The Emocode

Pearson Education, 2006 - 148 頁
1. The Art of Gnidnarb Need for a new way of experiencing Branding as a mirror Magical Effect: the Hitchcock clinic The consumer as co-designer The curse of empowerment The Consuman Being Emocoding A coat of values 2. The Multiple Identity Crisis Democratic problems The social trapeze artist - Identity crisis 1: Good honest coffee - Identity crisis 2: Best is cheapest - Identity crisis 3: The new besiegers - Identity crisis 4: More good honest coffee - Identity crisis 5: The Paul Smith rip off The consumer taken hostage Acquired helplessness Escapism New eras 3. The Discovery of Identity I am not myself (and actually never have been) The other as a stranger Whom do I belong to? Mirror image, let's hear it Experience of identity through the camera Your unique identity development The eye of the other From the English pub 4. The Social Jungle Social reflexes Being single is hard work Looks as an instrument for social benchmarking Tribe formation along the lines of a code The basic 'in or out' game Social dominoes Personal buffer: the comfort zone As long as you look good Ignore it New Social Order: Respect! 5. Status and Symbol The Code of status Three Scarcity Trends 1. Thin as status indicator 2. 'Ordinary' as status indicator 3. Bare and empty as status indicator Status and gap Buying off our guilt D Fence Lost secret Politically incorrect: incorrect politics 6. The Basic Design The design matrix Round-trip to Paradise The Suitcase project Feeling like animation Branding and backwards Purchasing drive: 'I shop, therefore I am' Waste economy Puppets on a string Virtually real Visual statements of fashion and trendiness Lifestyle as fashion The Art of Credibility 7. Makeover Visible and invisible moments The Great Positioning Choice Juggling self-control 1. Predator or prey 2. Group thinking 3. Skin or hide Visual culture and the manipulation of images The Emocode as an index for identity experience values One of the herd or free individual Between two worlds The Invisible Man 8. Sanctuary The need for a bubble Safe on the inside, shiny on the outside Sunglasses The mobile phone Designer Teeth The Coded Society Shoes New metasystems Sophistication in identity design 9. Transformation A new life I M Perfect: Redemption, liberation of yourself Mental makeover Scarifications Liberation from the self-image Transformation of perception1 Hype Design A transformation in your life Transformation by looking outwards Innocence regained The 'I-am-Me' moment The three crucial elements Transformation through self-friendship About the author Works cited List of Illustrations Further sources of inspiration Index.


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The Art of Gnidnarb
The Multiple Identity Crisis 11
The Discovery of Identity 25
The Social Jungle 39
Status and Symbol
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