Elements of medical statistics; the substance of the Gulstonian lectures: with numerous additions


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第 37 頁 - Among 10,530 deaths, scarcely 38 persons are found to have attained the age of 90. The spirit of excessive regulation, the dread of novelty, the restrictions imposed on the medical profession, and political causes which need not be enumerated, appear to have retarded the natural progress of this city. The overweening paternity of the government interferes with the trivial concerns of the citizens, in the same manner in which an arbitrary and untaught father sometimes restrains the useful impulses...
第 vi 頁 - If these numbers be correct it affords an example of continued increase for 125 years together, at such a rate as to double the population in about 45 years — a more rapid increase than has probably taken place in any other country of Europe, during the same length of time. In the peculiar circumstances of Ireland, it would be very interesting to know the average mortality, and the proportions of births and marriages to the population. But unfortunately no correct parochial registers have been...
第 29 頁 - Baron removed three young rabbits from the place where their companions had died to another situation, dry and clean, and to their proper and accustomed food. The lives of these remaining three were obviously saved by this change. He obtained similar results from experiments of the same nature performed on other...
第 26 頁 - ... generally received, namely, that the mortality of Great Britain, its cities, and its hospitals, is greatly inferior to that of any other country in Europe ; and that it is incontestable that Great Britain is at present the most healthy country with which we are acquainted ; and that it has been gradually tending to that point for the last 50 years.
第 2 頁 - ... to the most recent and genuine details. It is remarkable, that this superior value of life in Great Britain is not confined to any particular districts, or classes of individuals. To whatever...
第 44 頁 - ... The deaths have now increased to 1 in 24, and Amsterdam is one of the least healthy as well as least prosperous seaports of Europe. A decree has been issued, that after the 1st of January, 1829, no burials shall be permitted in towns or churches throughout North Holland. — Stockholm. Drunkenness appears here, as at Berlin, to produce a large share of the mortality. In a recent year, this, city exhibited a singular instance of an excess of 1439 more deaths than births — a symptom which it...
第 52 頁 - ... the other eclectic. The mortality was the same, but the length of the disorder, the character of the convalescence, and the chances of relapse were very different.
第 28 頁 - Review, London, 1829.] It is well known, that, in any given country, the deaths in a city are more numerous than those in the rural districts. This difference is principally felt in the first 5 years of life, when many more die in London than in the country. From 5 years of age to 20, the deaths in London are fewer. Between 20 and 50, many more die in London, on account of the large annual influx from the country.
第 29 頁 - Baron placed a family of young rabbits in a confined situation, and fed them with coarse green food, such as cabbage and grass. They were perfectly healthy when put up. In about a month, one of them died. The primary step of disorganization was evinced in a number of transparent vesicles, studded over the external surface of its liver. In another, which died 9 days after, the disease had advanced to the formation of tubercles on the liver.