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Boxing Holds Out Dazzling, Allurin
Rich Rewards to Ambitious Lads NOW

Why grind out long hours daily of hard, monoto-
nous work at a small pay job!

Are you satisfied with your present
salary? Is your future secure?
If you are dissatisfied but eager to
forge rapidly ahead to Fame and
Fortune, become a Boxer.
A raw
amateur can master the Science of Box-

ing with the aid of this proved by-mail

method in 20 weeks, and can command

fat purses for each bout. Boxers have no worries. They luxury, are free all day to enjoy the comforts of life-always the and heroes of an admiring public.

Young Man! The JIMMY DeFOREST Boxing Course Offers Most Brilliant Opportunity That Ever Came Into Your L

Have you the salt and spirit, the grit and ginger and the gumption to grasp it? BOXING! The most exciting and thrilling pastime of the century! Strike out for the BIG STAKES, my boy, and this plan will show you how to reap a bumper crop of thousand dollar bills. Learn scientific boxing the Jimmy DeForest way-it's the quickest way to big pay. In twenty weeks you are personally coached by mail in all the secrets of Ring Strategy which made Jack Dempsey World's Champion and King of the Ring. Thirty-five years of relentless study, of never-ceasing ac


tivity, are packed into this wond 20 weeks' course! From this wea experience you are given the cream secret methods that make your opp a sorry figure. Because you are d in Ring Generalship, you becom clever, hard-hitting, perfect punch phenomenal power, leading you ca noble, clean-cut victorious cha the envy and admiration of all who ness the masterful manner by which win super-success. Space preventa ing the whole story, so send the co below for this thrilling book:

"The Golden Age of Boxing'

The most fascinating and interesting book it has been your good fortune to read. If you are receiving less than $200 a week it is your plain duty you owe to yourself and your loved ones to rush the coupon and send for this marvelous, beautifully illustrated book. If you want Swift Success, that "Something" that means the Turning Point in a fellow's fortunes, the magic, lightning change that transforms you from a mere nickel-grubber, eternally worried about paying your bills, to a fellow who has

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everything he wants for himself and
ones with all the luxuries of life-the
the coupon in the mails BEFORE YO
Golden Age of Boxing will open wide
eyes with the staggering possibilities of
money-making that is now staring
the face. Mail the coupon NOW!


347 Madison Ave.,

Box 3727
New York City

This Amazing


Book Will Open

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Your Eyes.

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The Golden Age

of Boxing

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An Electric Iron That
Minds Its Own Temperature

How many times have you wanted an electric iron that kept itself always at the right temperature for ironing? Here is such an iron. You turn on the electricity just as you do with an ordinary iron. The iron comes up to proper ironing heat and then the electricity is turned off. Then when the iron cools a few degrees the electricity is turned on again. The iron is always right for ironing because a little switch inside the iron watches the temperature for you.

This Is the Million Dollar Iron

Remember the stories in the newspapers and magazines some time ago about the young inventor who was paid a million dollars by the Westinghouse Company for an invention which made an automatic electric iron possible. This is that electric iron. When you use it a while you can see why Westinghouse was willing to pay that large sum for the invention. Hundreds of thousands of women are now using this iron. You will be too.


45-51 West 25th Street, New York

Ask for the Westinghouse Automatic Iron

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The Victory of Danny O'Day

A remarkable story of a young man
who stammered. How he overcame his
affliction and won the girl of his dreams

DANNY O'DAY pressed down on the accelera-
or and the racy green car leaped quickly
orward. "Free of traffic at last," he breathed
o himself. "Now, old speed-bird, let's go.
The wind itself is much too slow for me this
ight." For in Danny's mind thère tarried
be thrilling words of Barbara Winthrop-
is Babs-spoken just two evenings ago:
Yes, Danny dear, I'd
ove to." And now in
Danny's pocket a splen-
id little diamond spar-
led in its platinum

As his car sped on toward the Winthrop ome, Danny reviewed he remarkable events of the past year. 'welve months ago, Danny O'Day had conidered himself a hopeess stammerer-a failre. His position was a ery low-paid and subrdinate one in a large orporation. Twelve nonths ago, he had left Barbara's home in utter espair. "Of course I

In just one month Danny returned to his job a new man-permanently and entirely cured of stammering.

His rise from an obscure position to the office of the advertising manager had been meteorical but not undeserved. As the presi dent had said: "Young O'Day has the stuff: he's just the man we need for the position."

Nobody had any use for a stammerer

ike you, Danny," she had told him, "but-" and then impulsively, "if only you didn't tammer."

Well he recalled his hopeless state of mind. Nobody had any use for a stammerer. He could never expect to get anywhere, or do anything really worth while under the handiap of his great affliction. Danny had always stammered. As a child, his parents thought It was cute. "He'll soon outgrow it," they had said. But Danny never outgrew it. In fact, the older he became, the more his stammering increased. In his despair he had thought of going to some far-distant country-away from everything.

Danny smiled now as he reviewed his past still further. It was while looking through a magazine for information regarding ships to Europe that he came across the words, "Stop Stammering!" Here was the story of a boy. very much like himself, who had stammered since childhood, but who had been permanently cured by a proved and guaranteed method. At once young O'Day had filled in the coupon and mailed it to Mr. Bogue-the founder of the Bogue Institute for Stammer. ers. Danny was lucky in securing an immediate enrolment and a few days later he boarded the train for Indianapolis.

"What an interesting place it was too," reflected Danny. "I am sure I never met a jollier crowd or had a happier four weeks." The rapid progress that Danny made at Bogue Institute was a happy surprise to himself and a great satisfaction to Mr. Bogue.

As the shining green car now sped up a long rise, Danny sounded three sharp blasts on the horn. Two minutes later, he turned the car into a neat gravel driveway. Barbara Winthrop stood on the porch to greet him.

"Do you know what I think I'll do?" asked Danny, later that evening. "I am going to write Mr. Bogue the story of my experience and call it "The Victory of Danny O'Day.'"


If you stammer or stutter, Benjamin Bogue can cure you, just as he cured Danny O'Day and hundreds of others of all ages. Bogue Institute, which he founded in 1901 after years of study and research, is a resident school, thoroughly tried and conducted like any other school or college. Results under the Bogue Method are guaranteed. The average student has remained at the school from three to eight weeks.

Find out now what the Bogue Institute can do for you. Filling in and mailing the attached coupon places you under no obligation. It brings you complete information regarding this certain cure for stammering and stuttering, as well as descriptive literature of the method of instruction and the accommodations at Bogue Institute.

If you have a friend who stammers, you will do him a kindness if you show him this story, or send Mr. Bogue his name and address. Your name will not be used, and the Bogue Institute may be the means of opening up a new world of happiness to him.

10602 Bogue Building

1147 N. Illinois St., Indianapolis, Ind.

Without obligation on my part, please send me complete information regarding the Bogue Institute and its scientific cure for stammerers and stutterers.



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