Atlantic Reporter, 第 64 卷

West Publishing Company, 1907


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第 345 頁 - In view of the adjudications these principles must be regarded as settled : " 1. A railroad corporation is a person within the meaning of the fourteenth amendment declaring that no state shall deprive any person of property without due process of law, nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.
第 279 頁 - Class legislation, discriminating against some and favoring others, is prohibited, but legislation which, in carrying out a public purpose, is limited in its application, if within the sphere of its operation it affects alike all persons similarly situated, is not within /the amendment.
第 190 頁 - A general partner shall have all the rights and powers and be subject to all the restrictions and liabilities of a partner in a partnership without limited partners...
第 280 頁 - That must always rest upon some difference which bears a reasonable and just relation to the act in respect to which the classification is proposed, and can never be made arbitrarily and without any such basis.
第 64 頁 - ... be ascertained by two competent and disinterested appraisers, the insured and this company each selecting one, and the two so chosen shall first select a competent and disinterested umpire; the appraisers together shall then estimate and appraise the loss, stating separately sound value and damage, and, failing to agree shall submit their differences to the umpire; and the award in writing of any two shall determine the amount of such loss...
第 450 頁 - The provisions of the preceding section shall not extend to any person whose husband or wife shall have been continually remaining beyond sea, or shall have voluntarily withdrawn from the other and remained absent for the space of five years together, the party marrying again, not knowing the other to be living within that time...
第 62 頁 - This action was brought by the plaintiff to recover damages for personal injuries alleged to have been...
第 420 頁 - for the more effectual protection of the public health in the several municipalities of the commonwealth...
第 445 頁 - That every contract made for or about any matter or thing which is prohibited and made unlawful by any statute is a void contract, though the statute itself doth not mention that it shall be so, but only inflicts a penalty on the offender, because a penalty implies a prohibition, though there are no prohibitory words in the statute...
第 282 頁 - Constitution of this state, which provides that "no person shall be deprived of. life, liberty or property, without due process of law.