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While around me the unfeeling billows wilt dashy

I sigh! and still tug at the oar.
How fortune deceives! I had pleasure in tow,

The port where she dwelt, we'd in view,
But the wish'd nuptial morn was o'erclouded with
And, dear Anna! I hurried from

yoll, Our shallop was boarded, and I borne away,

To behold my dear Anna no more, But despair wastes my spirits, my form feels decay-

He sigh’d--and expir'd at the var.




THE British tar no peril knows;

But, fearless, braves the angry deep: The ship's his cradle of repose,

And sweetly rocks him to his sleep, He, tho' the raging surges swell,

In his hammock swings,

While the steersman sings,
Steady she goes--all's well.
While on the main-top yard he springs,

An English vessel heaves in view;
He asks--but it no letter brings

From bonny Kate, he loves so true; Then sighs he for his native dell,

Yet to hope he clings,

When the steersman sings
Steady she goes--all's well.
The storm is pass'd.- the battle's o'er,

Nature and man repose in peace;
Then homeward hound, on England's shore

He hopes for joys that ne'er will cease,
His Kate's sweet voice those joys foretel,

And his big heart springs,

While the steersmán sings Steady she goes--all's well,


ESCAP'D with life, in tatters,

Behold me safe ashore,
Such trifles little matters,

I'll soon get togs galore.
For Poll swore when we parted,

No chance her faith should jar,
And Poll's too tender-hearted,

To slight a shipwreck'd Tar.
To Poll his course straight steering,

He hastens on apace;
Poor Jack can't get a hearing,

She never saw his face:
From Meg, and Doll, and Kitty,

Relief is just as far;
Not one has the least pity,

For a poor shipwreck'd Tar.
This, whom he thought love's needle,

Now his sad misery mocks;
That wants to call the beadle,

To set him in the stocks.
Cried Jack,“ this is hard dealing,"

The elements at war,
Than you had greater feeling,

They spar'd a shipwreck'd Taf.
But all their taunts and fetches,

A judgment are on me;
I, for these harden'd wretches,

Dear Nancy, slighted thee:
But see, poor Tray assails me,

His mistress is not far,
He wags his tail and hails me,

Tho' a poor shipwreck'd Tar. 'Twas faithful love that brought him,

Oh! lesson for mankind;

Tis one, cry'd she, I taught him,

For on my constant mind Thy dear image was graven,

And now remov'd each bar, My arms shall be the haven,

For the poor shipwreck'd Tar. Heaven and my love reward thee,

I'm shipwreck'd, but I'm rich; And shall with pride regard thee,

Thy love shall so bewitch With 'wonder each fond fancy,

That children near and far, Shall lisp the name of Nancy,

That sav'd her shipwreck'd Tar.


*TWAS within a mile of Edinburgh town,

In the rosy time of the year, Sweet Aowers bloom’d, and the grass was down, And each shepherd woo'd his dear:

Bonny Tockey blithe and gay.

Kiss'd sweet Jenny making hay: :
The lassie blush'd, and frowning cry'd,

No, no, it will not do,
I cannot, cannot, wonnot, wonnot,

Munnot buckle to.
Jockey was a wag that never would wed,

Though long he had follow'd the lass, Contented she earn'd, and are her brown bread, And merrily turn'd grass :

Bonny Jockey bliihe and free,

Won her heart right merrily,
Yet still she blush'd, and frowning cry'd,

No, no, it will not do,
I cannot, cannot, wonnot, woppot,

Munnot buckle to.

up the

But when he vow'd he wou'd make her his bride,

Though his flocks and herd were not few, She gave him lier hand, and a kiss beside, And vow'd she'd for ever be true?

Bonny Jockey blithe and free,

Won her heart right merrily,
At church she no more frowning cry'd,

No, no, it will not do,
I cannot, cannot, wonnot, wonnot,

Munnot buckle to.

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BRITANNIA musing o'er the deeds

By her brave sons achieved,
In battle, where the valiant bleeds,

And death stalks forth unheeded,
Within her cave the Goddess sat,

And view'd the foaming ocean,
Whose surges high began to beat,

In furious commotion :
Whea lo! a Triton, from afar,
Came floating in his wat'ry car,
“ Haste," he cry'd, Britannia, rise,

Succour bring, or NELSON dies!" Rous'd at the name of her favourite she few To the scene, where the hero, expos’d to her view,

Alus! was no more!
Frantie with grief, ler locks she tore,

And thro' the fieet, engaging,
The direfui tale to all she bore,

Amidst the battle's raging :
“ Revenge ! Revenge aloud she cry'd,

6. To stimulate your fury,
“ See yonder deck, how richly dy'd!

"'Tis Nelson's blood!” conjure ye,
“ By his dear manes, his parting breath,
"I charge ye to avenge his death!

ce Let British thunder go,

“Hurl destruction on the foe! * Let not his fall, without something as great, “ Be recorded, to mark the lamentable fate

" Of a Hero so great 1* She ceas'd, and now great Nelson's name

•From ship to ship resounded,
While France and Spain, enwrapt in fiame,

Astonish'd and confounded,
Feeble oppose the vengeful ire.

In British hearts excited ;
In vain to glory they aspire,

His death must be required !
Uncqual to the conflict's heat,
Tho' greater numbers fill their feet,
See! they strike, vengeance sweep,,

Rushing down th' unfathom'd deep,
Sinks the confed'rares of proud France and Spain,
While the Genius of Albion exulting exclaims



VELL, vat d'ye vant now to buy,

My razors, my vax or my knives?
Then my rings oh such rings! and for why!

To make pretty maids become vives.
Then buckles and strings for the knees

I deal in, so various my trade is;
And vat I am certain vill please,
Is my bodkins, d'ye see, for the ladies.

La ral lal, &c.
Then vat d'ye think I have here?

Some diamond pins, none can s!ırpass,
And that you can't match 'em is clear,

And vhy? vhy, because they are glasa.

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