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A Sure Way to Earn

$10 a Day and Up


$3,000 to $6,000 a Year and More!

en dollars a day in the Automobile business means full $60.00 a week (plus tra time). And as you can work every day in the year, as many hours as u please you can net from $3,000 to $6,000 a year-and even more. mose in business for themselves can earn from $10,000 per year up.

ay These Big Salaries? Because

the autobile industry cannot find enough lled men. Not one so-called autochanic in ten (especially in and und Greater New York), knows the ndamentals of automotive construcn and repairing.

w to Get a Big Salary You know

as well as ybody that every man drawing a big ge or salary must know what he is ng. In the automobile business this particularly true.

And no one can earn these big inmes unless he knows automotive conrepairing-in all its -uction and anches-from A to Z.

The Sort of Training Necessary

here are as many grades of automoe training schools as there are grades the public schools or universities. No an-however bright-can be ghly trained in automotive mechanics short of three months.


The average automobile owner does t want an untrained, impractical man perimenting and fooling with his car any more than you would want a rgeon novice to cut off your leg.

Where to Get Proper Training

ect a well-known, long established automoe school with a reputation. A school where arantees mean that when you receive your rtificate you will be able to intelligently reir and properly reassemble in quick time y standard make of automotive vehicle. w York City is the best place to be trained because in New York City and other cities thin commuting distance there are more tomobiles and trucks-per thousand popuion-than in any other section of the


And. in this section, car and truck owners mand the best and quickest service posole and are willing to pay the costs. This why skilled automotive mechanics can t more money in New York territory than any other section.

The School to Train You! If you want

a thorough and practical, scientific training-under the constant guidance of the best staff of instructors that can be obtained-investigate the Stewart Automobile School, established 1909.

The Stewart School is an institution ranking with the technical departments of the leading universities. When you graduate you will thoroughly understand all about every standard make of automotive vehicle and how to keep it in service.

The Stewart System Easy Each begin

ner is studied, his individual characteristics noted, then he receives his instruction in the way that will be most valuable to him and easiest to grasp. No one is rushed and every point is driven home.

Decide Now If you are not earning at

least $50 to $75 or more a week-with a business of your own in sight -this message is intended for you. It is now possible for any average man, regardless of education or experience, to be trained at the Stewart Auto School for a big-pay job quickly.

FREE BOOK-You can open up the way to newer and better things by a mere scratch of the pen or pencil. You can take advantage of the great opportunities in the rapidly expanding automobile business. It costs you nothing and does not obligate you. Send the attached coupon for our big FREE book which explains all details.

Special low rates for room and board for out of town students gladly arranged.



225-227 West 57th Street, New York, N. Y. Please send me your free book that describes your school and the opportunities in the Automobile Business. I am under no obligation.

Name Address City



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After more than half a century on Fourteenth Street, Steinway Hall is now located at 109 West 57th Street. The new Steinway Hall is one of the handsomest buildings in New York, on a street noted for finely designed business structures. As a centre of music, it will extend the Steinway tradition to the new generations of music lovers.



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A nation-wide investment service


HOUSANDS of miles separate our coasts. But through the country-wide location of National City Company offices, and through the 11,000 miles of private wires which connect these offices, a broad, readily accessible investment service is available to individuals, banks and investment houses.

The National City Company

National City Bank Building, New York

Offices in more than 50 leading cities throughout the world

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In 1893-Professor Cortina said, "The only practical way of learning to speak a language is by listening to it, and the most convenient way of listening to it is by means of phonograph records."

The CORTINA PHONE-METHOD is to-day recognized as the original and most advanced language method. It has been adopted successfully by thousands of students throughout the world.





Get an ACME BINDER with Your Name Stamped in Gold for $1.00. Acme Binders the Home-Office and Factory-Professional Man or Student

The Acme Black Cloth Binder embodies a st binding device that is especially designed so as bind loose or bound sheets of every description, as Court Reporters' Minutes, Legal and Commerca Papers, Newspapers, Photographs, Prints. Dra ings, Music, Trade Papers. Farm and Peal Journals, and The Old Fireside Series of the Fam Story Papers.

The Binders are made strong and attractive Full Black Cloth; made in all sizes and expansi and styles of Binding. Price of Binders according size and style. Write and let us know size of the P phlet or Papers you wish the Binder for.

As a special offering-For $1.00 we will mail you postpaid, one binder as shown size 11 in. x 81⁄2 in. (Letter size) with 21⁄2 in. expansion to take 600 sheets of medi weight paper, with one 31⁄2-inch line of Gold Stamping on Binder; this can be your or any other subject matter you would like to have stamped in Gold. Additional lines Gold Stamping, at 25c per 32-inch line. ACME TYPEWRITER SUPPLY CO. Manufacturers of BINDERS, FOLDERS and COVERS NEW YORK CITY, N. Y.



Speed up your sales with circular letters to your cus-
tomers, old and new. Bring new trade into your store.
A weekly or bi-weekly bulletin reproduced on the

Lineograph Duplicator

gives you 1000 exact copies of your hand-written or typewritten letter in almost no time. Your stock will move twice as fast if you use this inexpensive, persuasive advertising.

Write today for FREE CATALOG

and full particulars.



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Test This Typewriter


before sending us a cent

For the sake of your future typewriting satisfaction, accept our offer. Let us send you an L. C. Smith for a 10-DAY FREE TRIAL. See for yourself what a difference ball bearings make. If you decide to keep it

You Save 45%

And Buy on the Easiest Monthly Terms

You'll be delighted with the beautiful typewriter we'll send you. Glistening-all the 1926 attachments renewed-and of such high quality that it is

Guaranteed for 5 Years

The easy touch of the L, C. Smith will maze you. The reason? Its ball bearings. They also make it the longest wearing of ypewriters. The work turned out on an . C. Smith is superb. When you see, test and compare the machine we send, you'll gree that you cannot get a better typewriter, no matter how much you pay.

Greatest of Typewriter Bargains!

Pilling out and mailing in the coupon below rings you this typewriter for a 10-Day

Trial with no obligation to you whatsoever. If you decide to keep it. send us only $3then $5 a month until our Special Price of $69.70 is paid (cash price. $65.20). If you don't feel it is the greatest bargain ever offered you, return machine at our expense.

$3 Worth of Extras Free


By acting now, you get Tools, Waterproof Cover. Complete Home-Study Course Touch Typewriting without extra cost. If you need a typewriter, take advantage of this great offer this unprecedented low price. Act now. Mail coupon to-day.

SMITH TYPEWRITER SALES CORP., 831-360 E. Grand Ave., Chicago, Illinois.

Smith Typewriter Sales Corp.. 831-360 E. Grand Ave., Chicago.

Ship me the L. C. Smith F. O. B. Chicago, On arrival I'll deposit $3 with express agent. If I keep machine I'll send you $5 a month until the $66.70 balance of special $69.70 price is paid; the title to remain in you until then. I am to have 10 days to try the typewriter. If I decide not to keep it, I will repack and return to express agent, who will return my $3. You are to give your standard 5-year guarantee.

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