George Brinton McClellan : from Cadet to Major-General: A Biography

James G. Gregory, 1864 - 352 頁

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第 163 頁 - If I save this army now, I tell you plainly that I owe no thanks to you, or to any other persons in Washington. " You have done your best to sacrifice this army.
第 178 頁 - If you think you are not strong enough to take Richmond just now, I do not ask you to try just now. Save the Army, material and personal; and I will strengthen it for the offensive again, as fast as I can. The Governors of eighteen states offer me a new levy of three hundred thousand, which I accept.
第 190 頁 - Tell me what you wish me to do, and I will do all in my power to accomplish it. I wish to know what my orders and authority are. I ask for nothing, but will obey whatever orders you give. I only ask a prompt decision, that I may at once give the necessary orders. It will not do to delay longer, "GEO.
第 179 頁 - PM yesterday, gave me. Be assured, the heroism and skill of yourself, officers, and men, is and forever will be appreciated. If you can hold your present position, we shall hive the enemy yet A.
第 162 頁 - I now know the full history of the day. On this side of the river (the right bank) we repulsed several strong attacks. On the left bank our men did all that men could do, all that soldiers could accomplish, but they were overwhelmed by vastly superior numbers, even after I brought my last reserves into action.
第 186 頁 - No one has ever said anything to cheer them but myself. Say nothing about me, merely give my men and officers credit for what they have done. It will do you much...
第 201 頁 - Then, as the messenger was riding away, he called him back. " Tell him if he cannot hold his ground, then the bridge, to the last man ! — always the bridge ! If the bridge is lost, all is lost.
第 180 頁 - You have saved all your material, all your trains and all your guns, except a few lost in battle, taking in return guns and colors from the enemy. Upon your march, you have been assailed day after day, with desperate fury, by men of the same race and nation, skilfully massed and led.
第 180 頁 - On this, our nation's birthday, we declare to our foes who are rebels against the best interests of mankind, that this army shall enter the capital of their so-called confederacy; that our national constitution shall prevail, and that the Union which can alone insure internal peace and external security to each state, "must and shall be preserved," cost what it may in time, treasure and blood.
第 183 頁 - Clear in my convictions of right, strong in the consciousness that I have ever been, and still am actuated solely by love of my country, knowing that no ambitious or selfish motives have influenced me from the commencement of this war, I do now, what I never did in my life before, I entreat that this order may be rescinded.