Tis honour alone keeps true love from decay;

For, Edward, believe me,

When e'er you deceive me,
The flower of affection will withér away.



THE soldier who to battle goes,

And danger braves for duty,
Altho' he laughs at fear or foes,

Like others, sighs for beauty;
For Cupid's a Gen’ral whom all must obey,

As the bravest of mortals can prove;
For no weapon, tho'keenest that art can display,

Can wound like the arrow of love.

The soldier from the field returns

To tell his martial story,
With joy his ardent bosom burns,

To gain the meed of glory ;.
But glory you'll find little more than a name,

And affection much sweeter will prove;'
For tho' grateful the much envy'd laurel of Fame,
Much dearer's the myrtle of Love.


ANGELINA; Or, The little Wandering Cripple. 'TIS for bread, 'tis for life, dearest lady, I sue; I'm no wanton, believe me; tho' poor, I am true ; From day-break till dark all forsaken I roam; For, alas! I've no friend, no parents, or home.

I'm a poor little wandering Cripple.

B 2

I would not solicit thine alms, or thine aid,
Were the powers but mine to toil for my bread;
But by Nature disabled, and hinder'd from gain,
There's no hope for the heart, nor no end to the pain,

Of the poor little wandering Cripple.
Thanks, thanks, gen'rous lady; my wants are

supplied ;
But for this I had sunk, but for this I had died,
Till the latest of life I'll remember thy care,
And the Being who hears will comply with the pray'r

Of the poor little wandering Cripple.
In the day when thy deeds shall be canvass'd above,
Thou wilt not repent this kind action of love;
For Mercy will tell of thy bounty to day,
And, pleading thy cause, thou wilt see in the way

The poor little wandering Cripple.

* * * * * * * * * *

WILT thou be mine, fair Caroline?

For thee I sigh and sorrow;
Young Edward sigh'd, and kneeling, cried,

Wilt thou be mine to-morrow?
The smile divine, fair Caroline

From Venus seem'd to borrow;
I will be thine, blush'd Caroline,

I will be thine to-morrow!

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The morn appears, their bosoms cheers--

Poor lovers! doom'd to sorrow---
His country's foes to fight he goes,

And leaves her on the morrow!
A fatal dart soon pearc'd his heart; .

The news strikes her with sorrow;
I'll still be thine! cried Caroline,

And died upon the morrow,

COME Measter I be's going to sing,

At least be's going to try ;
Some volk can chaunt like any thing,

And some like you and I.
Some sing to please your volk of taste,

And some to please themselves :
And so I sing the time to waste,
And on I digs and delves.

And so I sing, &c. And some times as I works away,

Strange thoughts come cross my head,
As how most volk, as I may say,

For pastime dig.--for bread.
The rake he nightly digs his grave;

Your over crafty elf
Digs deep, and most times just to have
A pit to catch himself,

Digs deep, &c. The lawyer digs a cunning snare'

To catch a client's fee,
And then by way of neighbour's fare,

The devil digs for he.
So, now l’ve spoke my meaning flat,

We're delvers great and small;
Some dig for this thing some for that,
But sexton digs for all. ·

Some digs, &ci


THE NEW DRUNKEN ORATION. SO here I am, here's I, as d--drunk as a prince, and as sober as a judge, Chiccups) I likes to keep it up....Well I always loved queen Ann, because as how her name was Betty, (pulls out a paper) Let me see, how far it is from the first of May to

the foot of Lunnun Bridge: splice my vitais, if that 'ant downright navigation, and can't be de. solved. My wife is one of the cleverest Men in our parish, she always makes her mutton pies of beef stakes, but she lost her cuckold to spit 'em with, and damn me if I was'nt behind her the whole time.---But here was a joke! for the cost of the whole was but five shillings, and we paid them a crown, but the man that had the cash ran away with the money. I don't like the Guilotine, because it takes away one's breath. My maid says our Tom cat pupp'd! the devil' she has says I, and the cat laugh’d. I went 'tother day to see Mr. Sharp, who should come in but Mr. Flat, but there's no seeing him he's so fat, for he hid himself behind the handle of the hair broom. What a happy country do we live in, we all have the Lib-Liberty of getting D.-runk, and the Pip-- Privi. lege of paying for it. (I likes fun) so as I was saying, we drove a blind horse into a china shop, ay you. When I was a boy, I always thought I. should cut a fine figure in history, and be as great a man, and have as many lives as Dr. Johnson, for damn me if I did'nt learn the Vulgar Tongue with. out a grammar. Well, I always reverence an English Jury, for their great understanding, my cousin Sam was indicted for a rape, and splice my vitals, if they did'nt bring it in she--sheep stealing, (takes up a paper) Wanted by the office of Ordinance, Whitehall, several ton of brimstone, the only Dutch Merchant to contract with for that, is the Devil. Let me see, my moon informs me, that last Good Friday is next Easter Monday! What a good thing it is to be an Accountant: I forgot to remember to tell ye what a wonderful memory I have, I always know, by my wife, when it's high water at Cuckold's point, and she will have it the shortest day is too long by a yard and a half; but I am so đoatingly fond of her, that if she long'd for Arsnic, I'd go ten miles but what she should have it. They can't deceive me in nautical affairs,

for I understand. Greek as much as Hebrew, and can always find out a tavern in Lunnun by the map of York. What a fine thing it is to be charitable like a Bishop, I give a great deal away, but it is always to myself; for there's nobody knows the world better than I do, because as how I have travelled, I have been three times to Bath in a Gravesend boat, and twice to Margate, to bathe and drink water; as for my money, I'm so cunning, I always put that in a toothpick case, for fear of the lawyers. But as I study, temperance, chastity, and sob--sobriety, I know of no shell-fish better for a man to eat than pigeon pie, so as I have din'd all the other Emperors in Europe may go to dinner. Here Water, Vater, bring me a dish of water, and a glass of Coffee, slice me like a lemon and chuck me in; I love's good Punch. Keep it up, keep it up! Bucks have at ye all. This is life dammel (sings) I'm a lad full of spunk, thro' the garden I reel;

And, for tippling, I'm always the sort,
Bowls, glasses, and watchmen my, courage all feel,

By the votries of Bacchus I'm taught;
Keep it up, keep it up, with a song let us, boast;

For chaunting and drinking's divine !
Fill the bowl with good nectar, I'll give you a toast;

“ May we never want Women and Wine." (Now 'll go home steadily to the Sha--Shakespear))

“ May we never want Women and Wine,"

[blocks in formation]

CHALK AND CHEESE. A MAN of Wales, betwixt St. David's day and

Easter, Run in his Hostess's score, for Cheese great store, ,

a teaster; His Hostess Chalks it up behind the door,

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