Rich and Poor: A Comic Opera



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第 6 頁 - Fairest of them alL For his bride a soldier sought her, And a winning tongue had he, On the banks of Allan Water, None so gay as she.
第 7 頁 - When brown autumn spread his store, There I saw the miller's daughter, But she smiled no more. For the summer grief had brought her, And the soldier false was he, On the banks of Allan Water, None so sad as she. On the banks of Allan Water, When the winter snow fell fast, Still was seen the miller's daughter, Chilling blew the blast. But the miller's lovely daughter, Both from cold and care was free; On the banks of Allan Water, There a corse lay she.
第 vii 頁 - tis a cloud which must never be removed, for' tis the gloom of self-reproach. — I have erred and been forgiven ; but am I less culpable ? Your indulgence has been great ; but is my fault therefore less enormous? Oh, no, no, no ! The calm of innocence has for ever left me, the courage of conscious virtue must be mine no more. Still must the memory of errors past torment me, and imbitter every future joy. Still must I blush...
第 35 頁 - When none will sigh for me? Perchance my dog will whine in vain, Till fed by stranger ,hands; But long ere I come back again, He'd tear me where he stands.
第 55 頁 - IN yonder bower lies Pleasure sleeping, And near him mourns a blooming maid ! He will not wake, and she sits weeping ; When lo ! a stranger proffers aid : His hurried step, his glance of fire, The god of wishes wild declare !
第 vi 頁 - Ere sixteen years had wing'd their wanton flight, While yet his head was young, and heart was light, Our author plann'd these scenes ; and while he drew, How bright each colour seem'd, each line how true. Gods ! with what rapture every speech he spoke ! Gods! how he chuckled as he penn'd each joke! And when at length his ravish'd eyes survey That wondrous work complete — a Five...
第 55 頁 - Pleasure, wake," exclaims Desire, And Pleasure wakes to bless the fair. But soon the maid, in luckless hour. Desire asleep is doom'd to view ; " Try, Pleasure, try, she cries, your power, And wake Desire, as he 'woke you.
第 v 頁 - Mr. Sheridan, who blocked up my road, mounted on his great tragic war-horse ' Pizarro,' and trampled my humble pad-nag of a Comedy under foot, without the least compunction. My readers must decide whether my Play merited so transient an existence ; it is unnecessary to say that / am quite of the contrary opinion.
第 33 頁 - Ormond ! did all your sex think like you — would chastity stretch forth her hand to assist the penitent, nor raise it to plunge her deeper — many a poor victim of imprudence, now struggling with the billows, might easily regain the shore ! But when some unhappy girl has made the first false step, branded with shame, abandoned by her former friends, courted by vice, and shunned by virtue, no wonder that she flies from remorse to the arms of luxury, and purchases a momentary oblivion of her sorrows...