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of, 131

Lincoln, Thomas, father of the

President, his escape from an
Indian, 3; a laboring man, 5;
marriage, 5; migrates to In-
diana, 8-11; builds a cabin, 15;

his se ond marriage, 27; death
Lincoln, Thomas (“Tad"), 418
Lincoln, Willie, 418
“Loco-Foco," origin of, 94
Logan, Stephen T., associated

rrith Lincoln, 82
Log-cabin, building, 16;
paign, 86

Long Nine," the, 76
“Lost Townships," letters from,

Louisville Ky., menaced by
Rebels, 351





Lincoln Continued.

Vallandigham, 363; letter to
Grant, 366; announces victories
of Army of the Potomac, 371;
speech at serenade, 371; pro-
clamation of Thanksgiving, 372;
letter to Springfield war meet-
ing, 376; address at Gettysburg
battle-ground, 378; letter about
Sabbath-breaking in the army,
380; joke as to Burnside's
being lost, 381; "swap horses
while crossing a stream,” 383;
address to Grant, 385;.
Hood's defeat, 390;

his re-
nomination opposed, 392;
Grant's possible nomination,

his second nomination,
393; letter accepting nomina-
tion, 394; Niagara Falls Con-
ference, 398; issues call for
500,000 men, 401; his despatch
announcing his election, 402;
Hampton Roads Conference,
406; reply to two Rebel ladies,
410; second inauguration, 410;
family life in the White House,
415 et seq.; his relations to E!
D. Baker, 4.15;

his love of
music, 417; his sons, 418; his
habits in Washington, 421;
details of office work, 426; his
relations with his Cabinet, 427;
his reply to Seward, 430; re-
lations with Seward, 431; re-
vises Seward's foreign despatch,
432; defends Cameron, 434;
appoints S. P. Chase Chief-
Justice, 436; does not expect
re-election, 438; his firmness,
439; proposes payment for free-
dom of slaves, 440; conference
with Grant and Sherman, 442;
at City Point, and visits Rich-
mond, 443; Serenaded on his
return, 447;

his last speech,
450; his assassination and
death, 452-454;

his funeral,
455, 456
Lincoln, Abraham, grandfather

of the President, 3
Lincoln, Josiah, 3
Lincoln, Mary, 4
Lincoln, Mordecai, 3
Lincoln, Nancy, 4
Lincoln, Robert, 418

McClellan, Gen. George B., in

West Virginia, 283; his early
fame, 293; views on slavery,
293, 300; inactive near Wash-
ington, 304; zenith of his fame,
318; choice of Democratic
politicians, 325; demurs to
plan of operations, 328; letter
from Lincoln as to plans, 328;
peninsular campaign, 33! 7 sq.;
receives Franklin's division,
333; asks permission to give
political views to Lincoln, 333;
bitter letter to Secretary of
War, 338; his views on the gen-
eral situation, 338; fails to sup.
port Pope, 343; at the head of
reorganized army, 344;
lieved of his command, 347*

nominated for President, 395
McDowell, Irvin, at Bull Run, 280
Manassas, abandoned by the

Rebels, 329; its "Quaker guns,"

Mariy, William L., Secretary of

State, 205
Martial law proclaimed, 359
Maryland, response to call for

troops, 261; vote for President
in 1860, 266; Seward's rebuke
of, 266; invaded by Lee, 307;

abolishes slavery, 400
Mason and Slidell, seizure of, etc.,



in, 140

Massachusetts, Sixth Regiment Peace, Congress in Washington,
fired on in Baltimore, 264

217; Democrats, 352
Meade, George G., succeeds Pea Ridge, battle of, 323

Hooker, 367; at the battle of Pendleton, George H., nominated
Gettysburg, 370; warned by for Vice-President, 396
Halleck, 370

Peninsular campaign, 331 et seq.
Mexican War, Lincoln's opposi Peoria, Ill., Lincoln and Douglas

tion to, 105
Migration, Western, in 1783, 2 Pickens, Fort, relieved, 256
“Milk sick," the, 19

Pierpont, Francis H., Governor of
Missouri, reply to call for troops, West Virginia, 283

261; Frémont in, 294; dis Polk, James K., elected President,
orders in, 294

99; Lincoln criticises, 107
Missouri Compromise, repeal of, Pope, Gen. John, on th, Missis-

sippi, 323; called to the East,
Monitor and Merrimac, fight of, 341; takes a new command,

341; Army of the Potomac to
Morgan, Edwin D., Governor of

support him, 342; driven back
New York, 262

upon Washington, 343

Porter, Fitz-John, his failure to

support Pope, 343

Port Royal, South Carolina, cap-
Nancy, negro girl, Lincoln tries ture of, 283
case of, 124

Preaching, backwoods, 7
Naturalized foreigners, Lincoln's Pryor, Roger A., Rebel leader, 254
views concerning, 182

Public debt, 1783, 2
Navy, yard at Norfolk seized by
Rébels, 271

Negro troops enlisted, 359
New Orleans, Lincoln's visit to, Rails and rail-splitting, 198
48; slave case in, 125; capture Rebel Congress at Montgomery,

New Salem, Ill., Lincoln's disaster Rebel emissaries in Washington,
at, 47; he takes up his residence

in, 49; is postmaster of, 67 Rebel leaders, disconcerted by
Newspapers suppressed by slave-

Lincoln, 241
holders, 109

Republican party, birth of, 153;
Niagara Falls Conference, 397 Convention of, 1860, 192; 1864,
Nolin Creek, the Lincoln residence 393
near, 5

Richmond, capital of Confeder-
North Carolina, reply to call for acy, 270; capture of, 446
troops, 261

Riney, Zachariah, Lincoln's

schoolmaster, 7

Roanoke Island, capture of, 323

Robinson, Charles, early Govern-
Optical illusion, Lincoln's story or of Kansas, 145 146
of, 201

Rosecrans, W. S., at battle of
Ordinance of secession adopted,

Stone River, 352

Russell, Lord John, derides Eman-
Oregon, Lincoln offered governor cipation Proclamation, 310
ship of, 115

Rutledge, Ann, Lincoln's early

love, 88

Patterson, Gen. Robert, at the Scott, Dred, decision in case of,
battle of Bull Run, 280


of, 324



ner, 82

Scott, Winfield, warns Lincoln at

Harrisburg, 230; at Lincoln's
inauguration, 236; a veteran of
the Mexican War, 319; retired,

Secession of seven States, 214
Settlers, early, in Indiana, 15
Seward, W. H., supports Gen.

Taylor's candidacy, 110; candi-
date before the Chicago Conven-
tion, 1860, 193; as Premier,”
248; rebuke Maryland,
266; at Hampton Roads Con-
ference, 406; and Lincoln's in-
augural address, 1861, 428;
estimate of Lincoln, 428; pro-
poses a foreign war, 430;

sault on, 454
Sheridan, Philip H., in Shenan-
doah Valley, 392;

Rebel army at Appomattox,
442; captures Lee's supplies,

Sherman, William T., at Vicks-

burg, 351, 352; under Grant,
380, 381; succeeds Grant in
command of Division of the
Mississippi, 387; invests At-
lanta, 389; march to the sea,
409; conference with Lincoln

and Grant, 442
Shields, James, “duel" with Lin-

coln, 91; Senator from Illinois,

Shiloh, battle of, 323
Ship Island, 323
Slavery, Lincoln's first view of,

39; bill to abolish, in District
of Columbia, 113; death knell
of, 134; abolished in Maryland,

“Snow boys,” Lincoln tries suit

against, 122
South Mountain, battle of, 307
Sparrow, Mrs. Betsey, 19
Speed, Joshua, Lincoln's friend,

148; Lincoln's letter to, 148
Spencer County, Ind., the Lin-

colns in, 9
"Spot" Lincoln, 105
Sprague, William, Governor of

Rhode Island, 262
Springfield, Ill., Lincoln removes
to, 78; first great speech in, 136
Lincoln in, 215; his departure

Stanton, Edwin M., Attorney.

General in Buchanan's Cabinet,
213; Secretary of War under
Lincoln, 249; anecdote of, 424;
first opinion of Lincoln's war

policy, 429
Steamboat, first, on Lake Erie, 15
Stephens, Alexander H., Vice-

President of Confederacy, 215;
endeavors to dissuade secession
216; at Hampton Roads Con.

ference, 404; his report of, 408
Stone, Dan, and Lincoln protest

against slavery, 77
Stone, Charles P., in command at

Washington, 267
Stone River, battle of, 352
Stuart, James E. B., Rebel gen-

eral, raids Chambersburg, Pa.,

Stuart, John T., Lincoln's part-
“Sugar-coated,” Lincoln's use of

phrase, 286
Sumter, Fort, surrender of, 257
Superstitions of frontier settlers,

Surveyor, Lincoln as, 66

Taney, Roger B., Chief Justice,

Dred Scott case, 167; succeeded

by S. P. Chase, 436
Taylor, Richard, on the stump in

Illinois, 74
Taylor, Zachary, in Black Hawk

War, 58; nominated for Presi-

dent, 107; elected, 111
Tennessee, reply to call for troops,

Texas admitted to the Union, 101
Thanksgiving for Union victories,

Thomas, George H., defeats Gen-

erals Zollikoffer and Crittenden,
322; in command of Army of

the Cumberland, 322; at Nash-
Thompson, Jacob, Secretary of

Interior in Buchanan's Cabinet,

Tod, David, declines the Treasury

Todd, Mary, letters from “Lost

Townships," 91; marries Lin-

ville, 390

from, 219

coln, 93


Topeka, Kan., free-State capital, Vote, electoral, 1856, 159; 1860,

200; 1864, 401
Toucey, Isaac, Secretary of Navy Voudoo seeress, 48

in Buchanan's Cabinet, 211
Treason in Washington, 246

Trent affair, The, 288–291
Trumbull, Lyman, on Illinois cir.

cuit, 83; candidate for Senator, Washington, treason in, 246; news

of Lee's surrender in, 442
Tyler, John, Vice-President and Weems, Mason L., Life of Wash-
President, 109

ington, 24; Lincoln's reference

to book, 227

Weitzel, Godfrey, in Richmond,
Vallandigham, Clement L., op 443

poses the war, 362; expelled Western immigration in 1873, 2
from the North, 363; nomi West Virginia organized, 283
nated for Governor of Ohio, Whiskey as currency, 9.
363; his return to the North, “Wide-awakes” organized, 198

Wilderness, battle of the, 388
Van Buren, Martin, nominated Wilkes, Captain Charles, and the

for President, 86; meets Lin Trent affair, 288
coln, 96

Wines sent to Lincoln on nomi-
Vicksburg, assaulted by Sherman,

nation, 197
.351, 352; fall of, 364

Wood, Fernando, favors making
Virginia, reply to call for troops, New York a free city, 226; his

261; convention of 1861, 268; correspondence with Lincoln,
secession of, 270


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