Pelham: Or, Adventures of a Gentleman

Chapman and Hall, 1849 - 304页

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第253页 - I can give not what men call love : But wilt thou accept not The worship the heart lifts above, And the Heavens reject not : The desire of the moth for the star, Of the night for the morrow, The devotion to something afar From the sphere of our sorrow...
第293页 - and I am extremely sorry at the accident ; it was Dawson who shut the door, through utter unconsciousness, though I told him especially not to do it — the poor dog did not know whether he was on his head or his heels." " You have got him safe ? " said I, quickly. " Ay, trust me for that, your honour. I have locked him up at home while I came here to look for you.
第280页 - The nasal feature was broad and fungous, and, as well as the whole of her capacious physiognomy, blushed with the deepest scarlet: it was evident to see that many a full bottle of " British compounds " had contributed to the feeding of that burning and phosphoric illumination which was, indeed, " the outward and visible sign of an inward and spiritual grace.
第159页 - I do defy him, and I spit at him ; Call him a slanderous coward, and a villain...
第3页 - Tell fortune of her blindness, Tell nature of decay, Tell friendship of unkindness, Tell justice of delay. And if the'y will reply, Then give them all the lie. Tell arts they have no soundness, But vary by esteeming, Tell schools they want profoundness, And stand too much on seeming.
第211页 - Why,' answered the box-bearer, ' I have dabbled a little in books, and wandered not a little among men. I am just returned from Germany, and am now going to my friends in London. I am charged with this box of goods : Heaven send me the luck to deliver it safe ! ' ' Amen,' said I ; ' and with that prayer and this trifle, I wish you a good morning.
第56页 - In this manufactory of a beauty i remained for a quarter of an hour; at the end of that time, the...
第219页 - A thousand pities you can't come in before next week ; we shall then have fiery motions in the Lower House, as the astrologers say.
第211页 - ... among gentlemen ; and yet I have as good a right to the name as most of the set. I belong to no trade — I follow no calling : I rove where I list, and rest where I please : in short, I know no occupation but my indolence, and no law but my will. Now, Sir, may I not call myself a gentleman 1 " " Of a surety !" quoth I. " You seem to me to hold a middle rank between a half-pay captain and the king of the gipsies.
第213页 - I admire your code," quoth I, "and, whenever I want a mediator between Venus and myself, will employ you. Have you always followed your present idle profession, or were you brought up to any other?" " I was intended for a silversmith," answered my friend : " but Providence willed it otherwise : they taught me from childhood to repeat the Lord's prayer: Heaven heard me, and delivered me from temptation — there is, indeed, something terribly seducing in the face of a silver spoon !