone, and approximated the edges of the skin with
第 200 頁 - very corpulent lady died at . Before her death she begged as a particular favor, to be buried in the parochial church. She had died on the Wednesday, and on the following Saturday was buried according to her desire. The weather at the time was very hot, and a great drought had prevailed. The
第 630 頁 - about a fortnight. It was a month before she gathered much strength: these symptoms, however, were mitigated, and she spoke more freely. By the beginning of April she was able to be out of bed the greater part of the day, spoke without hesitation, and was nearly free from former symptoms, but dorsal
第 83 頁 - The same kind of yellowish green matter marks and covers the situation of the lower extremity of the artery, as it does the upper; it is, however, thinner where it immediately covers the end of the artery, which in none of these cases was contracted in the conical manner I have described, as occurring in the
第 514 頁 - heart is generally perceived in one of the. iliac regions; but, unlike the placenta, it is not always heard in the same place, in the same individual—but it does not vary much from the point where first heard. Its double beat is well marked; and the frequency of its pulsations, is, says
第 589 頁 - but not deposited in a distinct form, and the adhesions are generally white. Both in the idiopathic and arthritic iritis, the pupil generally retains its circular figure and central position. Mr. Lawrence, however, has seen the effusion of reddish, brownish, or brownish-yellow lymph on the iris in several instances, both of children and