Winter Evening Tales: Collected Among the Cottagers in the South of Scotland

Oliver & Boyd, 1821 - 340 頁

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第 156 頁 - ... then they all kneel around him, while he recommends them to the protection of Heaven ; and though their little hymn of praise can scarcely be heard even by themselves, as it mixes with the roar of the tempest, they never fail to rise from their devotions with their spirits cheered and their confidence renewed, and go to sleep with an exaltation of mind of which kings and conquerors have no share.
第 17 頁 - Carmichael meant to take him at a disadvantage. At length they fell quiet; set their joints steadily, and began to move in a circular direction, watching each other's motions with great care. Carmichael ventured the first trip, and struck Polmood on the left heel with considerable dexterity. It never moved him ; but in returning it, he forced in Carmichael's back with such a squeeze, that the by-standers affirmed they heard his ribs crash ; whipped him lightly up in his arms, and threw him upon the...
第 153 頁 - ... little, for about the same time they were frequently seen tearing at one another's wool with their teeth. When the storm abated, on the fourteenth day from its commencement, there was on many a high-lying farm not a living sheep to be seen. Large misshapen walls of dead, surrounding a small prostrate flock likewise all dead, and frozen stiff in their lairs, were all that remained to cheer the forlorn shepherd and his master ; and though on low-lying farms where the snow was not so hard before,...
第 139 頁 - The King has written a broad letter, And sealed it with his signet ring ; And he has sent to Erol's Lord, To bring his daughter to the King : " And see that she be robed 'in silk, All fringed wi' the gowden cramosye, For I have neither spouse nor child, And Queen of Scotland she shall be.
第 252 頁 - May not the harmony and discord of colours arise from the proportions of the vibrations propagated through the fibres of the optic nerve into the brain, as the harmony and discord of sounds arise from the proportions of the vibrations of the air?
第 161 頁 - ... precisely as if he had thrust it into a snowbank, so densely was the air filled with falling and driving particles. He lay still for an hour, while the house rocked with the tempest, hoping it might prove only a hurricane . but as there was no abatement, he wakened his companionshepherd, telling him it was " come on such a night or morning as never blew from the heavens.
第 153 頁 - The intensity of the frost wind often cut them off when in that state quite instantaneously. About the ninth and tenth days, the shepherds began to build up huge semicircular walls of their dead, in order to afford some shelter for the remainder of the living ; but they availed but little, for ahout the same time they were frequently seen tearing at one another's wool with their teeth.
第 17 頁 - ... skill. This was the last prize on the field, and on the last throw for that prize the victory of the day depended, which each of the two champions was alike vehemently bent to reave from the grasp of the other. They eyed each other with looks askance, and with visible tokens of jealousy ; rested for a minute or two, wiped their brows, and then closed. Carmichael was extremely hard to please of his hold, and caused his antagonist to lose his grip three or four times, and change his position. Polmood...
第 55 頁 - She saw a people, fierce and fell, Burst frae their bounds like fiends of hell ; There lilies grew, and the eagle flew, And she herked on her ravening crew, Till the cities and towers were wrapt in a blaze, And the thunder it roared o'er the lands and the seas.
第 171 頁 - ... when their friends found them. On the other hand, there was one woman who left her children, and followed her husband's dog, who brought her to his master lying in a state of insensibility. He had fallen down bareheaded among the snow, and was all covered over, save one corner of his plaid. She had nothing better to take with her, when she set out, than a bottle of sweet milk and a little oatmeal cake, and yet with the help of these, she so far recruited his spirits as to get him safe home, though...