A River Worth Riding

Navigating Life, 2005 - 268 頁
Riding the river... ...If you want to survive the rapids of life, you'll need to stop trying to change the river and learn to change yourself... . Learn to examine the real cause of your frustrations . Learn to redefine yourself . Learn to reflect, focus and strategize before taking action . Learn to allocate your resources and understand the power of process . Take control of your life . Stop contributing energy to everything you hate, and start contributing energy to what you love . Learn to attract, nurture, understand and influence the people around you . Learn to read the river's currents and to let life flow"

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You see dangerous rapids ahead
The river is just the river
Instead of complaining about the wind
you could learn to adjustyour sails 57
Rivers carve canyons
An innocent may attempt
Keep the river clean
Water and everything else

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