The Garfield Administration and the Star Route Prosecutions

University of Wisconsin--Madison, 1918 - 152 頁

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第 30 頁 - Yours of the 19th instant is received. Pl*ase say to Brady I hope he will give us all the assistance possible. I think he can help effectively. Please tell me how the departments are generally doing. As ever yours, JA GARFIELD.
第 28 頁 - Indiana was really, I suppose, a Democratic State. It had been put down on the books always as a State that might be carried by close and perfect organization and a great deal of — (laughter).
第 34 頁 - No, I have sworn to execute the laws. Go ahead regardless of where or whom you hit. I direct you not only to probe this ulcer to the bottom, but to cut it out.
第 64 頁 - Peck, intended to measure the cost of expedition, ran thus : " ' The number of men and animals which are necessary to carry the mail on route 41,119, seven times a week on the present schedule, is three (3) men and six (6) animals. The number necessary to carry the mail on said route on a schedule of thirty-three hours, seven times a week, is five (5) men and eighteen (18 animals.
第 7 頁 - In the early days of the Republic our inland mail transportation was graded by stage, two-horse coach, and horseback service. After various modifications of the system the law of 1845 wiped out the distinctions and provided that the lowest bidders engaging to carry the mails with "certainty, celerity, and security" should be accepted. These words were indicated by the departmental clerks on their registers by three stars (***), and hence came to be called "star bids", and the routes "star routes.
第 8 頁 - Erev/steg.. t>. 122. months a small mining settlement may develop into a populous community. When the service was advertised, perhaps one or two mails a week fully supplied the needs of the hamlet. In the course of a year or two its growth may properly require perhaps that a number of weekly trips shall Ъе increased to three, or six, or seven.
第 57 頁 - Anxio is to oblige, and ignorant of the scheme, many of them lent the weight of their names quite promiscuously. According to the text of these papers, each particular route supplied a region which was just entering upon a career of unprecedented prosperity. ... 7/hen a sufficient quantity of this class of literature haa Ъееп accumulated to serve as a g pretext for compliance, it was taken to Ivlr. Brady.
第 15 頁 - RedellÍTxeráeirj v/ho was familiar with the routine of the business in the department. He prepared the bids, drew up the bonds, which must be signed by the bidders with the amount of the bid inserted.
第 22 頁 - Don't relax any grip anywhere. There are touches of panicky talk in various quarters, which arise naturally from the anxiety and earnestness of a close contest. I rely greatly on your calm equipoise which has shown itself so often and so well hitherto.
第 56 頁 - Having secured the award of certain routes at low figures, favored contractors, with a confidence in destiny amply .justified by subsequent events, despatched agents to the frontiers to ?;o rk up petitions among the settlers, asking for more frequent 1.