Ethic epistles to the earl of Carnarvon, on the mind and its operations [by E. Poulter. In verse].


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第 19 頁 - The times have been That, when the brains were out, the man would die, And there an end ; but now they rise again, With twenty mortal murders on their crowns, And push us from our stools.
第 130 頁 - Csfars and Alexanders ftand afide, Ye fought not Heroes, let the Mufe fpeak true, To ferve the world, but make the world ferve you. Thou Francis, Fred'ric, Catherine, and all Who rife on Turkey's, or on Poland's fall ; Who reftlefs, uncontented with your own, Divide between you Staniflaus's crown ; Know that from merit far, far e'en from Fame, Increafe of Empire is increafe of fhame ; While Staniflaus more truly great is found Exil'd at Grodno, than at Warfaw crown'd. Hear me, ye Minifters of Juftice,.hear!
第 130 頁 - Hear me, ye Minifters of Juftice, hear! (Of fuch an honeft truth where is the fear?) If Potentates, but Heav'n avert the chance ! Your fame ambitious views extend to France.; If your diflembled projeft mould be lefs To aid the virtuous, than the free opprefi ; Ep.
第 124 頁 - Choofing thine own, but leaving all their will ; For State too honeft, too fincere for Fame, To Popularity known but by name — Where art thou hid impervious to our eye ? Native of Earth, or only of the Sky ? Whence Pegafus to Mortals here defcends^ Thy winged meflenger...
第 131 頁 - The fate thou mediut'ft to France be thine ! Since, INDEPENDENCE, then the very Fame Meant to confirm, deftroys, to thee the claim ; And fince the Hero, who with all his pains Robs others of thee, not himfelf obtains ; By Money bought not, and not forc'd by Might, Who elfe fhall prore to thee a better right ? Shall...
第 178 頁 - twixt Pope and Creech, A Genius cannot condefcend to teach ; To elevate, enrapture, and furprize, Raife us from earth, and waft us to the Ikies, Thefe are his province, aught than thcfe that's woi Can ne'er be Poetry, howe'er 'tis verfe.
第 124 頁 - ... Mortals here defcends^ Thy winged meflenger to work thy ends ; That like thee fpurns the fordid Earth beneath, For air too pure for Mortals mere to breathe. Free as thou art, thou canft not fure be found Mixing with Men as grov'ling as their ground ; With fpecious, proud, ambitious, fordid ilaves,, And all the other various names for Knaves. Muft we, here having fought it in defpair, Thy caftle own — a caftle in the air ? ' On Earth thy worfhip, Heaven thy abode, Thou art our neareft notion...
第 83 頁 - Tis the fame Pow'r conceal'd, or elfe confeft. Who can difcern a diff'rence in the thing, Whether Proteftor, Cromwell call 'd, or King? Down from the Empire to the Commonweal, The people much the fame fubjeftion feel : Diftator, Conful, Triumvir, the name, The Power in Rome was ever much the fame. Whate'er the titles nations may prefer, • In Venice Doge, in Holland Stadtholder; In Turkey Sultan, and in Tart'ry Khan...
第 203 頁 - Sel'.vyn's fcraps to fteal a bit, (Selwyn, The Foundling Hofpital of Wit, Lord of the Manor of each ftray conceit, Not one, but ev'ry punfter's counterfeit) — Whate'er was afk'd, if no one elfe could tell, But not unlefs, he knew the anfwer well : Each witling's fav'rite, each Blue-Stocking's boaft, And would have been, if Ladies drank, their...
第 68 頁 - Efcapcs the lafh of Law by marring it. Oft by Poetic as by common Law, The Culprit gets off merely by a flaw ; See — Martial Judge — Reports of his own time— «' He makes it bit, who ill repeats my rhyme.