The History of the Administration of John Adams, Esq., Late President of the United States

Barlas and Ward, 1802 - 506 頁
This 1802 book gives a history of the presidency of Founding Father John Adams.

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第 330 頁 - an act to regulate trade and intercourse with the Indian tribes, and to preserve peace on the frontiers...
第 206 頁 - Hidalgo, and the said article and the thirty-third article of the treaty of Amity, commerce, and navigation...
第 156 頁 - And in case any alien so ordered to depart, shall be found at large within the United States after the time limited in such order for his...
第 71 頁 - It would not only be against our interest, but it would be doing wrong to one half of Europe, at least, if we should voluntarily throw ourselves into either scale. It is a natural policy for a nation that studies to be neutral, to consult with other nations engaged in the same studies and pursuits.
第 332 頁 - States to any foreign place or country, approved March twenty-second, one thousand seven hundred and ninety-nine :" " An act in addition to the act, entitled an act to prohibit the carrying on the slave trade from the United States to any foreign place or country...
第 94 頁 - Such attempts ought to be repelled, with a decision which shall convince France and the world, that we are not a degraded people, humiliated under a colonial spirit of fear and sense of inferiority, fitted to be the miserable instruments of foreign influence, and regardless of national honour, character, and interest.
第 15 頁 - When it was first perceived, in early times, that no middle course for America remained, between unlimited submission to a foreign legislature, and a total independence of its claims, men of reflection were less apprehensive of danger from the formidable power of fleets and armies they must determine to resist, than from those contests and dissensions which would certainly arise concerning the forms of government to be instituted over the whole and over the parts of this extensive country.
第 19 頁 - The existence of such a government as ours for any length of time is a full proof of a general dissemination of knowledge and virtue throughout the whole body of the people.
第 328 頁 - An act to provide for the valuation of lands and dwelling houses, and the enumeration of slaves within the United States,
第 228 頁 - An act to establish the compensations of the officers employed in the collection of the duties on imposts and tonnage, and for other purposes.