The Irish Musical Repository: A Choice Selection of Esteemed Irish Songs, Adapted for the Voice, Violin, and German Flute

B. Crosby & Company ... and sold, 1810 - 288 頁

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第 58 頁 - Gainst bishops providing for dull stupid drones ; Says the text so divine, " What is life without wine ?" Then away with the claret — a bumper, Squire Jones. Ye lawyers so just, Be the cause what it will, who so learnedly plead, How worthy of trust ! You know black from white, Yet prefer wrong to right As you chance to be fee'd : Leave musty reports, And forsake the king's courts, Where dulness and discord have set up their thrones ; Burn Salkeld and Ventris, With all your damn'd entries, And away...
第 58 頁 - Ye soldiers so stout, With plenty of oaths, though no plenty of coin, Who make such a rout Of all your commanders Who served us in Flanders, And eke at the Boyne : Come leave off your rattling Of sieging and battling, And know you'd much better to sleep...
第 10 頁 - tis honest and sound, No malice or hatred is there to be found, He courts and he marries, he drinks and he fights, For love, all for love for in that he delights. With his sprig of shillelah and shamrock so green...
第 111 頁 - The little birds, in blithest notes, Made vocal every spray ; They sung their little notes of love, They sung them o'er and o'er. Ah ! Grddh mo chroidhe, mo chailin og, 'Si Mailligh mo stdir.
第 11 頁 - Who has e'er had the luck to see Donnybrook Fair? An Irishman, all in his glory, is there, With his sprig of shillelah and shamrock so green!
第 111 頁 - I laid me down upon a bank, Bewailing my sad fate, That doomed me thus the slave of love And cruel Molly's hate; How can she break the honest heart That wears her in its core?
第 40 頁 - Thy sons they are brave ; but, the battle once over, In brotherly peace with their foes they agree, And the roseate cheeks of thy daughters discover The soul-speaking blush that says cushla ma chree.
第 137 頁 - Och! rub a dub, row de dow, Corporal Casey! The devil go with him, I ne'er could be lazy, He stuck in my skirts so, ould Corporal Casey. We went into battle; I took the blows fairly, That fell on my pate, but they bother 'd me rarely: And who should the first be that dropp'd?
第 34 頁 - I was tossed up and down, Like a quid of chewed hay in the throat of a cow ; While afraid off the deck in the ocean to slip, sir, I clung like a cat, fast hold for to keep, sir.
第 57 頁 - Though all you get by't Is a dinner, oft-times, In reward of your rhymes — With Humphry the duke : Learn Bacchus to follow, And quit your Apollo, Forsake all the Muses, those senseless old crones. Our jingling of glasses Your rhyming surpasses, When crowned with good claret, and bumpers, Squire Jones.