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Dr. Leach has nearly completed his Crabbe, engraved by Heath from Draw. Synopsis of British Mollusca.

ings by Westall, are preparing for public The Rev. Thomas Boys is printing a cation. Volume of Sermons on Various Subjects. Miss Porden, has in the Press, Cæur de

The Rev. Newell is about to pub- Lion, or the Third Crusade, a Poem, in lish Letters on the Scenery of Wales, in. Sixteen Books. cluding a Series of Subjects for the Pencil, John Dalzell, Esq. has nearly ready, and Instructions to Pedestrian Tourists. the Substance of the Lectures on the Ana Royal 8vo. with Plates.

cient Greeks, and on the Revival of Greek An interesting Volume for Schools, en- Learning in Europe, delivered by the late titled Sketches of the Domestic Institutions Professor Dalzell, in the University of and Manners of the Romans, is in the Edinburgh. Press.

M. Malte Brun's System of Universal In the course of this month will be pub- Geography, translated from the French, is lished, Sir Ronald, and other Poems, in printing in 5 Vals. 8vo. 8vo.

A Biographical Work of 3000 Living A Collection of Sermons, by the late Public Men of all Countries, with nearly Rev. Joseph Pickering, AM. Curate of 300 engraved Portraits, is printing, to corPaddington, is preparing for publication, respond in size with Debrett's Peerage. in 2 Vols. 8vo.

Mr. Wood has in the Press, the LinAn Essay to prove the Identity of the nean Genera of Insects, illustrated by 86 Rivers Nile and Niger, by J. Dudley,MA. coloured Plates, and general observations is in the Press.

on each genius. Proposals are in circulation for printing, Mr. J. H. Wiffin, Author of " Aonian by Subscription, a new Edition of that Hours," &c. has in the Press, The Fourth Scarce Work, The Remains of Japhet; Book of Tasso's Jerusalem delivered ; being Historical Enquiries into the Affinity being the Specimen of an intended new and Origin of the European Languages. By Translation in English Spenserian Verse, James Pearson, MD. in one Volume, 4to. with a Prefatory Dissertation on existing

A New Novel, entitled the Sisters, in Translations. 4 Vols. 8vo. is in the Press.

A new edition of the Pleasures of Home, Speedily will be published, in 2 Vols. a Poem, with Corrections and Improve8vo. Memoirs of the Life and Writings of ments, and additional Pieces by the same the Right Rev. Brian Walton, DD. Lord Author, is in preparation. Bishop of Chester. By the Rev. Henry The Rev. R. Warner, is preparing for Todd, MA. FRS.

publication, Church of England Theology, P. E. Laurent, Esq. is preparing for in a Series of ten Sermons, (separately publication, in 4to. Recollections of a Clas- printed, in Manuscript Character) on the sical Tour, in 1818–1819, in different following subjects. 1. The Scriptural parts of Turkey, Greece, and Italy. Doctrines of the Fall, and Corruption of

In a short time will appear, the Beauties, Mankind.—2. Do. of Repentance.-3. Do. Harmonies, and Sublimities of Nature. By of Faith.-4. Do. of Good Works.-5. Do. Charles Bucke, Esq.

of Conversion and Atonement through The Works of John Home, Esq. author Christ.-6. Do. of Regeneration.—7. Do. of Douglas, with an Account of his Life of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. ---8. Do. of and Writings ; by H. Mackenzie, Esq. the Holy Trinity.-9. Do. of the Holy will soon appear, in 3 Vols. 8vo.

Sacrament.--10. On the Figurative Lan. Otto Von Kotzbue's Narrative of a guages of Scripture. Voyage round the World, in the Russian Dr. Henry Reader, will shortly publish Ship Revric, is translating for the Press. in 8vo. A Practical Treatise on Diseases

Mr. John Dunkin, is preparing the of the Heart, in which will be comprised History and Antiquities of several Parishes a full Account of all the Diseases of that in the Hundreds of Bullington and Plough. Organ. ley, Oxfordshire, illustrated by engravings. Mr. Faulkner has issued Proposals for

The Rev. Wm. Wilson, BD. Fellow of publishing by Subscription, a Series of Queen's College, Oxford, has in the Press, Etchings, illustrative of the History and the Articles of the Church of England illus- Antiquities of Kensington, from Original trated by Copious Extracts from the Homi. Drawings, by R. Banks. lies, &c.

In the Press, Observations on the ReElementary Illustrations of the Celestial ports of the Earl of Sheffield at Lewis Fair, Mechanics of Laplace, comprehending the July 26, 1820. By James Bischoff. first Book, for Students in the Mathema. Dr. Forbes is about to publish his, Obticks, may be shortly expected, in 8vo. servations on the Climate of Penzance, and

A Series of Thirty-three Plates, include the Districts of the Land's End, in Corn. ing a Portrait, to illustrate the Works of wall.


WORKS LATELY PUBLISHED. Antiquities, Architecture, Astronomy,

History. and the Fine Arts.

Historic Prologues ; or, Characters and Index Monasticus ; or the Abbeys and Events, from the Conquest to the Death of other Monasteries, Alien Priories, Friaries, George III. By the Rev. John Davis, MA. &c. &c. formerly established in the Dio. 8vo. 58. boards. cese of Norwich, and the ancient Kingdom An Historical and Critical Account of a of East Anglia. By Richard Taylor, tof Grand Series of National Medals, pubNorwich, folio, 31. 38.-Large Paper 5l. 58, lished under the Direction of James Mudie,

Memoirs of a Goldfinch, a Poem, prin- Esq. 4to. with Plates, 11 lls. 6d. cipally on the Motion of the heavenly Bo

Law. dies, in Answer to Mr. Friend. 25. 6d.

An Analytical Digest of the Reports half-bound.

of Cases decided in the Courts of Common The Grecian, Roman, and Gothic Ar Law and Equity of Appeal and Nisi Prius, chitecture, considered as applicable to pub- in the Year 1820. “By Henry Jeremy, lic and private Buildings in this Country. Esq. Royal 8vo. 98. By William Fox. 58. boards.

A Treatise on the Law relative to Sales A Picturesque Tour of the Seine, from of Personal Property. By George Long, Paris to the Sea. Plates highly coloured, Esq. Barrister at Law. Royal 8vo. 13s. No. I. Elephant. 4to. 14s.--or, 12. 18.

boards. large paper - to be completed in Six

A Treatise on the Law of Landlord and Monthly Parts.

Tenant. By R. B. Comyn, Esq. Royal A Series of Designs for private Dwell. 8vo. 11. 38. ings. By J. Hedgeland. Part I. 4to.

A Treatise on the Pleadings in Suits for 11. ls. boards.

Tithes in Equity, &c. By Charles Ellis, Twelve Plates of Birds, designed for the Esq. 8vo. 7s.6d. Use of the Artist, the Connoisseur, and

Å Treatise on the Law of Injunctions. the Naturalist. Demy folio. 5s.

By the Hon. Robert Henley Eden, royal Biography.

8vo. 11. ls. Memoirs of the Life and Writings of A Treatise on the Law of Mortgage. Victor Alfieri. 12mo. with a Portrait. 5s.6d. By R. H. Coote, royal 8vo. 168. boards. Memoir of Mrs. Dyott, under the so

Medicine, Surgery, and Physiology. lemn Form of an Oath, written by herself,

Peptic Precepts : pointing out Methods accounting for her Separation from General to prevent and relieve Indigestion, and to Dyott. 8vo. 2s.

regulate and invigorate the Action of the Memoirs of the Life of Anne Boleyn, Stomach and Bowels. 12mo. 3s. boards. Queen of Henry VIII. By Miss Benger, rious Species of Palsy. By John Cooke,

History and Method of Cure of the va. 2 vols. crown 8vo. 16s. Drama, Novels, fc.

MD. 8vo. 68. boards. Palmyre et Flaminie, ou le Secret. Monthly Journal of Popular Medicine. 2 vols. 12s.

By Charles Haden, Surgeon. No. I. ls. 64. The Fair Witch of Glasllyn; a Ro

Miscellaneous. mance, 3 vols. 24s.

A Defence of Mr. Brougham's Bill on Zelica, the Creole ; or, Death of Chris. Free Grammar Schools. 8vo. Is. 6d. tophe. 3 vols. 21s.

A Catalogue of the Library of the Royal Mary de Courtenay, a Novel, from the Institution. By the late Rev. Charles French'; with a Preface. By Miss Ben- Burney, DD. arranged with an Alphabeger. 12mo. 58. 6d.

tical Index of Authors. By William Har. The Republican Mistress, a Novel, ris, Keeper of the Library. Royal 8vo founded upon facts. By Charlotte Smith. considerably enlarged, 11. Is. 3 vols. 188.

Nuptiæ Sacræ ; or, an Inquiry into the Therèse, the Orphan of Geneva. Is. 6d. Scriptural Doctrine of Marriage and Di. The Village of Mariendorp. By Anna vorce. 8vo. 53. 6d. Maria Porter. 4 vols. 12mo. 17. 88.

The Cadet's Guide to India. By a Lieu. Precaution, a Novel, 3 vols. 12mo. tenant of the Bengal Establishment. 2s. 6d. 11. ls.

A Letter to a Member of Parliament, Education.

showing the dangerous Defects of the BriAnalecta Græca Minora ad usum Tiro- tish and Foreign School, and of Mr. num accommodata. By G. Dunbar, AM. Brougham's Education Bill. By Richard 8s. bound.

Lloyd, AM. 8vo. Is. 6d. The New Pronouncing and Spelling Histoire de la Secte des Amis, suivie Book. By John Bigland. 1s. 6d. bound. d'une Notice sur Madame Fry, et la Pri.

Key to the Second and Third Parts of son de Newgate. Par Madame Adele du Ellis's Exercises, from the Writings of Thou. 12mo. 58. boards. Cicero, with References to the Passages in The Scrap Book : containing a Collec. the Original. 12mo. 38. bound.

tion of Amusing and Striking Pieces in Prose and Verse. By John M‘Diarmid. - A Christian Biographical Dictionary; 12mo. 78. 6d. boards.

containing an Account of the Lives and A concise Account of the Origin and Writings of distinguished Christians and Principles of the new Class of 24-Pounder Theologians. By John Wilks, Jun. 12mo. Medium Guns, of reduced Length and 9s. boards. Weight, proposed in 1813, by Sir William A Series of Sermons on the Christian Congreve, Bart. and adopted into his Ma- Faith and Character. By the Rev. J. B. jesty's Service. 8vo. 7s. 6d.

Sumner, 8vo. 10s. Od.
The Jacobite Relics of Scotland. Col. A Course of Sermons, for the Festivals.
lected and illustrated, by James Hogg, and Fasts of the Church of England. By
Vol. II. 8vo. 148.

Archdeacon Pott, 8vo. 12s.

Voyages, Travels, and Topography.
Specimens of the Russian Poets, with
Remarks and Biographical Notices. Trans- Animals, and Scenery of Southern Africa,

Sketches, representiag the Native Tribes, lated by John Bowring, FLS. 12mo. Es.

from Drawings made by the late Mr. S. boards.

Daniell, royal 4to. 31. 3s. Plates on India Politics, and Political Economy.

paper, 41, 4s. Observations on the Report of the Select Rome, in the Nineteenth Century ; conCommittee of the House of Lords, relative taining a complete Account of the Ruins to the Timber Trade. By a British Mer- of the Ancient City, the Remains of the chant. 8vo. 2s. 6s.

Middle Ages, and the Monuments of MoA View of the Circulating Medium of dern Times, 3 vols. post 8vo. 1l. 78. bds. the Bank of England, from its incorporation to the present time. 2s.

Foreign Books Imported. Mirror ; presented to his Sicilian Majes- Euvres complètes de M. Necker, conty, and the Allied Sovereigns-reflecting tenant un grand nombre des morceaux inPolitical Facts hitherto unpublished. 8vo. édits. Edition publiée par les soins de M. 10s. 6d.

le Baron de Staël, son petit-fils, et préConversations on Political Economy; in cédées d'une Notice sur la Vie de M. a Series of Dialogues, with Remarks on Necker, Tom. I. II. III. in 8vo. 278. our present Distresses, &c. By Joseph Pin- This edition will be comprised in 15 sent. 8vo. 3s. 6d.

volumes. Thoughts on the Criminal Prisons of this

Notice sur M. Necker, par M. le Baron Country, occasioned by the Bill for conso

de Staël, 8vo. 78. 6d. lidating and amending the Laws relating to Séjour d'un Officier Français en Calabre, Prisons. By George Holford, Esq. MP.

ou Lettres propres à faire connoître l'état 8vo. 2s.

ancien et moderne de la Calabre, 8vo. 6s. A Letter from an Englishman at St. Marcel de Serres, L'Autriche, ou Omer's to a Member of Parliament. 28. 6d. Maurs, Usages et Costumes des habitans Thcology.

de cet empire ; suivi d'un Voyage en BaThe Liturgy of the Church of England viere et au Tyrol ; avec gravures, 6 vols. Explained, her Worship and Doctrines 18mo. 30s. recommended and Vindicated. By Henry Lettres inédites de Voltaire, de Mme. Jenkins. 12mo. 58. bds.

Denys et de Colini, adressées à M. Du. Vindiciæ Hebraicæ ; or, a Defence of the pont; précédées d'un jugement philosoHebrew Scriptures, occasioned by the Inno- phique et littéraire sur Voltaire, 8vo. 78. vations, &c. of Mr. J. Bellamy. By

Paccard, Fénélon, ou les Vertus ChréHyman Hurwitz. 8vo. Is.

tiennes, poëme en 3 chants, 8vo. avec Two Sermons, on Loyalty and the Chris- portrait, 2s. Gd. tian Faith and Practice. By the Rev. Rouillon-Petit, Histoire des Reines de Richard Pearson, BA. 8vo. 18. 6d. France, depuis l'origine de la Monarchie

Thirty-six Evening Prayers, as used in jusqu'a la mort de Marie Antoinette, &c. her own Family. By a Lady. 4to. 5s. 12mo. 48.

A Sermon preached in the Chapel at Alard, du siége et de la Nature des. Lambeth, Nov. 12, 1820, at the Conse. Maladies, 2 vols. 8vo. 18s. cration of the Right Rev. Wm. Carey, DD. Capuron, La Médicine legale relative à Lord Bishop of Exeter. By the Rev. E. l'art des accouchemens, 8vo. 10s. Od. Goodenough, DD. 4to. 2s.

Pariset et Mazet, Observations sur la The Book of Common Prayer, in Eight Fièvre Jaune, faites à Cadix en 1819, Languages, most Elegantly and Curiously grand in 4to. avec 5 plunches coloris, printed, in 4to. 21. 10s. bds.

11. Ils. 60. The Infant's Progress from the Valley Bignon, Du Congrès de Troppau, 8vo. of Destruction to Everlasting Glory. By 5s. Mrs. Sherwood. 12.no. 5s. bus.

Des Projets de l'Autriche sur l'Italie, True and False Religion practically 8vo. 2s. 64. considered, with the best Means to pro- Esneaux, Considerations sur les projets mote l'ital Godliness. By the Rev. G. G. de l'Aristocratie, 8vo. 38. Scraggy, Al. 12mo. 78. boards.

Kcratry, La France telle qu'on l'a faite,

ou suite aux documens pour servir à l'in- ravit Dr. E. G. Nees ab Esenbeck, folio, telligence de l'Histoire de France in 1820. Plates, 41. 48. 21. 8vo. 6s.

Icones Plantarum sponte Chinâ nascen. Annales Academiæ Lugduno-Bataviæ, tium ; e Bibliothecâ Braamianâ excerptæ. 1815-19, 4to. vols. I. to IV. 41. 15s. folio, with 30 finely coloured plates in close

Benedict (I. F.) Observationes in septem imitation of the original Drawings, 31. 3s. Sophoclis Tragedias, 8vo. 73. 6d.

1821. Bretschneider (C. T.) Probabilia de Prosaische Anthologie der Deutschen Evangelii et Epistolarum Joannis Apos- enthaltend–Fabeln von Lessing, Meissner, toli Indole et Origine. 8vo. 6s.

Parabeln von Krummacher, Paramythen Cassel (F. P.) Morphonomia Botanica, von Herder, Gemählde und Erzählungen sive Observationes circa Proportionem et von Starke, Kleine Aufsätze von La Motte, Evolutionem Partium Plantarum. 8vo. Fouqué, 12mo. 6s. Plates 6s.

Tieck (L.) Leben und Tod der heiligen Commentationes Societatis Regiæ Scien- Genoveva, 8vo. 7s. tiarum Gættingensis Recentiores. 4to. vol. Vater (I. S.) Analecten der SprachenI-IV. 77. 48.

kunde, gr. 8vo. lees. Heft, 4s. 6d. Heeren (A. H. L.) de Fontibus et Auc- Sprengel (K.) und A. P. de Candolle toritate Vitarum Parallearum Plutarchi. Grundzuge der Wissenschaftlichen Pflana' 8vo. 48. 6d.

zenkunde, 8vo. 16s. Horæ Physicæ Berolinenses, collectæ ex Arnim (L. A.) Armuth, Reichthum, Symbolis viror. doctor H. Linkii. E. A. Schuld,' und Busse der Gràfin Dolores Rudolphi et W. F. Klugii, &c. Ed. cu- 2 Bd. 8vo. 11. 4s.

NEW PATENTS. John Sadler, of Penlington-Place, Lam- John Frederick Daniell, Esq. of Gower. beth, for an improved method or process street, Bedford-square, for improvements of manufacturing carbonate of lead, former. in clarifying and refining sugar. - Jan. ly denominated ceruse, but now commonly 15. called white lead.Jan. 3, 1821.

Abraham Henry Chambers, Esq. of John Leigh Bradbury, of Manchester, Bond-street, for an improvement in the for a new mode of engraving and etching manufacture of building cement, composimetal rollers, used for printing upon wool- tion, stucco, or plaster, by means of the len, cotton, linen, paper, cloth, silk, and application and combination of certain other substances.-Jan. 9.

known materials hitherto unused (save for Robert Salmon, Esq. for improvements experiments) for that purpose. Jan. 15. in the construction of instruments for the Charles Phillips, of Albemarle-street, relief of hernia and prolapsis ; which in- commander in the royal navy, for improvestrument, so improved, he denominates ments in the apparatus for propelling vesscientific-principled, variable, secure, light, sels, and improvements in the construction easy, elegant, cheap, and durable trusses. of vessels so propelled.—Jan. 19.

Jan. 15.

ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS, &c. The Rev. J. Watts, MA. Fellow of the Univer- Rev. Mr. Proudfoot, Minister of Shorts, to the sity College, Oxford, appointed domestic chap- church and parish of Strathshaven, Presbytery of lain to the Earl of Besborough.--The Rev. A. Hamilton. Wheeler, DD. Head-master of the College school, OXFORD.-On Feb. 10, the following degrees Worcester, to the recory of Broadway.-- The Rev. were conferred. Bachelor in Divinity, the Rev. Mr. Heath, son of Dr. Heath, Heal-master of Ellis Ashton, Fellow of Brazenose.--Masters of Eton school, to the valuable rectories of West Arts; the Rev. W.Salmon Bagshaw, of Worcester, Dean and East Grinstead, near Salisbury. - The and the Rev. Chas. S. S. Depuis, of Peinbroke. Rev. Edward Colman Tyson, BA. Fellow of Cathe. Bachelors of Arts, Fras. Lipscomb, of University rine Hall, Cambridge, elected second master of College, and H. J. B. Nicholson, of Magdalenthe royal mathematical school at Christ hospital.

ball. -The Bishop of Lincoln has instituted the Rev. CAMBRIDGE.-The subject for the Seatonian E. Fane, rector of Fulbeek, to the Prebend of Prize Poem for the vear is “ The Old Age of St. Clifton.--The Duke of Hamilton has presented the John the Evangelist.”

Where the Town or City in which the Bankrupt resides is not erpressed, it will be always in London or the
Neighbourhood. So also of the Residences of the Attorneys, whose names are placed after a [.

T distinguishes London Commissions, C those of the country.
Gazette, Jan. 20. to Fcb. 13. Dorrington, J. Manchester, spirit-dealer. [Milne,

Temple. c. Jan. 20.-- Aaron, L. Chatham, navy-agent. (Isaacs, Heclis, E. Chorley, Lancaster, spirit-merchant. 40, Mansell-street, Goodman's fields. T.

[Gaskell, Wigan, Lancaster.' c. Clarke, G. High-row, Knightsbridge, carpenter. Higgs, W. G. Hodson, and R. Higgs, Bristol, lea. [l'opkin, Dean-street, Soho-square. T.

ther-factors. [Pearson, Pump-court, Temple. C. Davis, H. Bristol, merchant. (Clarke, Chancery. Hogy, G. Pancras-lane, taveru-keeper. (Knight, lane. C.

Busioghall-street. T.

Howell, H. Knaresborough, grocer. (Lodington, Walpole, T. White Lion-st. Goodman's-fields, ricSecondaries Office, Teniple. c.

tualler. (Glynes, Burn-st. East Smithfield. T. Levy, J. New-road, St. George in the East, mer- Young, J. Bristol, woollen-draper. [Williams, chant. [Pullen, 34, Fore-street. T.

Lincoln's-inn. C. Matthews, P. Gibson-street, Lambeth, builder. Jan. 30.-Berthoud, H. Soho-square, bookseller. (Sandom, Slades-place, Deptford. T.

[Tucker, Bartlett's-buildings, Holborn. T. Parks, T. and A. Lawton, "Birmingham, mer- Castle, J. Banwell, Somerset, victualler. (King, chants. [Clarke, Chancery-lane. C.

Gray's-inn square. C. Shepherd, w. Kennington-cross, jeweller. (Dobie, Crowe, E. Wymondham, Norfolk, shopkeeper. Palsgrove-place, Temple-bar. T.

[Saggers, Crosby-square. C. Stainer, R. Ilchester, innkeeper (King, Gray's Friend, H. Southwark, engineer. [Comerford, 10, inn-square. C.

Copthall-court, Throgmorton-street. T. Statham, P. and G. Shakespear, Pall-Mall, black. Godfrey, S. Market Weighton, York, inokeeper.

ing-manufacturers. (Willey, Wellclose-square.T. [Evans, 97, Hatton-garden. C. Thomas, D. London-street, Greenwich, china and Grove, P. Cardiff, Glamorgan, straw-bat-mapufac

glass-man. Sherwood, Canterbury-square. T. turer. (Wood, Cardiff. C. Wells, J. W. Cambridge.heath, Hackney-road, Harris, G. Worship-street, Finsbury-square,

builder. [Nash, Holborn-court, Gray's-inn. T. coach-proprietor. [Abraham, 28, Jewry-st. T. Wildman, J. Fen-court, Fenchurch-street, mer. Keep, J. Grainsby, Lincoln, farmer.' (Baxter,

chant. (Paterson, 68, Old Broad-street. T. Gray's-inn.place, Holborn. c. Woollis, J. Woolwich, timber-merchant. (Nind, Knighi, R. Gray's-inn-lane, livery-stable-keeper. -32, Throgmorton-street. T.

(Pullen, Forestreet. T.

Pennell, P. Whitborne, Hereford, farmer. (Hile Jan. 23.-Almond, W. jun. New-bridge, Cornwall, liard, Gray's-inn-square. C.

beer-brewer. (Battye, Chancery-lane. c. Purkis, w. 'Portsmouth, Southampton, cabinetBayly, c. Eastdean, Sussex, farmer. [Ellis, 1, maker. (Alexander, 10, New-inn. c. Holborn-court, Gray's-inn. C.

Shorey, J. Croydon, coal-merchant. (Long, NelsonBorebam, J. Haverhill, Suffolk, common-brewer.

square, Blackfriar's-road. T. [Stevens, 9, Gray's-inn-square. C.

Skey, R.S. Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwick, carrier. Bushell, E. sen. Bath, cabinet-maker. [Makin- (Tooke, Holborn-court, Gray-inn. c. son, Middle Temple. C.

Symes, W. Crewkerne, Somerset, linen-draper. Cooper, W. Nottingham, grocer. [Wolston, 14, (Pearson, 6, Pump-court, Temple. C. Holborn-court, Gray's-inn. C.

Vigor, M. Bristol, cabinet-maker. [Hicks, Bart. Dews, J.Ossett, Dewsbury, York, clothier. [Fisher, lett's-buildings, Holborn. C. 28, Thavies-inn. C.

Williams, W. and A. Whyte, New Bond-st. hatFisher, F. Edgeware-road, nurseryman. (Fielder, ters. (Jones, Great Marylebone-st. T.

Duke-street, Grosvenor-square. T.
Philpots, R. Banbury, Oxford, draper. (Sweet, Ba.

Feb. 3.-Anderson, J. West Smithfield, book. singball-street. T.

seller. (Arnott, King's Arms-yard, ColemanPryer, T. c. B. Birchin-lane, saddler. (Jones, Bindloss, c. Kendal, Westmoreland, butcher.

street. T.
Mincing-lane. T.
Recve, R. Hilgay, Norfolk, dealer. [Ewbank, 27, (Carpenter, Furnival's-inn. C.
North Audley-street, Grosvenor-square. C.

Butcher, P. Braintree-heath, Essex, horse-dealer. Saunders, J. Duke-street, St. James's, surgeon.

(Gray, 136, Tyson-place, Kingsland-road. T. [Burton, New North-st. Red Lion-sq. T.

Collett, J. Bath, Somerset, shoemaker. [MakinTonge, G. W. B. East-India Chambers, Leaden.

son, Middle Temple. C. hall-st. merchant. _[Reardoa, Corbet-court,

Durham, W.Oxnend, Norfolk, paper-maker. (ForGracechurcb-street. T.

ster, Norwich. C.

Fraser, A. Norfolk-street, Marylebone, upholsterJan. 27.-Aust, J. Gloucester, dealer. (Chilton,

er. (Saunders, 11, Charlotte-street, Fitzroy. Exchequer-office, Lincoln's-inn. C.

square. T. Berry, M. Newsome-cross, York, clothier. [Clarke, Gill, J; M. Plymouth-dock, Devon, linen-draper. Chancery-lane. C.

(Makinson, Middle Temple. c. Booth, G. Bromley-park, Stafford, farmer. (Ed. Knights, R. Gray's-inn-lane, livery-stable-keepmunds,Excbequer-office, Lincoln's-inu. C.

er. Pullen, Fore-street. T. Crowther, J. Liverpool, merchant. (Blackstock, Lamb, .. Newington Causeway, glazier. (Carpen King's-bench-walk, Temple. C.

ter, Church-court, Old Jewry. T. Fuller, H. Bethnal-green-road, surgeon. (Gray, Levy, S. 6, Rosemary-lane, slopseller. (Eyles, 15, 136, Tyson-place, Kingsland-road. T.

Worship-street-road. T. Gough, J. Bath, Somerset, painter. [Poole, 12, Lockey, C. Ivy-lane, cornchandler. (Drew, Ber. Gray's-inn-sguare. C.

mondsey-street. T. Green, R. Selby, York, banker. (Wiglesworth, Nobes, R. A. Swindon, Wilts, plumber. [MeggiGray's-inn-square. C.

son, Gray's-inn. C. Johnson, T. junior, Wakefield, York, merchant. Shipdem, R. Hytbe, Kent, grocer. [Long, Gray's

inn. C. (Few, Henrietta-street, Covent garden. C. Marsh, J. Gracechurch-street, hosier. (Rush, 3, Thurtell, J. and J Giddens, Norwich, bombazine. Crown-court, Threadneedle-street. T.

manufacturers. [Poole, Gray’s-inn-square. C. Maughan, H. Rochester, Kent, linen-draper.

Wildman, J. Whitechapel-road, plumber. [Rus[Jones, Sise-lane. T.

sen, Crown-court, Aldersgate-street. T. Mitchell, J. senior, Essendon, Hertford, dealer.

Wotton, T. Bristol, leather-factor. [Wright, 10, (Stoker, Boswell-court. T.

King's Bench-walk, Temple. C. Nelson, R. Bermondsey, Surrey, felmonger. [Cot- Feb.6.–Baverstock, J.H. Alton, Hauts, commontle, Aldermanbury. T.

brewer, [Taylor, Field.court, Gray's-inn. C. Norton, L. New Union-street, stage-coach-master. Blogg, G. Aldersgate-street, jeweller. (Hindman,

(Eyles, 15, Worship-sl.-road, Finsbary-sq. T. Basinghall-street. T. Reid, w. junior, Clerkenwell-close, watchmaker. Collier, W. Wellington, Salop, ironmonger [Bigg, [Harmer, Hatton-garden. T.

Southampton-buildings, Chancery-lane. ct. Richards, J. Aston, Warwick, brewer. [Long, Fereday, s. Ettingshall-park, Sedgley, Stafford, Holborn-court, Grey's-inn. C.

irou-inaster. [Alexander, New-inn. C. Roberts, W. H. Albury, Surrey, paper manufac- Frost, T. Little Portland-street, coach-maker. turer. [Kearsey, Bishopsgate-street. T.

[Jones, Mincing-lane. T. Ratt, J. Hammersmith, market gardener. Kempster, T. Bouvrie-st. Fleet-st. carpenter. [Tem[Richardson, Bury-street, St. James's. T.

pler, 12, John-street, nories. T. Sager, E. jun. Chadderton, Lancaster, mercbant. Mautle, T. Dover, Kent, cabinet-maker. (Jupp, (Wright, Temple. C.

Carpenter's-hall, London-wall. T. Sager, E. sen. Chadderton, Lancaster, merchant. Massey, E. Eccleston, Lancaster, watch-maker. (Wright, Temple. C.

[Adlington, Bedford-row. C. Sager, W. Chadderton, Lancaster, merchant. Morris, J. Liverpool, wine-merchant. [Adlington, (Wright, Temple. C.

Bedford-row. C. Stead, B. Huddersfield, York, corn-factor. (Alex. Nash, I. Bath, fishmonger. [Fisher, I, Inner ander, New.jun. C.

Temple-lane. c. Townsend, R. Exeter, grocer. (Brutton, 55, Old Owe!, J. Madeley-wood, Salop, dealer in coals. Broad-street. C.

[Bigg, Southampton-buildings, Chancery-lane.C.

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