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SERMONS of the Rev. John Venn, M. A. Rector of Clapham. They are contained in 3 vols. 8vo. and three editions have already been printed in England. They are posthumous; the first volumes made their appearance in 1814, and the last in 1818. Reviews of these Sermons are to be found in the Christian Observer, vol. xiv. page 26, and vol. xvii. page 655. Christian Minister's affectionate Advice to a new married Couple, by the Rev. James Bean, A. M.

"Domestic happiness!

Thou art the nurse of virtue."

This little book is an appropriate present from a clergyman to a those whom he may unite together in holy matrimony.



A Rational Illustration of the Book of Common Prayer of the Church of England; being the substance of every thing Liturgical in Bishop Sparrow, Mr. L'Estrange, Dr. Comber, Dr. Nichols, and all other former ritualists, commentators, or others, upon the same subject; collected and reduced into one continued and regular method, and interspersed all along with new observations. By Charles Wheatley, A. M. Vicar of Brent and Furneaux Pelham, in Hertfordshire.

Ostendas populi ceremonias et ritum colendi.

Exod. xviii. 20. Vul.

From the Oxford Edition of 1819.


Wheatly on the Common Prayer is a standard Book, recommended by the House of Bishops; an American edition was necessary. The present, accompanied with Notes, we cheerfully recommend as calculated to be generally useful.


Bishop of the Eastern Diocese.

Rector of Trinity Church.


Rector of St. Paul's Church.

ASA EATON, Rector of Christ's Church,

Boston, and St. Mary's, Newton.


The Work will be comprised in twenty-three Numbers of twenty-four pages, printed page for page with the last Oxford edition, equal in quality to No. I.—with a Supplement of Notes, not exceeding one number in addition, and delivered to subscribers at 12 1-2 cents each, payable on delivery.—No. II. is in the press, and the succeeding will follow at short intervals.



A description of the Island of St. Michael, comprising an account of its geological structure; with remarks on the other Azores or Western Islands. Originally communicated to the Linnean Society of N. England. By J. W. Webster, M. D."



Rules and Exercises of Holy Living. In which are described the means and instruments of obtaining every virtue, and considerations serving to the resisting all temptations. Together with Prayers, containing the whole duty of a Christian, and the parts of Devotion fitted for all occasions, and furnished for all necessities. Second American, from the twenty-seventh London edition, by Jer. Taylor, D. D. Chaplain in ordinary to King Charles the first. The Rev. Thomas Thirlwall, M. A. editor. It makes a duodecimo volume of more than 300 pages at one dollar bound. "The subject is wholly practical, adapted to the use of Christians in general, and designed, with the blessing of God, to make them wiser, because it tends to make them better." "Simplicity and singleness of heart dictated the work, enriched at the same time with various and extensive erudition, and sparkling with the rays of a resplendent genius." "Whilst you will be occasionally charmed with a blaze of eloquence, which rouses the affections, you will not be dazzled with false meteors, which mislead the understandings. Though heaven is placed full in view, you are never lifted from the earth. the graces and excellencies are pointed out, to which the gospel enjoins you to aspire, but still no standard is prescribed, which divine assistance does not enable man to attain." "He who reads the pages of Andrews, Hall, Hooker, and Taylor, contemplates, in the religion of Christ, a matron recommending herself to the love and affection of mankind, by a venerable gravity tempered with ineffable sweetness, by a zeal, though fervent, yet subject to the control of a discriminating judgement, and a piety warm from the heart, but never betrayed into mystical illusions and extravagant conceits. They were men who qualified themselves for their sacred office by various and extensive erudition, laborious study and patient research." Defence of Infant Baptism. Being Conversations on Infant Baptism, and some popular objections against the Church of the United Kingdom. By Charles Jerram, A. M. Vicar of Cobham, Surrey. Price 75 cents boards, 50 cents stitched.


This work has been highly recommended and handsomely reviewed in the Christian Observer, and Gospel Advocate, published at Boston, and Churchman's Magazine, published at Hartford.

Essays on some of the select parts of the Liturgy of the Church of England. Being the substance of a course of Lectures, delivered in the parish Church of St. Werburgh, Bristol. By Thomas Biddulph, A. M. "Hold fast the form of sound words." "These essays were made the subject of a detailed, critical discussion by the British Critic soon after their original publication, and their merits received a very honourable testimony from that Review. Such, however, is the importance of their object, and the ability with which that object is pursued by their author, that we are anxious to introduce and recommend them to those of our readers, who may not be already acquainted with them. The doctrines of Christianity are so universally diffused through the whole services of our Church, and so inextricably interwoven with the whole of their texture, that a competent discussion of only those portions which are in daily use, would comprise all the truths which are important to be believed, and a delineation of almost every duty which belongs to the system of Christian morality; and would exemplify the nature and requisities of devotion, in all its branches of petition, confession, deprecation, praise and thanksgiving. In short, it would afford an opportunity of saying almost every thing which a minister of the gospel ought to teach, and which a hearer of the gospel ought to learn. But for the sake of requisite brevity, we must forbear the further prosecution of this subject. It is, we confess, a favourite one with us, and we feel inclined to prolong the discussion; but we are aware that the persons, for whose consideration the foregoing remarks are particularly intended, are abundantly able to pursue the subject which we have thus briefly suggested; and that if it be considered with the attention it demands, they will need no aid to enable them to discern the expedience of the measure have recommended, and no persuasion to dispose them to adopt it."


An Engraving, representing at one view the compara tive heights of the principal Mountains, &c. in the world. Copied from Smith's latest London edition, with corrections, and upwards of one hundred additions. In this last edition are given the heights of the Himalaya Mountains in Asia, recently ascertained to be the highest in the world; and in addition will be introduced, the principal Mountains in North America, viz. the White Mountains in New-Hampshire, the Peaks of Otter, the Alleghany, Monadnock, &c. &c. The limits of perpetual snow, of vegetation, &c. &c. under different latitudes, will also be seen at one glance of the eye; and the engraving gives at one view more correct geographical information respecting the mountains of the world than could be conveyed by a long and laboured description.-As a picture it is handsome, deserving a place among the ornaments of the parlour or the library. To the geographer, the botanist, the mineralogist, to the general

scholar and to the traveller, it will be most pleasing and important.

CONDITIONS.-The Engraving is handsomely executed in a style not inferior to the English copy. Price to subscribers $3 50-to non-subscribers $4. Mounted on rollers, colored and varnished $4 75-to non-subscribers $5 25. To Subscribers, in 2 inch black frames $6--in do. gilt do. $10. Subscribers are informed that their copies are ready for them, at the Bookstore of R. P. & C. WILLIAMS, Cornhill-Square, [between 58 and 59,] BOSTON, where Subscriptions are received for the second edition. Subscriptions also received by the following Agents. DAVIS & FORCE, Washington.

E. J. COALE, Baltimore.
S. POTTER, & Co. Philadelphia.
G. BLISS, New-York.

HOW & SPALDING, New-Haven.

JOHN JOHNSON, Providence.

POCKET BIBLES on three different qualities of paper, and various bindings making about twenty different kinds, from $1 to $6 each, the fine embellished with a plate expressly designed for this edition of the Bible, by John R. Penniman, of Boston, and engraved by Mr. J. Neagle, of Philadelphia; it has been submitted to amateurs and artists and much admired, both for propriety of design and elegance of execution.--It represents all nations enlivened by the Light of Christianity, standing and kneeling by the book of Holy Scriptures, and praying that they may in such way hear, read, learn, mark, and inwardly digest them that by patience and comfort of God's holy word they may embrace and ever hold fast the blessed hope of everlasting life.

Pocket Testaments on two qualities of paper and various bindings, making 13 different kinds, part of which are embellished with the above plate.



Book of Common Prayer, in various bindings, and at different prices. New Edinburgh Encyclopædia, conducted by D. Brewster, L. L. D. F. R. S. and F. A. S. American Edition improved, in the civil, religious, and natural History of America; in American Biography, and in the great discoveries in Mechanics and the Arts, to be completed in sixteen volumes, twenty-five half volumes or parts now published; the remainder

will be published, one part about every three months, price $4, each part. "The complete originality of all the articles written expressly for the work, distinguish the Edinburgh Encyclopædia from every other work of a similar kind. The volumes already published contain numerous inventions and discoveries, and many original views in the Arts and Sciences, which were never before communicated to the public." The work will be illustrated with at least 500 plates, including an Atlas of thirty Maps. But few copies of the Edition remain unsold. R. P. & C. Williams confident that the work will recommend itself on a careful examination, offer to subscribers the privilege of returning the Books within sixty days from the delivery of the same, and to refund the money.-Undoubted notes on interest will be received as pay, or subscribers may take one or more parts weekly, with the same privilege of returning them within sixty days from date of subscription. New Family Bible, including Apocraphy, according to the authorised version, with Notes explanatory and practical. The notes will be taken upon all subjects connected with the Doctrine and Discipline from the most eminent writers of the Church of England; in matters unconnected with those subjects, recourse will be had to other authorities. The marginal references will be added, together with appropriate introductions, tables, indexes, &c. edited in England by George D. Oyley, D. D. and Richard Mant, dedicated by permission to the Archbishop of Canterbury; republishing in this country under the superintendance of the Right Rev. Bishop Hobart, with Notes in 17 parts, of which 10 are printed on three qualities of paper, at $1, $1 25, and $1 50, each part, the whole making two large quarto volumes. Selections have been made for this Commentary from the works of about two hundred writers. Doctrine of a Trinity, proved by above an Hundred short and clear arguments, expressed in the terms of Holy Scripture, &c. &c. to which is added A Letter in answer to some popular arguments against the Trinity, by the late W. Jones, Rector of Paston, &c. Price 87 1-2 cents. "This tract is in the list of books dispersed by The Society for promoting Christian Knowledge' as a work calculated to disseminate the knowledge of evangelical truth." A Treatise on the character of Jesus Christ, and on the Trinity in Unity of the Godhead; with Quotations from the Primitive Fathers. By Ethan Smith, A. M.

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Simeon's Discourses on the Liturgy.

A Discourse from "Her clothing is of wrought gold." By Bishop Dehon, D. D.

Female Scripture Biography, including an Essay on what Christianity has done for women. By Francis Augustus Cox, A. M. 2 vols. 12mo.

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