The Volsunga Saga, 第 10 卷


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第 67 頁 - Choose for thyself a horse, and whatso thing else thou desirest among my matters." So the next day went Sigurd to the wood, and met on the way an old man, long-bearded, that he knew not, who asked him whither away. Sigurd said, "I am minded to choose me a horse; come thou, and counsel me thereon." "Well then," said he, "go we and drive them to the river which is called Busil-tarn." They did so, and drave the horses down into the deeps of the river, and all swam back to land but one horse; and that...
第 86 頁 - Fair fruit of the byrnies' clash, Mixed is it mightily, Mingled with fame, Brimming with bright lays And pitiful runes, Wise words, sweet words, Speech of great game. " Runes of war know thou, ^ If great thou wilt be ! Cut them on hilt of hardened sword, Some on the brand's back, Some on its shining side, Twice name Tyr therein. Sea-runes good at need, Learnt for ship's saving, For the good health of the swimming horse ; On the stern cut them, Cut them on the rudder-blade , And set flame to shaven...
第 112 頁 - Hoard, and ride through my flaming fire, and slay those men whom I called on him to slay, and now so it was, that none durst ride save Sigurd only, because he lacked no heart thereto; yea, and the Worm he slew, and Regin, and five kings beside; but thou, Gunnar, durst do naught; as pale as a dead man didst thou wax, and no king thou art, and no champion ; so whereas I made a vow unto my father, that him alone would I love who was the noblest man alive, and that this is none save Sigurd, lo, now have...
第 101 頁 - ... of my brethren." Brynhild answers, "I will arede thy dream, even as things shall come to pass hereafter; for Sigurd shall come to thee, even he whom I have chosen for my well-beloved; and Grimhild shall give him mead mingled with hurtful things, which shall cast us all into mighty strife. Him shalt thou have, and him shalt thou quickly miss; and Atli the king shalt thou wed; and thy brethren shalt thou lose, and slay Atli withal in the end.
第 135 頁 - In that beer were mingled Many ills together, Blood of all the wood And brown-burnt acorns, The black dew of the hearth, The God-doomed dead beast's inwards, And the swine's liver sodden Because all wrongs that deadens. And so now, when their hearts are brought anigh to each other, great cheer they made : then came Grimhild to Gudrun, and spake — " All hail to thee, daughter ! I give thee gold and all kinds of good things to take to thee after thy father, dearbought rings and bed-gear of the maids...
第 113 頁 - Heed it not ! for never again seest thou me glad in thine hall, never drinking, never at the chessplay, never speaking the words of kindness, never overlaying the fair cloths with gold, never giving thee good counsel; — ah, my sorrow of heart that I might not get Sigurd to me ! " Then she sat up and smote her needlework, and rent it asunder, and bade set open her bower doors, that far away might the wailings of her sorrow be heard; then great mourning and lamentation there was, so that folk heard...
第 136 頁 - TO HIM. Now tells the tale that on a night King Atli woke from sleep and spake to Gudrun — "Medreamed," said he, "that thou didst thrust me through with a sword." Then Gudrun areded the dream, and said that it betokened fire, whenas folk dreamed of iron. "It befalls of thy pride belike, in that thou deemest thyself the first of men.
第 155 頁 - Good seemed that word to the heart of the king's son, and he spake to her with sweet words, and she to him in like wise. So they came aland and go unto the king, and Bikki said unto him, " Meet and right it is, lord, that thou shouldst know what is befallen, though hard it be to tell of, for the tale must be concerning thy beguiling, whereas thy son has gotten to him the full love of Swanhild, nor is she other than his harlot ; but thou, let not the deed be unavenged.
第 141 頁 - Some great storm will befall, whereas thou hadst a white bear in thy mind." "An erne methought came in," she says, "and swept adown the hall, and drenched me and all of us with blood. and ill shall that betoken, for methought it was the double of King Atli.
第 122 頁 - Now hath come to pass the soothsaying of Brynhild ; an ill work not to be atoned for." And Gudrun said, " My kinsmen have slain my husband ; but ye, when ye next ride to the war and are come into the battle, then shall ye look about and see that Sigurd is neither on the right hand nor the left, and ye shall know that he was your good-hap and your strength ; and if he had lived and had sons, then should ye have been strengthened by his offspring and his kin.