Classified Catalogue of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, 1902-1906 ...

Carnegie library, 1908



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第 666 頁 - Albert Durer, his Life and Works ; including Autobiographical Papers and Complete Catalogues. By WILLIAM B. SCOTT. With Six Etchings by the Author and other Illustrations. 8vo. 16s. Half-Hour Lectures on the History and Practice of the Fine and Ornamental Arts.
第 383 頁 - Essays on Astronomy. A Series of Papers on Planets and Meteors, the Sun and Sun-surrounding Space, Stars and Star Cloudlets. By RA Proctor, BA With 10 Plates and '24 Woodcuts.
第 383 頁 - Our Place among Infinities: A Series of Essays contrasting our Little Abode in Space and Time with the Infinities Around us.
第 925 頁 - The Essays, therefore, are an entertaining soliloquy on every random topic that comes into his head; treating everything without ceremony, yet with masculine sense. There have been men with deeper insight; but, one would say, never a man with such abundance of thoughts: he is never dull, never insincere, and has the genius to make the reader care for all that he cares for. The sincerity and marrow of the man reaches to his sentences.
第 798 頁 - Life and Times of Titian, with some Account of his Family, chiefly from new and unpublished records. With Portrait and Illustrations. 2 vols. 8vo. 42s. CUMMING (R. GORDON). Five Years of a Hunter's Life in the Far Interior of South Africa.
第 397 頁 - Evaporating, Condensing and Cooling Apparatus: Explanations, Formulae, and Tables for Use in Practice. Translated from the Second Revised German Edition by AC Wright, MA With numerous figures, tables and diagrams.
第 874 頁 - A Midsummer Night's Dream, The Merchant of Venice, The Merry Wives of Windsor, Much Ado about Nothing, As You Like It...
第 383 頁 - WORLDS THAN OURS ; The Plurality of Worlds Studied under the Light of Recent Scientific Researches.
第 401 頁 - GRAY, J. Electrical Influence Machines: Their Historical Development and Modern Forms. With Instructions for making them. Second Edition, • revised and enlarged. With 105 Figures and Diagrams. 12mo., cloth, 296 pp $2.00 GROTH, LA Welding and Cutting Metals by Aid of Gases or Electricity.
第 57 頁 - The Children of This World Are Wiser Than the Children of Light, The Art of Having Time, Happiness, The Meaning of Life.