Fresh Flowers for Children

J. Munroe, 1852 - 176页
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第174页 - And they were going up to heaven, With all that had been done By little children, good or bad, Since the last rising sun. And some had gold and purple wings, Some drooped like faded flowers, And sadly soared to tell the tale, That they were mis-spent Hours.
第175页 - Others had unkind words and acts To carry upward there. A shining Hour, with golden plumes, Was laden with a deed Of generous sacrifice, a child Had done for one in need. And one was bearing up a prayer A little child had said, All full of penitence and love, While kneeling by his bed.
第144页 - IN the broad fields of heaven, In the immortal bowers, By life's clear river dwelling, Amid undying flowers, — There hosts of beauteous spirits, Fair children of the earth, Linked in bright bands celestial, Sing of their human birth. 2 They sing of earth and heaven ; Divinest voices rise To God, their gracious Father, Who called them to the skies ; They all are there, — in heaven, — Safe, safe, and sweetly blest ; No cloud of sin can shadow Their bright and holy rest.
第87页 - O, dear to his young mother's heart Was this pure, sinless child ! Kindly in all his deeds and words, And gentle as the dove ; Obedient, affectionate, His very soul was Love.
第57页 - MY Mother ! My kind Mother ! I hear thy gentle voice, It always makes my little heart Beat gladly and rejoice. When I am ill, it comes to me, And kindly soothes my pain ; And when I sleep, then in my dreams. It sweetly comes again.
第58页 - And when 1 sleep, then in my dreams, It sweetly comes again. It always makes me happy, Whene'er I hear its tone, I know it is the voice of love, From a heart that is my own. My Mother ! My dear Mother ! O may I never be Unkind, or disobedient, In any way, to thee.
第16页 - It asks for peace and happiness For all ; the rich, the poor, the wicked and the good. It leads us to seek out the sorrowful, To
第108页 - BOY WHO TOLD A LIE. The mother looked pale, and her face was sad, She seemed to have nothing to make her glad ; She silently sat with the tears in her eye, For her dear little boy had told a lie. He was a gentle, affectionate child, His ways were winning, his temper was mild ; There was love and joy in his soft blue eye, But the dear little boy had told a lie. He stood alone by the window within, For he felt that his soul was stained...
第174页 - Some glowed with rosy hopes and smiles, And some had many a tear ; Others had some kind words and acts To carry upward there.
第145页 - The golden- haired— the blue-eyed, That lighted up our life, And folded were within our hearts, From all the world's rude strife — The blessings of our bosoms, The stars upon our sky, The flowers springing in our path, Too beautiful to die — They all are there— in heaven — Safe, safe, and sweetly blessed; No cloud of sin can shadow Their bright and holy rest.